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August 21, 2016 10:35 pm

Israeli Official: Sporadic Rocket-Fire Militarily Insignificant, But Re-Opens Emotional Wounds of Traumatized Gaza-Border Residents

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Police at the site of Sunday's rocket-landing in Sderot. Photo: Israel Police.

Police at the site of Sunday’s rocket-landing in Sderot. Photo: Israel Police.

The rocket that landed in the back yard of a home in southern Israel on Sunday “means nothing militarily,” but re-opens barely healed emotional wounds of a traumatized population, an official told The Algemeiner, shortly after police reported that no casualties or property damage had been incurred.

Alon Schuster, the head of the Sha’ar HaNegev Regional Council, said, “For the past 15 years, we have been experiencing such incidents of sporadic fire. Of course, we’re in a conflict-ridden area,” near the Gaza border. “But, luckily, nothing happened this time, and it was not even perpetrated by Hamas, which is trying not to escalate things at the moment. The rocket was launched by hooligan groups, disobeying the terrorist organization that runs Gaza, letting Hamas bear the brunt of Israeli retaliation.”

Schuster, whose purview includes Sderot – the city that was hit by Sunday’s rocket — was referring to the act of aggression, which Palestinian media attributed to the Abu Ali Mustafa Brigades of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine. The same Palestinian sources reported that the IDF retaliated by striking Hamas targets in northeastern Gaza, near Beit Hanoun.

Schuster said that though sporadic fire is par for the course, “The area has been very quiet in the last two years,” since Operation Protective Edge, the war that Israel fought against Hamas in Gaza. Prior to and during the 50-day operation, hundreds of rockets were fired into Israeli population centers.

According to IDF data, Since Israel withdrew from the Gaza Strip in 2005, terrorists have fired more than 11,000 rockets into Israel. In 2016, there have been 14 sporadic attacks.

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  • Louis Dumouchel

    Why doesn’t Israel return fire by randomly firing a rocket into the Gaza Strip for every rocket fired towards Israel? It appears to be acceptable for Hamas to do this therefore it should be acceptable for Israel to do the same.

  • Lawrence

    Anytime acts of aggression are perpetrated on another country it’s not insignificant. The sad reality is that the people of Israel have gotten so used to the insanity of terrorism that sporadic rocket fire is considered insignificant. Also, Hamas is always ready and willing to start problems for Israel. They are the eternal enemy of Israel and must be eliminated. During the “quiet times” of Hamas, they are preparing for the next assault against Israel. It’s not as if they are out there playing a round of golf. They are strategically planning how to cause the most death and destruction to Israel and getting their military resources together to accomplish their goal. In terms of military strength, Israel has the capability of wiping the floor with Hamas. The question is, do they have the will. Are they willing to endure the backlash from the international community that will surely ensue. Up until now the answer has been no. But, it’s a question that will need to be dealt with if the people of Israel are ever going to have the opportunity to live in peace, civility, and tranquility. Contrary to media reports, the government of Israel have repeatedly proven they want peace and the Israeli’s are peace loving people.But, peace will never be achieved until the Palestinians are forced to change their violent ways and be made to be accountable for their actions. The Palestinians are not victims they are perpetrators. When outside entities recognize this fact, we will move one step closer to peace.


    ..TV-ISRAEL… ANTI COSMOS HARMONIE … Rothschilds.. Wars, Zionism, Nazism, Israel & “Anti-semitism”..

  • Dommy

    Q. When is Israel going to fire back to win?

    A. When she finally says Enough is enough!