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September 8, 2016 6:59 am

UC Berkeley Offers Class in Erasing Jews From Israel, Destroying Jewish State

avatar by Abraham H. Miller

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The campus of the University of California, Berkeley. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

The campus of the University of California, Berkeley. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

I, for one, am not upset that the University of California, Berkeley is offering an anti-Israel course so biased that it mocks the very purpose of a university.

Typically, in the leftist-dominated university, the prevailing paradigm of the Arab-Israeli conflict is that Israel is the last bastion of British imperialism and needs to be eradicated, with every Jew either thrown into the sea or sent back to Europe, even if their families have been living in the land of Israel for 1,000 years.

Most university courses on the conflict hide this from public view.

So, the new course offering at Berkeley should be praised, not condemned, for publicly announcing that its goal is to explore how Israel might be destroyed. This is incredibly refreshing, a peeling away of the sensitivity and compassionate newspeak that so shelter the reality of universities as cesspools of leftist propaganda.

And who better to be the faculty sponsor of the course than Cal’s own Dr. Hatem Bazian. In the current environment at Cal, Bazian is the poster child for what an academic should be, a person who departs from the norms of dispassionate scholarship and replaces them with the Marxist vision of praxis, the unity of theory and practice.

Bazian has impeccable credentials for this role, credentials earned not by merely sitting through preliminary examinations and writing a scholarly dissertation, but through his activism. Bazian is co-founder of the militant Students for Justice in Palestine, an organization so virulently anti-Israel that it can shut down any speaker it disagrees with on almost any campus even before you could enunciate the monosyllabic word “Jew.”

Bazian is a street orator whose disgust with America is such that he called for an American Intifada. He is a major supporter of the US Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel, and a one-time fundraiser for KindHearts, which the US government shut down for its alleged ties to the terrorist organization Hamas.

Bazian denies he is an antisemite, but he blocked the appointment of a Jewish student to San Francisco State University’s Student Judicial Council on the grounds that the individual supported the State of Israel and was thus a racist by definition. Of course, in contrast, Bazian’s support of the terrorist organization Hamas would be considered an embrace of social justice.

In public lectures, Bazian refers to the modern-day Palestinians as the descendants of the Philistines. The historical basis of this is nonexistent. The Philistines were an Aegean people related to the Ancient Greeks and bore the phenotypic characteristics of a tall, fair-skinned people. Bazian himself resembles the Philistines with the same proximity as Hitler, Goering, and Goebbels represented the Aryan superman, who was as blond as Hitler, as slim as Goering, and as tall as Goebbels.

So the new course will simply be the same themes with a different font. The students who enroll in it will already be true believers in the Palestinian point of view. Serious students, even serious pro-Palestinian students, tend to be dismissive of intellectual nonsense.

Because universities grant great license to what passes for scholarship today and there is neither so much as a pretense of objectivity nor a concern for it, the new pro-Palestinian course will be indistinguishable from so many other indulgences in propaganda that dominate the liberal arts and social sciences. And this colors not just the study of the Middle East specifically or international relations generally but also scores of subjects that are defined in terms of simple categorical concepts, such as class, race, and gender. All of these are subsumed under the broader category of oppression studies. And from the perspective of oppression studies, America really is the Great Satan.

The world is divided between the oppressed and the oppressor. This paradigm is so integral to the contemporary university that it is difficult to find liberal arts and social science faculty that do not subscribe to it.

Interestingly, there is an entire curriculum of the oppressed that looks at society and through the prism of the people on the bottom of the social system and fantasizes about a society in which hierarchical relations do not occur. The reality is that all societies from time immemorial have been built on hierarchical relationships.

Outrage over courses is pointless and a waste of time. There are whole departments and curricula that are equally if not more worthy of outrage.

But good will come of this. Since there are no constraints on what universities do, they are increasingly moving toward the extremes. In doing this, they undermine their own legitimacy and their bogus claims of serving a societal good or promoting civic virtue.

Eventually, such a system will collapse because the larger society will recognize that it is paying for its own delegitimation and destruction through courses that view America and Western Civilization as the roots of all evil in the world.

