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August 30, 2016 6:25 am

You May Have Missed It, But Palestinian Terrorists Tried to Kill Jews Again

avatar by Adam Levick

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Paramedics at the scene of a Palestinian terrorist attack. Photo: Hatzalah.

Paramedics at the scene of a Palestinian terrorist attack. Photo: Hatzalah.

One of the benefits of our transition from focusing entirely on the Guardian to monitoring all UK media outlets is that we’re now better able to contextualize the Israel-related news reports and op-eds we analyze. Whilst the Guardian’s coverage still suffers from institutional anti-Israel bias, we’ve noticed a slight but noticeable improvement over the last several years.

We’ve also reached the conclusion that the Independent’s coverage is the worst out of all the major British media outlets we monitor.

Indeed, if you were to base your understanding of the summer 2014 war between Israel and Hamas solely on the Indy’s coverage, you’d almost be forgiven for believing that Israel just bombed Gaza for 51 days out of some sadistic impulse to inflict pain and suffering on the civilian population.

Context regarding rocket fire on Israeli towns and the use of human shields by a genocidal antisemitic movement known as Hamas was almost completely absent.

This brings us to the following tweet by the Independent (to their two million followers) on the latest incident in Gaza:

Most who saw the tweet wouldn’t have read the article, which actually is pretty clear that Israel was responding to rockets fired by Gaza terrorists, one of which landed between two houses in the southern city of Sderot. (The IDF’s response targeted dozens of military sites in Gaza, causing no fatalities.)

What makes the tweet especially noteworthy is that the actual headline (“Israel hits Gaza Strip with barrage of air strikes in response to rocket attack by Palestinian Islamist militants”) was fair and accurate.

The Indy staffer responsible for the tweet decided to editorialize — suggesting to the herd of independent thinkers who take their coverage of the region seriously, that Israeli leaders just bombed Gaza again for no particular reason.

The Indy tweet got it completely backwards. It was Gaza-based Palestinian terrorists who made the decision one day — for no reason other than their ongoing desire to annihilate Israel — to fire deadly projectiles into Israel in hopes of killing as many Jews as possible.

But, of course, a tweet by the Indy with the words: “You may have missed it, but Palestinian terrorists tried to kill Jews again” would cast Jews as the victims and Palestinians as the perpetrators — a moral paradigm at odds with their secular faith in original and immutable Zionist sin.

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  • M. Barry Slater

    As usual, the Indy has it wrong, with a Palestinian leaning, ignoring the facts!!!

  • I share your outrage at the UK press coverage but you still keepvyour facts straight. First you tell of the Danish journalist tweet and then you call him Norwegian! You need a lesson in Geography 101

  • stevenl

    The Guardian is moving in the direction of Dabic when it concerns itself with Jews and Israel.

  • Simon O

    Yes, but it’s really hard to give much credence to “defence and security” as an excuse when you keep moving civilians into the so-called buffer zone, isn’t it?

    Arabs attack Israel and lose. Israel takes land as a security buffer. I don’t agree with it but ok, sure I can see the argument.

    Then, Israel starts building in this buffer zone and bussing in settlers.

    Now there’s no buffer zone, so apparently it wasn’t that important to start with…

    Plus, I find it very hard to have sympathy with an occupying force that gets upset when the people they’re occupying fight back.

    Nobody objected to the French resistance, and I see very few complaints about the Irgun (who brought terrorist tactics to the region).

    Finally, where’s the proportionality? One rocket landed between two houses (and apparently harmed nobody since it’s no mentioned) and in response… What? The IDF targeted dozens of military sites.

    Do you think that’s a proportional response?

    • Sidney Sands

      Simon wails about “proportional response” does he suggest that when an Israeli is stabbed to death, or when many are run down by cars, the response should be the same only, and not the targeted precise response of the IDF.

      • Reform School

        Simple Simon receiving proportional response to the knife attacks might provide attitude adjustment. Just don’t expect it to silence him.