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August 28, 2016 1:04 pm

Jordanian Report: Israel Agrees to US-Initiated Peace Summit; Palestinians Demand Preconditions

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and PA President Mahmoud Abbas. Photo: Wiki Commons.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and PA President Mahmoud Abbas. Photo: Wiki Commons.

According to a report in the Jordanian press, Israel has agreed to a US-initiated three-way peace summit, while the Palestinian Authority is demanding preconditions, Israel’s Channel 10 reported on Sunday.

The government-owned newspaper Al Ra’i reported that the administration in Washington recently proposed the renewal of talks between Israel and the PA under its auspices. However, said the report – based on statements made by a PLO Executive Committee member – while Israel insisted that these be held with no preconditions, the PA said it would only consent if Israel first halted settlement construction and released another tranche of convicts.

“We welcome any activity whose goal is to move the political process forward, but there are conditions that Israel has to fulfill in order for the meeting not to deal solely with economic relations,” said Wassel Abu Yousef. “We are currently interested in progress along the lines of the French initiative.”

As was reported in The Algemeiner late in June, the foreign ministers of the European Union’s 28 member states backed the French initiative, adopted in Paris on June 3 — something that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu opposed, on the grounds that only through direct negotiations with the Palestinians can any genuine progress be made.

The last round of negotiations between Israel and the PA began in the summer of 2013, following pressure by the US State Department to restart the peace process. These talks collapsed by April 2014.

In September 2015, amid rumors that Israel was attempting to change the status quo of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, the site of the Al-Aqsa Mosque, Palestinians launched a “lone-wolf intifada,” characterized mainly by stabbing and car-ramming attacks against Israeli soldiers and civilians, which has continued until today, though it has waned considerably in the last two months, according to the IDF.

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  • Nancy B

    I’m with Israel!

  • Jonah

    The French are now and have been taken over by Islam. The French Initiative cannot be considered to be an unbiased approach to any solution invoving Israel. Do you think the whole world is as stupid as you and cannot recognize a conflict of interest. Why don’t you just give up being the sacrificial lamb for the rest of the Islamic world Attempting to bring Israel to the mat. I mean how long are you going to wrap bombs to your children’s backs while the Saudis are enjoying concubines and the life of Gods. Is it that you have been down bread for so long you enjoy being a pit Bull on a chain for the rich and famous…. when are your people going to recognize you as the should have arrafat and rise up against your stupid shenanigans before you send a buillion of your people’s money to French banks to provide a golden parachute for your misfit degenerate siblings.

  • Israel

    Yes to preconditions. Try these. No right of return. No land for peace. Israel is a Jewish State, Jerusalem is the capital of Israel. Areas A,B and C to be annexed by Israel. Palestinians get to keep Gaza as Palestine. Attacks from Gaza will be considered acts of war. Terrorists may be deported to Gaza. End of Marshal law to be replaced by Israeli law throughout Israel. Sharia Law and courts to be outlawed and disbanded. Palestinian Authority to be disbanded. Palestinian police force to be disbanded and weapons surrendered to Israel. Jews permitted to pray on the Temple Mount. Israeli police to maintain order on Temple Mount with full access to mosques there. The 3rd Temple to be built. Abu Mazen to be tried for Terrorism. All land ownership to be settled within 3 years. Unclaimed, vacant or abandoned land to become property of the state of Israel and sold to Israeli citizens without respect to religion or ethnicity. Permanent resident who are not security risks may apply for Israeli citizenship. Madrasas and places of worship preaching terrorism to be closed. Female genital mutilation will be treated as sexual assault under the law. No areas will prohibit residency based on religion or ethnicity. “Ams Yisrael Chai – The people of Israel live.”

  • art

    Let’s see who Obama?Kerry blame for the non talks. Ten to one they blame Israel even though Israel has already agreed to talks. Israel should publically and clearly state its willingness to talk and make sure that failure is blamed on abbas/pa/plo No unilateral Israeli concessions

  • Max Genghis Cohen

    So what’s new? PA expects extraordinary concessions in return for putting nothing on the table. Tell them, Sure, here is all you ask for in advance, but then, after they make concessions, show the the middle finger and laugh sneeringly. Please, just once show them the contempt they need and deserve.