Nothing will save the American university system faster than more Hatem Bazians calling for an American intifada while flashing their academic credentials and indulging in myth making.

The greater the outrage, the sooner we will reach that point. What we need is a lot more courses rooted   in propaganda, speakers prevented from speaking, simple-minded concepts to explain complex problems, and the continual undermining of the very idea of a university.

Abraham H. Miller is an emeritus professor of political science, University of Cincinnati, and a distinguished fellow with the Haym Salomon Center. Follow him @salomoncenter. This article was originally published by The Observer.

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  • XaurreauX

    The Jews attract the rage of the worthless.

  • dentabill


  • donald coder

    Hatred for Jews, apart from being Satanic in origin, is driven by the superiority of Jews in virtually every area of life. This includes native intelligence, creativity, initiative, competitiveness, and ability to survive the greatest bigotry ever perpetrated against any ethnic group. This college course is a refreshingly open display of this blatant jealousy, hatred and bigotry, and the teacher looks like a classical anti-Semitic bigot. Berkeley is the perfect place for this evil assault on intelligence and superiority.

  • Wade

    This is pretty garbage reporting, and embarrasses me as a progressive Zionist.

    Here is the actual course description:

    “This 2-unit course will examine key historical developments that have taken place in Palestine, from the 1880s to the present, through the lens of settler colonialism. Our discussions will focus in particular on the following questions: What new insights and perspectives emerge from a settler colonial analysis? What is the source of contemporary conflicts over land and political power in Palestine? What connections have scholars drawn between Zionism and settler colonialism? What might decolonization mean in this context, and how might it open the possibility for justice and equality for all peoples in the region? Our analyses will utilize a comparative approach with an emphasis on scholarship in settler colonial studies. Class time will be devoted to lecture, documentaries, open discussion, and debate about these issues and the relevant scholarly literature.”

  • Wade

    It’s funny that the article criticizes the modern academic view that the “world is divided between the oppressed and the oppressor.” And implies that this is unnecessary or a waste of time because the “reality is that all societies from time immemorial have been built on hierarchical relationships.” <—- uh, hello. that's why we're studying the phenomenon.

  • adriatica

    I have always pronounced his name Hate ’em Bazian, because it’s what he does best.

  • Louis Toadvine

    Its cool when the left does it to white for 50 years but once it happens to Jews everyone loses their minds

  • Shaun Moth

    In an education system so corrupt and misguided that it continues to churn out left-wing advocates rather than intellectuals this course in one way can only be seen as a good thing. The problem is that this only serves to empower the Jew more as a self-proclaimed eternal victim of persecution and gives them more ammunition to bombard the world with their false and tiresome accusations and rhetoric.
    We all know the Jew for the manipulative and deviant animal that it is, obsessed with control over others. Question is will this actually shake the sawdust out of young mind making them willing to publicly say so, or will it just be yet more ammunition for those who continue the lie of those Oh so persecuted Jews?

  • Ricki Deane

    After dropping the Truth Gold Standard, like wheelbarrows of the German Mark,
    wheelbarrows of American university degrees.

  • Rob Urbanek

    You had 8 years of “atonement”. Conservatives turn now.

  • sanford paris

    SEPTEMBER 8, 2016 6:59 AM 268
    UC Berkeley Offers Class in Erasing Jews From Israel, Destroying Jewish State.

    I, for one, am not upset that the University of California, Berkeley is offering an anti-Israel course so biased that it mocks the very purpose of a university.

    Typically, in the leftist-dominated university, the prevailing paradigm of the Arab-Israeli conflict is that Israel is the last bastion of British imperialism and needs to be eradicated, with every Jew either thrown into the sea or sent back to Europe.

    Hey what’s wrong with that? Might as well support Hillary and Trump. Too bad these students and faculty weren’t around n 1933. Could have supported Hitler. Either way, America would be rid of the heads up their ass Liberals.

  • Ricki Deane

    follow the money

  • getjune

    That this “course” would come to be seen as an offering by a state supported institution is beyond comprehension!

