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September 5, 2016 6:59 am

Cory Booker’s Brazen Defense of Iran

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Democratic Senator Cory Booker of New Jersey. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

Democratic Senator Cory Booker of New Jersey. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

Recent media reports have stated that Cory Booker and I reconciled over Iran when we were both in Israel.

Let me be clear. My dispute with Cory was never personal and was always about policy. There is no need for us to have any personal reconciliation as there was never any personal animus. People who know and love each other for a quarter century, and who have shared everything, as Cory and I have done, possess a bond that may bend but is never broken.

But on the principal source of my disagreement with Cory — his ill-advised and dangerous vote for the Iran nuclear deal — there can be no reconciliation. Frankly, I’m shocked to see a man of such principal and intelligence continue to defend a deal that began to unravel even before it was signed. It pains me to know that his loyalty to his party surpassed his commitment to the security of this nation and its allies because it will forever mar his public legacy.

While visiting Israel, Cory gave an interview in which he justified his vote on the deal: “It was affirming to me to meet security experts over there, former military commanders who fought in wars, who confided in me that the nuclear threat has been removed for the near future and how much that is freeing up resources and energy to focus on the common threat of terrorism in the region,” he said.

A Senator votes to give Iran $150 billion, which will be used to kill people, and argues that by doing so he is fighting terrorism? Are you serious?

I am in Israel right now. Nothing could be further from the truth. My son is an IDF soldier stationed in the Golan Heights. Cory has known our son since his birth and his life is directly imperiled, God forbid, by the funding Cory voted to give Iran and, by extension, Hezbollah — Iran’s proxy terror army on Israel’s northern border.

Would Cory care to tell us which Israeli security experts he spoke to? There can be no anonymity on issues like these, and Cory owes it to the people of New Jersey to name exactly whom he is referring to.

Surely it was not Prime Minister Netanyahu, who continues to proclaim to the world that Iran remains the single greatest threat to Israel’s survival.

Even more disappointing is the head-in-the-sand approach that he has taken since his vote, while Iran engages in the same behavior it did before the agreement. Here are a few items he may have missed while underground.

The agreement, at best, is said to extend the breakout time for Iran to build a bomb from three months to one year. One year is the blink of an eye in the Middle East and, worse, President Obama admitted that “in year 13, 14, 15, they [Iran] have advanced centrifuges that enrich uranium fairly rapidly, and at that point the breakout times would have shrunk almost down to zero.”

The Washington Post noted that “not one of the country’s 19,000 centrifuges will be dismantled,” and that, contrary to Obama’s 2012 pledge, “enrichment will continue with 5,000 centrifuges for a decade, and all restraints on it will end in 15 years.”

Iran announced that it is deploying sophisticated missiles around the Fordo plant. If this plant is only going to conduct science research as specified in the agreement, why does it need to be defended?

And here’s another mystery: Why did Iran announce in August plans to build two additional nuclear plants? This is a country awash in oil with no need for nuclear power.

Iran has been lying and cheating on nuclear-related agreements for years; why should we believe this one will be any different? German intelligence services reported just two months ago that Iran continues to procure nuclear weapons technology and materials all over Europe.

The entire agreement’s credibility depends on verification, but Cory accepted Obama’s concession to give up the demand for “anywhere, anytime” inspections. The Iranians insist inspectors will not have any access to military facilities and have barred them from the Parchin site, where it is suspected that Iran engaged in research and testing related to building a nuclear weapon. This loophole is big enough to fire a nuclear missile through.

Speaking of missiles, the agreement did nothing to halt Iran’s development of more sophisticated missiles, which have little military use unless tipped with nuclear warheads.

Even Obama’s Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper, has said “Iran does not face any insurmountable technical barriers to producing a nuclear weapon,” contradicting the Administration’s claim that the nuclear deal blocks all of Iran’s pathways to a nuclear bomb.

The agreement has allowed Iran to reap billions of dollars in payoffs that allow Iran to continue its nuclear and missile research; intervene in Syria, Iraq and Yemen; and support Hezbollah and other terrorists. Most embarrassing is the revelation that Obama paid a $400 million ransom for the release of five American hostages, but left two behind, including a Jewish former FBI agent. Obama, with Cory’s acquiescence, has now made every American citizen or soldier abroad a potential kidnap victim.

Iran’s Supreme Leader continues to spew vitriol against the United States; Iran captured and humiliated a group of our sailors; Iran’s navy has repeatedly engaged in provocative maneuvers around our ships in the Persian Gulf; and Iran continues to work against our allies in the region.

Cory has had nothing to say about these disastrous outcomes from the Iran deal he supported. More disheartening, however, has been his silence in the face of Iranian threats to annihilate Israel. Genocidal intent is a crime according to the 1948 UN Anti-Genocide Convention. Cory had the perfect opportunity, not only morally, but politically, to denounce Iran’s genocidal threats while he was in the Holy Land. He chose to remain silent.

Cory did talk about the terrible humanitarian disaster of Syrian refugees, but he did not criticize Obama’s failure to back up his red line and take military action against Syria after it used chemical weapons. Instead, Obama bought another Brooklyn Bridge from Vladimir Putin and told the American people that  all of Syria’s chemical weapons would be destroyed. We know from recent chemical attacks that this agreement was also a catastrophe.

