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August 24, 2016 2:21 pm

Report: London Jewish Family Targeted by Antisemitic Abuse, Told to ‘F*** Off Back to Isra-Hell’ (VIDEO)

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A British man (pictured with his two children) told a Jewish family to "f**k off and go back to Isra-hell" during an antisemitic tirade. Photo: Video Screenshot.

A British man (pictured with his two children) told a Jewish family to “f*** off back to Isra-hell” during an antisemitic tirade. Photo: Video Screenshot.

A Jewish family in east London was reportedly the target of a shocking antisemitic tirade in which they were told to “f*** off back to Isra-hell,” the UK’s Evening Standard reported on Wednesday.

According to the report, the 32-year-old father — who asked to remain anonymous — said he and his family were verbally attacked by a stranger during an outing to the London Docklands.

A video taken by the father shows the attacker shouting antisemitic slurs at the family, and telling them, “Don’t come round here, go to Stamford Hill,” a London neighborhood with a large Jewish community. “You’re not welcome.”

The father described the attacker as a “black male walking with two young children and a woman.” He said the “abuse” began as he, his wife and six children — who range in age from a nine-week old baby to a 10-year-old — were exiting the family car.

“He came up behind us and started shouting at us to ‘f*** off back to Isra-hell’ and ‘go back to Stamford Hill.’ He was saying over and over again that we ‘weren’t welcome,’” the father told the Evening Standard.

“He was using the same words over and over again. I took my phone out and filmed it so I could show the police,” he added.

The father said his children were scared and reduced to tears, adding that small children should “never [be] subjected” to such hatred. After the incident, the family decided to abort their outing and returned home.

“All of my children were crying, even last night they were too frightened to sleep and are saying they don’t want to go out again,” he said. “As a father it makes me very sad to see that, to see my family upset in that way, it is very upsetting to me.”

A spokesman from Scotland Yard told the Evening Standard that “detectives… are investigating an allegation of antisemitic abuse which was reported to police on Monday, August 22.”

“A 32-year-old man states he was subjected to anitsemitic abuse by another man. He also alleges a group of males sat on a bench nearby who witnessed the incident also joined in,” the spokesman said. “No arrests have been made. Enquiries are ongoing.”

According to a Community Security Trust (CST) antisemitism audit released earlier this month, antisemitic incidents in Britain saw an 11 percent rise between January and June 2016, compared to the same time period last year.  

CST — a British charity that has been monitoring anti-Jewish behavior since 1984 — said the most common antisemitic hate crimes recorded involved verbal abuse directed at Jewish people in public settings.

Watch footage of the disturbing incident below:

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  • You will not see this on BBC. However, if I had suggested that this ‘Person of Colour’ was not welcome in my country he would by now have several human rights lawyers fawning over him. He would doubtless receive a large payment from government to assuage his hurt feelings. He is just a low-life, unwelcome addition to the multicultural morass that is London.

  • Bob

    I carry weapons on me for this very purpose…in the event the aggressor crosses the line and proceeds to physical contact.

  • stevenl

    Antisemitism is destroying Europe. GB took a first step in reversing her own “descend to the abyss”; however as long as antisemitism is practiced and tolerated in GB, salvation is highly unlikely.
    According to Jewish leaders in GB (like in Fr. btw), everything is fine!!!

  • enufizenuf

    The only way to fix this problem once and for all is to remove the entirety of these miscreants from this dimension.

  • Robert Hines

    The Holocaust started with words

  • I grew up in Stamford Hill, 10 decades ago, same, what can you expect from a pig but grunts. One day they will regret the abuse , too late . Turning other cheek does not work for Jews .

  • nat cheiman

    Yes. Black and asians ( mainly muslims) don’t want Jews in the UK. After the Jews leave they will want the whites to leave.
    Europe has brought this mess upon themselves

  • Franklin Delano Paskutnik

    How many times must we read such nasty reports? The Christians preach “turn the other cheek” and the Jews practice it! Surely the time has come to be more realistic and practical. Is the moment not now – with the invasion of millions of Muslim so-called “refugees” and “migrants” into Europe – that some form of Jewish community self-defense or security units be formed in the great cities of Europe – if they do not exist as yet. The cell-phone number of such an organization can then be supplied to every member of the Jewish community to summon help or assistance at any time of the night or day from these Jewish security units. The anti-semitic offenders can then be physically arrested (citizen’s arrest?) and hauled off to the nearest police station to be charged with racist abuse or whatever crime is on the statute books. The only proviso must be that such a self-defense or security unit must be legal and that those who are part of this unit are properly trained. It has become patently obvious that the police in the cities of Europe are unable or unwilling to act forcefully in the face of anti-Jewish verbal or physical abuse. Jews must stop feeling sorry for themselves and resort to more pragmatic and practical action.The sooner the better!

  • It is more tho the point that Muslims “f*** off” back to Arabia. They do not belong in civilized lands and will NEVER assimilate. They are free to leave and we encourage them to do the right thing and “f*** off” to where they came from. We do not need you savages in the West but you need us because you left the hell you came from for a better life. The better life you seek is where you came from and the time you came from – the dark ages.

    • Ted

      I think these words are the only solution. If you are intolerant go where your ideology meets your needs

    • Leon

      Truth is the Muslims do not want a better life rather they wish to impose their Islamic barbarianism on others. They are using a Quran based strategy called Hijra, which means Conquest by Migration.

  • Dr.Steve Shalot

    This is just another sad example of the rampant antisemitism sweeping through Western Europe.
    It is only a matter of time before these verbal assaults become more physical and we will see open pogroms occurring.

    This is because of the extreme pro – Arab bias of the Brotish press, and the explosion in Muslim immigrants in recent years to Britain. This person’s accent sounded West Indian to me. Antisemitism is prevalent in that community as well.

    Unfortunately, this problem is NOT going to get any better in the near future as the Muslim population in the UK and the Continent soars to new heights.
    I believe the projection is for a 5% increase within the next few years.

    The solution is to take Prime Minister Netanyahu’s recent suggestion and to “come home.”

  • a.non

    Presumably a “black” family is not native to the UK and might also be told to go back somewhere? Glass houses…