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August 31, 2016 9:47 am

Czech School Atlases to Cease Naming Jerusalem as Israel’s Capital

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Jerusalem. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

Jerusalem. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

JNS.org – The Czech Education Ministry has ordered the company printing the atlases used in the country’s schools to cease naming Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, Israel’s Army Radio reported Wednesday.

According to the report, the order followed a complaint from the Palestinian Embassy in Prague. The textbook’s publisher was instructed to mark Tel Aviv as the capital instead, and was warned that refusing the order could jeopardize his ties with the Czech ministry.

Jerusalem and Prague maintain friendly ties, and the decision enraged Israel. “This is a reprehensible decision. Palestinian incitement knows no bounds. It is no longer satisfied with poisoning the minds of Palestinian youth — now it wants to spread lies and misinformation among Czech youth as well,” the Israeli Foreign Ministry said in a statement, adding it was in touch with Prague to reverse the decision.

According to the Prague Daily Monitor, the Palestinian Embassy complained to the Czech Education Ministry that an atlas used in elementary and secondary schools presents Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. In response, the Education Ministry wrote that it “will resolutely demand a change of the given data,” a Czech daily, Mlada fronta Dnes, reported.

Shocart Publishing, which prints the atlas in question, was ordered to “rewrite the data about the capital of Israel, otherwise the atlas will lose its certificate as an officially recognized school book,” the report said.

Palestinian Ambassador to Prague Khlaed Alattrash said he “strongly appreciates” the ministry’s decision.

He told Czech media that he filed the complaint after the parents of schoolchildren from the local Palestinian community showed him the atlas.

“The atlas says something that is unacceptable not only for the Palestinians but also according to the international law and the official positions of the EU, including the Czech Republic,” Alattrash said.

According to Education Ministry spokeswoman Klara Bila, “The data in the atlas will be corrected as of the New Year.”

The Czech Foreign Ministry’s view of the status of Jerusalem corresponds with that of the EU. “The Czech Republic does not consider east Jerusalem a part of the state of Israel,” ministry spokeswoman Irena Valentova said, adding that “EU member countries, including the Czech Republic, view Jerusalem as the future capital of both states, i.e., the state of Israel and the future state of Palestine.”

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  • david

    friends in Izrael…. the goverment was forced to change its mind bu a rezolute and very angary public…. jeruzalem stays as the capital.

  • Jacques Heller

    I always considered the Czech People as open, intelligent, educated, truly representative of the Mittel Europa culture. My ancestor was the Great Rabbi of Prague in the 16th century.
    Do not capitulate to pressure. Because you will loose your honor and much more than that.
    Jérusalem is the true capital of Israel, open to all as it has never been before. In international law, no Palestinian authority can dictate our non-existence. By the way, no Palestinian state has ever existed in this region. Get back to your senses and keep your back straight. History will not forgive you. Loosing your link with the Jewish People goes against your own History.

    • david

      fear not friend….. the desision sparked so much anger amongst the public that the decision was reversed and Jeruzalem vill stay as the proper capital of Izrael….

  • Liz Wagner

    Israel should announce that it said it would hold discussion of Jerusalem for final status talks, when it thought the Palestinians were serious about negotiating peace. Since Abbas announced the Oslo Accords are dead and the PA is now attempting to spread lies like this about Jerusalem, Israel reminds the PA, EU, US and anyone else who seems to have forgotten that so-called “East Jerusalem” got that name only after Jordan invaded it, during the 1948 War, and then occupied it until the Six-Day War, in 1967, when Israel expelled Jordan’s occupation force and reunited its capital city. Jerusalem was never a capital city for any other nation except the of the Jews, and will remain the undivided capital of the world’s only Jewish state. Without making some kind of statement to that effect, Israel allows the Palestinians to further erode people’s conceptions of Jerusalem around the world. As we have seen, for the Palestinians, this is the most powerful weapon in their arsenal. The world has never been heavily invested in anything Jewish, even though Christianity, Islam and Western Civilization each developed out of Jewish history and ideas. Today, the world, again, wants to tell Jews how little Jews mean to it by handing the eternal Jewish capital over to an invented people with no legal standing or moral claim to it. This case must be made out loud. Putting it off until “final status talks” with people who, in over 64 years, have yet to show one ounce of interest in peace with Jews, is not only foolish, but also dangerous, at this point.

  • David

    Israel should withhold any military equipment and sensitive security information from Prague. Since Jerusalem is not longer the capital, then it no longer has the “authority” to provide such help to the future “Czechia”, as the Czech Republic is soon to be called.

  • David

    Israel should withhold any military equipment and sensitive security information from Prague. Since Jerusalem is not longer the capital, then it no longer has the “authority” to provide such help to the future “Czechia” as the Czech republic is to be called in the near future.

  • Len Shagall

    from Wikipedia (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_diplomatic_missions_in_Israel) :
    “Diplomatic missions in Israel refers to foreign embassies and consulates in Israel. There are currently 86 embassies in Tel Aviv and the Tel Aviv Metropolitan Area (not including honorary consulates).
    Previously some states maintained embassies in Jerusalem, but currently they are all relocated to Tel Aviv.. ”

    Is there is any other country where embassies are not located in the capital?

  • Yaakov

    One could understand that there might be some dispute about the eastern half of the city, but to dispute Israel’s sovereignty over the western half is outrageous. But is it any more outrageous than the U.S. having its embassy in Tel Aviv? The message is the same.

  • Markus Elkana Brajtman

    One must wonder how much money the Czech Ministry was paid for this disgraceful change.
    Who has the right to decide which country has the right to name it’s city as Not the capital, but to make another city as Israel’s capital.
    There must have been a threat from the so called “Palestinians”

    Jerusalem was, is, and will always will be the capital city of the Jewish state of Israel.

    Why are they so afraid of the Palestinians?
    Is it that they do not want Islamic terrorism?
    Were they threatened?

    This will NOT lead to peace.

  • Dani

    They can change maps but not the truth. Tel Aviv is not Israel´s Capital city, Jerusalem is. As much as there is nor mor East Berlin and West Berlin, there is not such separation in Jerusalem either. We will continue teaching the truth about Praga and the long long Jewish history there before the nazis and their local collaborators completely extermitated us, physically not just in the maps.

  • Jonas

    We should do that with PRAGUE and use KUTNA HORA as there CAPITOL

  • Ezra

    I would have expected this sort of anti Israeli bias from other eastern European countries and especially former soviet republics, but not Czech Republic.

    Clearly what has been published is totally unacceptable, and very disheartening and disappointing. I hope that the government of Czech Republic takes a very hard look at what their Education Ministry is doing.