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August 29, 2016 6:26 am

A Reason to Be Hopeful in the Fight Against Islamism

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A  Japanese hostage beheaded by ISIS. Photo: Twitter.

A Japanese hostage beheaded by ISIS. Photo: Twitter.

“Hugh Fitzgerald” posted a 3,300-word piece at responding to a news item about Thomas Strothotte, president of Kühne Logistics University in Hamburg, Germany, advocating that all school children learn Arabic until 12 or 13 years of age; Fitzgerald called this a sign of “civilizational surrender.”

But I went to the source of the news item in Die Welt, and tweeted about it in exactly the opposite way — noting that 94 percent of respondents answered negatively to a straw poll asking, “Should the Arabic language become a compulsory subject in Germany?” (“Sollte Arabisch in Deutschland zum Pflichtfach werden?”)

That the mildly-conservative Welt-reading public with near-unanimity rejected Strothotte’s suggestion seems to me far more newsworthy than the original suggestion.

More neatly than anything else I can think of, this contrast between Fitzgerald’s and my reporting points to the divergence between two fundamentally different ways of seeing the West’s evolution vis-à-vis Islamism: one focuses on the statements and actions of a diminishing elite appeasement faction; the other follows the increasingly strong negative response by the population at large.

Yes, Islamism is making advances. But anti-Islamism is growing more rapidly and so, I predict the latter will prevail.

This article was originally published by NRO.

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  • Jane

    Your views are due to the fact that you do not know one iota of history about Islamism. Islamism comes from Catholocism and other forms of Christianity, throughout and from the beginning.

    That Catholic Germany is bigoted and racist is not a good thing.

    I can put 500 examples of Catholics and other Christians convincing Muslims to re-exhibit their genocidal antisemitism in the 1800s alone, most notably throughout Ottoman North Africa.

    The Laws for the Dhimma themselves are just a rehashing of Christian anti-Jewish legislation from a century earlier, almost word for word, but against Christians to some extent almost and sometimes more than, Hebrews.

    You would have to be so lost in your little world to see a racist hateful (yet always kind and peaceful as Christianity always is) Catholic country as a good thing, or stupid.

    Strange how many Alt-Right people, your heros are making comments identical to Islamists on right wing sites across the world, is it similar, or originator?

    Islam is culpable, of course, throughout. It is akin to a hand and a head. For example in WW2 as in countless censored times before that, the Jesuit Hierarchy was the head, the white Christian Arians were the hand. Self-hating and money-grubbing Jews, court Jews, strange liar Jews keep it going.