  • Gabi

    Just now arrived to read the stupid decision of such a well-known universityBut on the same time very glad to read that that they changed mind, and save the university from blame.
    Tel Aviv,Israel

  • Joseph Biener

    This was inevitable. If you look back to the principles that the Progressive movement was built on, the only thing it could possibly lead to is violent fascism. It has taken 100 years, but we are seeing the Progressive movement reach it zenith and destroying itself. The problem is going to be the enormous collateral damage that will occur as progressives go down in flames.

  • Old_SAer

    Didn’t Hitler want to exterminate the Jews?

  • lawmanjed

    Absolutely. Both parties are corrupt, with only a few exceptions.

  • Rudy

    How ignorant these liberals are. Israel is a sovereign legal state. Jews have done more to benefit mankind than any other race. You intolerant racist deserve to be raped and have your heads cut off by Muslims. Islam is not a religion nor is it peaceful. If Islam was peaceful there would be peace in the middle east. It’s not only Israel, Muslims intent is to take over the world. They are already trying to put Sharia Law in this country. Berkley should be defunded.

  • Moshe Pipik

    Screw the universities and screw the arabs.. Jews will not leave israel before the world is on fire from 400 hydrogen bombs via the Samson option.

    I hope berkely is on the list .

  • trump blast

    So socialism is progressive ??? I think its not as it takes away freedom !!! And the right tries to protect individual freedoms over the forcing of everyone to dance to the same tune !!

  • backrow

    It never ceases to amaze me the number of people that profess to be peaceful, want to kill all of those that disagree with them.

  • Reina Rose

    Heritage-illiterate Jews, virtually all of them liberals and leftists, will hasten to separate themselves from Israel because they will want to “belong” to the group they perceive to be the intellectual elite. This was all part of the plan. Our enemy is smart in some ways. Any young Jews reading this – wake up, before it’s too late. Once your homeland is gone and you are in a weakened state, your enemies (who are currently posing as your friends) will kill you without blinking an eye.

  • PhillipNagle

    “Typically, in the leftist-dominated university, the prevailing paradigm of the Arab-Israeli conflict is that Israel is the last bastion of British imperialism…..” – Strange claim since Israel would have captured Judea and Sumeria in 1948 had it not been for the Jordanian army which was little more than a British colonial army complete with British officers.

  • Alex David

    The author is a great writer. Fluid prose, easy to understand and exhibits excellent grammar.

  • hashimoto

    & they wonder why the world hates Muslims

  • carpe diem 36

    It is amazing that it is their so called President who is doing the destruction of what used to be called the Democrat party. I have much joy in seeing how he and Hillary are doing the destruction without any help. Of course Trump was only the match but the voters were the striking force. Halleluya!!!

  • carpe diem 36

    Why is it that all my comments are subject to approval, and only mine. Amazing!!

  • carpe diem 36

    It is amazing that it is their so called President who is doing the destruction of what used to be called the Democrat party. I have much joy in seeing how he and Hillary are doing the destruction without any help. Of course Trump was only the match but the voters were the striking force. Halleluya!!!

  • carpe diem 36

    It is amazing that their so called President who is doing the destruction of what used to be called the Democrat party. I have much joy in seeing how he and Hillary are doing the destruction without any help. Of course Trump was only the match but the voters were the striking force. Halleluya!!!

  • carpe diem 36

    Of course the only place he could call home is the Berkeley campus. Nothing good ever came out of that cesspool of what they call a “university”, that has absolutely no resemblance to any other university on earth. Just despicable.

  • Bruce Hopkins

    So, all I have to do to get a cushy university job is to go out in the street and bad-mouth Jews. And people think there’s no jobs to be had!

  • Avinatan52

    hillary voters

  • Jack Thomas

    Does not anyone else note that most of the ‘leftists’ leading the anti-Israel assaults

    are Jews? …a truly bizarre situation. Most have friends, associates, and relatives living in Israel, yet continue to support either the two state verdict, or destruction of Israel itself. An absolutely bizarre ideology evidently drives these flagellants. Please, someone. Explain it to me!