From the outset of the civil war, Iran, whom Cory supports giving $150 billion to, has financed Assad’s war and backed him with troops. Nearly half a million Arabs are dead and millions of refugees are displaced because of it.

While in Israel, Cory should have called out the Iranians for aiding genocide in Syria. Once again, he chose to remain silent.

Cory knows the truth. The Iran nuclear agreement achieved none of its objectives and is an unmitigated disaster. The deal emboldened Iran to emerge as the world’s foremost state sponsor of terror and to allow Iran to continue to illegally seek more nuclear materials, all while destabilizing the Middle East and brutalizing its own people.

The time has come for Cory to admit he made a catastrophic mistake by choosing political expediency over morality. It’s absurd for him to come to Israel and profess a commitment to Israel’s security while ignoring Iran’s commitment to Israel’s annihilation.

Cory does not owe me an apology, as he did not offend our personal friendship. But he does owe the people of New Jersey an explanation as to why he continues to defend the Iran-deal nightmare.

“America’s Rabbi,” Shmuley Boteach, was the founder of The Oxford University L’Chaim Society where, in 1993, he appointed Cory Booker student President. Follow him on Twitter @RabbiShmuley.

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  • Brian Nichols

    Another opinion by a Israel Firster. Stop trying to demonize the entire world just because they do not bow to the demands of Israel. The Iran deal is good for the world……which is much more important that just Israel.

    • Sean

      It appears you are so blinded by your disgust if Israel that you did not read any facts clearly illustrated in the article. All the terror groups are not only sworn to the destruction of Israel but to the West as well with America being at the top of their list. An Iran possessing nuclear weapons will not hesitate to provide materials to these non-state actors to create mayhem for the US. By allowing cash flow into the country, other terror groups will be strengthened to carry out Irans proxy interests around the world. They are run by Iskamic hardliners that want the work to be dominated under the boot of Iran. Wake up!

    • Which part of it is good for the world exactly? Please be specific.

      Is it the part where the US has recapitalized the number one state sponsor of terrorism as defined by our own State Department?

      Perhaps it is the part where Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Egypt signed memoranda of understanding with Russia for the construction of their own nuclear facilities in response to the deal.

      Or, maybe, you like the omission of any suggestion that Iran actually change its behavior vis a vis its neighbors. Like not allowing Russian bombers to use its bases to attack Syria. Or maybe complying with resolution 2231 and stop ballistic missile launches.

      I cannot recall a situation where the US ever did something as cynical or stupid as the Iran Deal. It will be nothing short of a miracle if, thirteen or so years from now, one or more of the regional powers is not involved in a full up nuclear exchange with the Iranians. The only move that makes the slightest bit of sense is to get those sanctions back in place before the region crosses the point of no return.

      And, for your edification, none of this has a damn thing to do with Israel.

    • Daniel Shapiro

      Do you, Brian Nichols, other than disparaging Shmuley Biotech, as an “Israel Firster” do you have any credible argument of the facts he has laid out, or, are you just another Jew hater?

    • Brian, the problem with anti-Semites, such as yourself, is that you are an anti-Semite Firster, placing America dead last against a regime–Iran–whose most important national holiday celebrates their taking the US embassy hostage, a regime that calls us the Great Satan, and a regime that organizes Death to America rallies.

      Further, Iran also is building ICBM’s–weapons that have only one purpose–delivering a nuke across the planet (not across the Middle East, which their existing missiles can already do).

      Finally, Iran has prepared to launch an EMP–electromagnetic pulse–by test-launching a missile from a barge 200 miles off US shores and detonating it at an altitude of 300 kilometers.

      This type of attack, when nuclear equipped, would knock out US electric power, computers, cars, water, sewage, and gas delivery for years, killing 100 million through cholera, thirst and starvation.

      Mullahs are not deterred by mutually assured destruction–they believe only a war against Islam–which they regard our inevitable retaliation to be–would bring back their 12 Mahdi–the Shiite messiah–and so guarantee Shiites to go the heaven.

      I have spoken with several Iranians who have told me that, indeed, Iranian leadership wants this to occur and believes in it fervently. So much so that, for example, one Iranian leader built a superhighway from the Mahdi’s well (where he apparently awaits) to Tehran, so he will visit Tehran first.

      Iranian leaders visit the well, speak down into the well, and “hear” answers to their policy questions.

      Brian, if you ever have any control, you’ll do to America what Hitler did to Germany. Hitler diverted a significant share of his remaining troops to continue the Holocaust, rather than to defend the motherland from the invading Russians.

      Likewise, you’ll leave America open to destruction by its real enemies, starting with regimes like Iran. So you, Brian, are blinded by your anti-Semitism and end up placing America last.

    • rather than the equivalent of a playground bully’s mindless & blustery belligerence, why don’t you attempt to refute the specific charges contained in Boteach’s article? all that you’ve done is make a show of your bile.

      so, one understands that you don’t like Israel. if you harbor something more than primitive and irrational hatred, you should present it with a coherent and specific rebuttal. my bet is that you have nothing, that you’re just a hateful trog.