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August 28, 2016 4:04 am

Chinese Companies Invest Big in Israel

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Model of the Israeli Amos-5 satellite, the earlier version of the Amos-6. Credit: Wikipedia.

Model of the Israeli Amos-5 satellite, the earlier version of the Amos-6. Credit: Wikipedia.

JNS.org — The Chinese telecommunications conglomerate Xinwei Telecom Technology Group is buying Israeli satellite operator SpaceCom for $285 million, representing the latest of several recent Chinese purchases of Israeli companies and technologies.

Chinese companies invested about $500 million in Israeli companies last year, according to an analysis by the Ettinger Report. Israel’s trade with China is $11 billion, which represents 10 percent of Israel’s overall trade balance and double its 2010 trade balance.

Israeli technologies of special interest to Chinese companies include agro-technology and irrigation. In 2015, China’s Bright Food acquired Israel’s dairy product maker Tnuva for $2 billion. In 2011, China’s National Chemical Corp. bought Israeli pesticides and crop protection company Adama for $2.4 billion.

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  • You don’t do joint ventures with China.

    Joint ventures are a way for Chinese companies to steal foreign technology.

    What they do is they offer an “investment” into a joint venture (located in China) in exchange for a piece of your company (outside of China).

    Needless to say, your product secrets are stolen, you never receive a dollar (outside of China), and other Chinese companies (related ones) suddenly begin making your product.

    Meanwhile, miraculously, your “joint venture” never pays any dividends.

    The way you do business with China is:

    1) sell 100% of your company
    2) insist only upon an investment where 100% of the money comes to you overseas (with no manufacturing in China)

  • Jane

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    The US stabbed those who supported it in Iraq over and over and over again, in the back, starting in 1993. When the US made war for the slaving monarchy of Kuwait. Exactly as it is doing to the Kurdish civilians 50 of whom were murdered by Turkey just today, and that is what is reported, when Muslims kill Muslims only 1/100th of the civilian deaths reach the antisemitic news.

    The US puts rules on the aid to Israel which it puts on no other nation it gives aid to. Some of the endless examples: Egypt uses US aid to buy its fighter-jets from France, because they do not believe in the F-35. Israel would not be allowed to do that. Financial Times reports that Abe of Japan has increased their spending on in house weapons building to nearly 100% of its budget this year, the US pays for 60,000 troops there for 70 years, half of the weapons costs, and frees Japan to do things the US would never allow Israel to do, specifically spend what in effect is US aid on in-house weapons. South Korea gets a ton more aid than Israel, there are no rules on that aid. Qatar a British colony until the 1970s buys fighter-jets from many countries including France, something the US would not allow Israel to do. Saudi Arabia buys its weapons from China including 500 million dollars worth of missiles besides the tons of F16s and F35s, on top of the French Rafale’s the Saudis are buying (the US also has time and time again sent humans to die for Saudi Arabia, including right now in Yemen, something the US has never considered for the Jews, even during the Holocaust let alone for their state.)

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  • scott

    Why doesn’t, Israel have joint ventures with China?