  • Guthrum

    Just think. This professor and his hatred are being paid for with taxpayer money .

  • TamarindWalk

    Bravo for the university and for freedom of thought and speech in the United States.
    Americans are be holding to no foreign state.

    • Abby

      Great. The freedom to spread anti semitic propaganda and lies. A great American value.

    • GymMom66

      Thank you for demonstrating the level of intelligence and education found in most of the anti-Israel mobs.

      The word you were looking for is “beholden”, not “be holding”.

      But that is typical – people who know nothing of the real history of the region, nor of the current political realities, criticizing the situation based on propaganda and “gut feelings”, not facts.

      The US actually benefits enormously from its relationship with Israel, both in terms of commerce, and in terms of cooperation in scientific research, and in terms of military intelligence that Israel shares with us.

  • Geraldine Mhoskowitz

    The most depressing part of this is that the lawyer who fought for this course to be reinstated is a Jewish alumni.

  • Geraldine Mhoskowitz

    Berkeley reinstated it. Get your information correct.

    • TamarindWalk

      And thank goodness it did!

  • Dixon

    Well, God says those who are against Israel will be severely judged. I would not want to be part of Berkeley.

  • I think Abe Miller had a valid message. The more these
    haters carry on, people of quality who stand for the
    truth, see through them. The truth will come through. I feel that those who have been raising a voice in the
    universities and elsewhere against the lies and hate have
    made a positive effect.

  • carla

    The course was SUSPENDED. Thank you for making us aware so that we could properly go through the channels to STOP such bigotry. Berkeley did the right thing by suspending the course and not tolerating such hate.

  • I disagree. I am afraid no good will come of this. Extremes in most cases produce extremists. You would hope that these extremists would as you stated, “undermine their own legitimacy and their bogus claims of serving a societal good or promoting civic virtue.”

    Perhaps you have more faith in society than I do but the presidential election has shown me that you cannot count on society to recognize the difference between what is legitimate and what are the rantings of a biased uninformed individual. A charismatic individual can create havoc and bring a civilization to their knees all the while convincing them it’s for the greater good.

    • I am grateful to Abraham Miller for bringing this to our attention but agree with you that it will bring legitimacy to extemists.

    • Eliane Orleans

      I agree with Abraham Miller although I think the Allgemener (why this German name for an Israeli (or Zionist ?) paper is biased as ever in their description of this or any situation.
      Mainly because I personnaly used that tactic some 50 years ago : I am a conference interpreter who was working at a big “non-aligned” countries” meeting in Casablanca and had to translate a speech into French, for a large African audience, describing the Israelis and Jews in general as bloodthirsty criminals with daggers between their teeth and other violent actions. I decided, against usual protocol enjoining interpreters to take a neutral tone and language in order to temper insulting language as prescribed at the UN, to render very exactly in tone and choice of words the expression of hatred and ridiculous assertions. My thought was that any somewhat intelligent listener would understand the unbelievable depiction and laugh it off as any sentient person should and surely would. It was effective as some friends could attest from reading many incredulous faces in the audience.
      This is my little stone to the elaboration of the tactic to adopt in face of outrageous events.

  • Arthur

    The discredited Goldstone Report is one of the required readings. They might as well assign the Protocols. It’s got to be legitimate and reliable if your professor assigns it.

    You’d also think a college instructor would know how to use a simple word like “vocabulary” and its various forms.

  • Nick

    Bazian’s class should be joined by a group of students prepared to honor him at the beginning of each class by jumping to their feet, thrusting their right arm into the traditional salute, and shouting “Yavol mein Fuhrer”. Any attempt he might make to have them disciplined would create a furor that might lead to the rapid end of his career.

  • Jerry Alter

    Sometimes the world gives birth to people with ‘0’ IQ Those that are too stupid to know they are stupid. The Jewish people have a word for them. PUTZ.
    They have been after the Jews for 3000 years, what makes people think anything changes.

  • Pam

    A bit on this history of this gaining movement. We cannot sit back and allow it to progress. These people are not stupid, they are precision focused on eliminating Israel, and doing through the most respected universities.. Not your traditional jihadist.. more in line with Germanys final solution.

