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August 23, 2016 6:12 am

BBC and World Media Ignore Rocket Attacks on Israel, but Report on IDF Responses

avatar by Hadar Sela

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A factory in Sderot hit by Hamas rockets. Photo: IDF.

A factory in Sderot hit by Hamas rockets. Photo: IDF.

At around 2:30 on the afternoon of August 21, terrorists based in the Gaza Strip fired a missile at the Western Negev town of Sderot.

According to one report, “The rocket landed between two homes, near a college and the local train station. Locals said it was ‘a miracle’ that nobody was injured.”

The IDF responded with strikes on Hamas infrastructure in Beit Hanoun, and later carried out additional strikes.

The BBC News English-language website did not provide any coverage of the missile attack against Israeli civilians.

The BBC Arabic website, however, produced two reports — here and here — about the Israeli response to the missile fire. The second report and the website’s homepage both used a photograph of a water tower allegedly damaged during the Israeli response to the missile attack.

However, as noted at the Israellycool blog, photographs showing the same damage to the same water tower were published by AFP nearly a year ago.

This latest missile attack from the Gaza Strip is the eighth such incident to have taken place so far in 2016. The BBC has not reported on any of those attacks on its English-language website, but has covered the Israeli response to most of them on its Arabic-language site.

January 1: BBC News ignores Gaza missile attacks, BBC Arabic reports Israeli response.

January 24: BBC News ignores Gaza missile attack again — in English.

March 11: BBC News continues to ignore missile attacks on Israelis — in English.

March 15: Missile attack not reported.

May 6: Patchy and selective BBC News reporting of Gaza border incidents.

May 25: BBC News fails to report another Gaza missile attack to English-speakers.

July 1: Another Gaza missile attack ignored by the BBC.

August 21: Missile attack not reported in English, response reported in Arabic.

The same pattern of reporting has been evident since the end of the conflict between Israel and terrorists in the Gaza Strip in 2014, meaning that English-speaking BBC audiences — including its funding public — are not receiving the services pledged to them in the corporation’s public purposes.

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  • Michael Farmer

    The greatest broadcaster in the world. Its output may embarass Israel, but you musn’t shoot the messenger.

  • Michael Farmer

    That’ll be the Algemeiner that only prints the 7 comments that attack the BBC and surpressess the other 5 submitted.

  • Michael Farmer

    “Britain probably would have been a supply chain for Jews to Auschwitz.”?

    How many Brits died fighting alone against Hitler before he declared war on the US bringing them late into the war. Wash your sick mind out!

  • Michael Farmer

    What is there to be jealous about concerning Israel? Britain has contributed more to the world than Israel ever will,. But for Britain the world would still be in the dark ages. Why do you mention Jews? The BBC reports on Israel, truthfully, ….. not on “Jews”!

  • It is no surprise, this miserables on BBC kiss the hand that is going to cut their neck. Liberals have always supported the worst causes and the wrong people. Here in America and following the mislead of President Obama a traitorous and media is courting muslims, the same one that would close their media outlets and execute each one of them. I do not read them, listen nor watch them. If given the chance, I would humiliate them in public for their biased and lack of moral principles.

  • The day of the Lord Hashem is soon upon us. We are close to the war of Gog and Magog that seems to be shaping up exactly as predicted in Ezekiel.34-40. Briton and the rest of Esau will regret their denial of the Laws of God.
    Baruch Hashem.

  • Angie

    Screw all those who are against Israel and Lie about the Good Israeli People.

  • Reform School

    Decades have elapsed since Bird Brain Communications [or is it Bab Boon Communication?] earned the British Broadcasting Corporation logo.

  • The BBC went to the dogs many years ago. Truth is no longer that they convey as they have become ‘politically correct’ and pro Islam,. They promote Islam and terrorism especially if that terrorism is committed against Israel and the Jews! If Germany has not broken its word in WWII and attacked Poland, Britain probably would have been a supply chain for Jews to Auschwitz.

    • Moira

      If you are not aware of it Britain was the first, and only,country to offer refuge to Jewish children at the onset of the Holocaust. Many Jewish parents asked other countries to take in their children when they realized what Nazi Germany was about to do to its Jewish citizens. Britain was the first to respond. Please watch ‘Into the arms of strangers’. Many of these children never saw their families again. Some even stayed behind after the war.

  • Franklin Delano Paskutnik

    This is not news. The BBC is blatantly and overtly anti-Israel as they have been for many,many years now.I remember so clearly the gleeful,cock-a-hoop,jubilant tone in the voice of the female BBC news-reader as she reported on the first day of the Yom Kippur War in 1973 when Egyptian forces crossed the Suez Canal into Sinai. Even though that was a radio broadcast one could almost see her jumping for joy at the news that the Jews were at last getting their just deserts.Her elation at Israel’s (initial) setback in that war was almost palpable! Since that time long ago I have mistrusted every BBC broadcast where Israel is concerned. The moral of this story is : Don’t believe the BBC when it comes to news about Israel – rather read the Algemeiner.

    • Reuven David Miller

      Actually, you’re quite right. They did “get their just deserts” The Sinai, to be precise.

  • The only way for the many mass media to survive is to spit calumnies on Jews and Israel.
    Jealousy is an INCURABLE and self-destructive condition that affect antisemites and mass media.

  • BBC is the official English version of Der Sturmer. Everyone who works or who has ever worked at the BBC aka Der Sturmer is subject to the wisdom and prescience of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr who said in December 1967: “When people criticize Zionists, they mean Jews. You’re talking antisemitism “. That is and always has been the foundational antisemitism of the BBB.

  • Quelle Surprise 🙁