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August 29, 2016 3:03 pm

Huffington Post Accused of ‘Jew-Hatred’ After Tweeting ‘Offensive’ Joke About Comedian at Video Music Awards

avatar by Shiryn Solny

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The Fat Jew, far right, with the ensemble of the "Bacon" performance and Nick Jonas, bottom left. Photo: Twitter.

The Fat Jew, far right, with the ensemble of the “Bacon” performance and Nick Jonas, bottom left. Photo: Twitter.

The Huffington Post is facing backlash after joking about a Jewish comedian’s  appearance at the Video Music Awards (VMAs) on Sunday night.

Josh “The Fat Jew” Ostrovsky took part in Nick Jonas’ performance of his song “Bacon,” staged in a New York diner — in a cameo role as a waiter throwing a handful of bacon in the air. Commenting on the show, the Huffington Post tweeted, “not thrilled at the fat jew [he] wasted all that perfectly good bacon!!!!!!”

The message angered many Twitter users, who thought the joke was offensive, poorly worded and easily misunderstood, according to Mediaite.

One social media user wrote, “Oh my stars! This is repulsive. I didn’t know Jew Hating was HuffPost’s latest thing.”

Another advised, “Perhaps you should realize that most of your followers are NOT watching the VMAs. If you make a joke, context is everything!”

Still others encouraged the Huffington Post to pretend its Twitter account was hacked by “a racist” making an “embarrassing” joke.

The news outlet has since deleted the Twitter post, leaving in its stead the following joke: “hey, @FATJEW i would’ve eaten all that bacon u threw in the diner!!!!! #VMAs.”

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  • Huffingpuffing is antisemitic!

  • Steve Wenick

    Unfortunately the Huffington Post’s Jew hatred has been there all along only it has hidden beneath the burqa of being only anti Israel’s policies.

    That rag has espoused anti-Zionist garbage for years. It is just another of a host of Left wing media outlets which march lock-step with the other lemmings within the confines of their delusional limousine liberal bubble.

  • esther noodelman

    Unfortunately it looks as if anti-Semitism is alive and well and most disgusting of all,in universities where one would hope that they would not have to descend/condone ugly,unbecoming activities not befitting places of higher learning!


      It’s all the rage in “Academia” along with Marxism. Utterly ridiculous.

  • Dave

    Am Yisrael Chai!!

  • Aisha

    Jewish comedians are the US equivalent to Black Face for the Jews. The more antisemitic they are the more fans they will get.

    When anyone calls it out, they say look we are Jews, then say you need to chill out. Jew have been more persecuted and enslaved than all others combined.

  • I hate weak Jews.


      Yes- they seem to see “the far right” as their mortal enemy, yet are blind to Islam…

  • Wow Sally! You sure are a rabid anti-Semite – you took a lot of time and expended a whole lot of energy just to ramble on almost incoherently about the Jews without giving one valid reason for being so very upset by the Jews. You do not seem to mind how much is talked about on TV etc., about ISIS or Islam. Not sick and tired of listening and watching about that?? Not at all perturbed about it? Let us not pretend, you ARE actually an anti-Semite.

  • sally2

    Can these people please get over themselves? Are they seriously that mentally defective that every time the word Jew is mentioned they have a coronary? Of course they call themselves Jews all day long and they mention it day in and day out on all the television talk shows and radio stations and movies and………
    Just shut up already because the people of the world have caught on to your “offended” nature and frankly we don’t care what you think since you are not gods except in your own minds.

    • Michele

      Dear “Sally2′, Please tell me that the 2 doesn’t suggest there is more than one of you. And with regards to your statement…”WE don’t care what you think”; Who is “we” and are they aware you speak for them????? Grow Up!

      Am Yisrael Chai!!!

    • Linda Golden

      This one is for Sally…if you are so tired of the “Jew ” stuff, stop listening…turn that set off and do something else . The people of the world? You mean the ones that burned us in the ovens, and would still like to finish the job? Or do you mean the ones that refer to Jews as apes and pigs? You need to get over your disgusting, bigoted self. Believe me, I find you as tiresome as you find us.

  • Rumpleforeskin

    Maybe someone should ask the Huff-Post why, as they say, “they are tracking islamophobe incidents in the US, because the only way to stop hate is to confront it”, yet don’t feel it’s necessary to track antisemetic incidents which are by far much more prevalent and numerous. I guess hatred against Jews isn’t as important? Or maybe they just view hatred against Jews as just “resistance”….

  • corey NY

    The so-called “fat Jew” (Josh “The Fat Jew” Ostrovsky) is an embarrassment. I’m not outraged in the least bit. He’s capitalizing on making us Jews look repulsive. Feh!

    That fat pig deserves what he got. He thrives on internet attention and he got it.

    I’m hoping that he will fade into obscurity and give us all a modicum of relief, but I’ll be dead and buried before that happens.