    • Elsagav Shaham


  • Linda

    Planting trees in Israel today. You’ve got to be taught to hate and Berkley is a master at this.

  • This is par for the course, more hatred spewed from the UC Berkeley faculty. During WWII, Hitler tried to kill all the Jews but only managed to kill half of us. Now the world, including America’s leading universities, want to rid the world of the only Jewish country. It’s the size of Rhode Island it’s so ridiculously small but the liberals do not want to share the world with us Jews.

    • If there was a law against slander, this would be on top of the list. There is more and more hate being spewed in America then ever. F…k them.

    • MsClair

      Liberals? Why are we singled out as not wanting to share the world with Jews? Honestly, the subject of who wants to share what with whom is better illustrated by what’s going on in the Middle East today, going back to the establishment of the Jewish State. The Arabs/Muslims don’t want to share ANYTHING with Jews. I don’t see the Arabs/Muslims as being liberal. Certainly not progressive. You must be confusing groups and/or labels.

      • T-900

        @MsClair :

        I don’t think he us confusing groups or labels .
        A course like this takes place at a *liberal* university.

        You may not have noticed , but it is at *liberal* uni’s and collages that invited speakers get dis-invited the most .

        You may also not have bothered to noticed that apart from sounding cool , the “progressives” are more the intellectual kin of the Tea Party then anything else… — with narrow minded thinking that is utterly unaccepting of different POV’s .

        Republicans are just as valid as Democrats ?
        That’s crazy talk to progressives .

        European Union ? Yey !
        Brexit ? WTF ???

        Obama ? Best thing ever !!!
        (despite the country getting torn apart by racial tensions under his watch)

        Muslims ? Always victims / minority .
        (despite there being 1.6 Billion of them — and them being the most violent religion out of about 10.000 religions on the planet)

        I could go on , but I’ve got the feeling that I’m not talking to someone who’s ever asked himself “what if I’m wrong ?” — like ever .

  • DrB

    Interesting to read the syllabus. I would be impressed if someone took the course, did the work and submitted a final paper that rebutted the entire premise. There is of course one obvious problem with the entire concept: the so-called Palestinians are not in occupied territory, they are self governing. I say so-called, because legally the term Palestinian was used to denote the native Jewish population. I know many Jews, among them my late father-in-law, with Palestinian passports. So who are these squatters and beggars anyway? And why hasn’t any Muslim country absorbed these people? Oh, I actually know that answer to that one: they are better educated with better jobs and a better standard of living than any but the most wealthy in any other Muslim country! Ouch.

  • Carter

    …but it’s Donald Trump who’s the anti-Semite racist. I’m enjoying watching the left implode lately.

    • MsClair

      That’s because your right imploded long before. We’re not imploding. We’re just swimming against the tide of anti-progressive rightwing stupidity & horrible policies. Don’t be so smug. The right has much to atone for.

  • Noam A.

    I oppolgize for spelling mistakes, english is not my first language.

    Every time this issue arrises- Jews verses palastinians and Bds and everything else…I am amzed to see how the simple truth is left behind and forgutten.
    It is not a legend nor is it a tale of a forgutten era… palastinians is a term which was given to the people who lived in palastine under the British mandate. In their own documants the British governers called the people palasrinian jews or palasrinian muslims and even palastinien christians. The palastinian muslims came from all over the middle east-Syria, Egypt, Jordan, Iraq etc…and still have families who live there. The Arab countries around Israel were created and borders were drawn not to long ago after the British colonies stoped existing. Whenbthe state of Israel was established a muslim state was supposed to be built side by side but muslim leadership and countries didnt agree and called all muslims to leave the area and that they will win it back for them and kick all jews out of the new born state of israel.

    I can go on and on… I can give numerus examples of Jewish-muslim-christian co exustance in the state of Israel. I can also write and share links to musl organizations which call for the distraction of Israel and all western civilization…

    The main problem is that the truth is covered by so many layers of lies and diseption duch as this academic class and yhe more this type of things happen the truth becomes a legend and evantually forgutten.

    • Skipper 47

      Well put

  • Bill

    So what happened to the “safe zones and the “micro aggression” on university campuses. Hate groups who continue to organize on college campuses. Now we have credited courses that promotes hate. Hypocrisy on college campuses are at it all time high.

  • Caterina Farkash

    What a shame !!!!!!!!

    I am learning every day some more shamefull behaviour, thinking , doings of the big state I considered somehow normal, equilibrated US : – ((((((((((((((((((((( You can tell this Bazian – so caled “human beeing” – that WE ARE NOT GOING ANYWHERE !!!!!!!!!! After 2000 years we can defend ourselves – and SO WILL WE DO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! For begining – go and learn some true history …….

  • Kevin Frederick

    I will support all that Israel does, but the Bible is clear, I will Bless those who bless you, and curse those who curse you. Any person and any country, that has come against Israel gets destroyed, hang on folks, and lets let God do his handy work! So were clear, I would defend Israel with my life, I am not Jewish, I am a Christian, shalom.

  • Eli

    I read the link (PDF) at the top of the article, and failed to find any phrases that support the title of the article.

    • Arthur

      What the fish do you think “de-colonialize” means?

    • Art art

      Decolonial Horizons ???

  • Sorry but the Jews have been in Israel much longer than even the existence of Britain. Where you get your assinine ideas from is just crazy.

  • I dont understand how Israel is still accepting extensions of Berkeley studies.

  • Miles H

    who do we call

  • Naomi

    I was very unhappy to read this article. This method will not accomplish anything helpful to allay fears and tensions between Israelis and Palestinians.It is extreme and biased.Hope the course is canceled.

  • Josh

    FYI- course title and syllabus are linked to article

    Despicable course!

  • crowbar

    I think there are several way to teach this scumbag how to behave in the country that allowed his entry and gave him an academic degree, most probably for nothing:
    1. Deprive him of professorship and deport him to any Arab country of his choice.
    2. Put him in prison first for suppressing in a violent way freedom of speech at the universities. Do the i.1 after his jail time.

    Berkeley has become lair of the Palestinian rats and they misuse the American freedom. Throw them out of the country!
    Can you imagine what will be happening when this SOB Obumba brings thousands of his muslim brothers, “refugees”, into this country?

    • MsClair

      We’re creating Muslim refugees. It’s only fitting that we take some in. Doesn’t that sound logical? More logical would be America getting out of the Middle East altogether, but there’s too much $$$ to made making war, growing poppies, and entertaining Saudi Arabia.

      I find it interesting that since Obama was elected POTUS, so many of you deride him for his perceived Muslim connections. But when the Bush family mafia occupied the White House from 1989-1993, then from 2001-2009, with their intimate long-standing ties to the Saudi Royal family (ALL Muslim, if you didn’t notice back then) nary a word from any of you. Not a peep.

      This extensive war, fomented as it was by the Bush Clan, has created massive amounts of refugees. But you blame Obama for this fall-out. Gotcha.

      • Pauline Jury

        Call me naive, but wasn’t it “the Arab Spring” that caused the mayhem in Syria? The same Arab Spring that started in Tunisia with a young stall holder setting himself on fire, after the”correction police” accosted him?… the same Tunisia,now even more! Islamic. Still might be naive, but don’t believe they needed any help from the West to create their own crap.

      • Pauline Jury

        I will try again! Call me naïve, but wasn’t it “the Arab Spring” that created and caused the mayhem in Syria? I don’t believe it started with Syria being bombed by America? The same Arab Spring that started in Tunisia when a young stall holder set himself on fire, when the”correction police” accosted him. It hasn’t been successful in Tunisia,or Eygpt I don’t believe.I think the Arab nations are quite capable of creating their own problems…just like anyone else!
        To say it’s all the West’s fault is treating them like children. Rather condescending!

  • What I don’t see mentioned here is the fact that this is a course offered by students with a faculty sponsor. The student-generated courses are in a program called DeCal. Dr. Bazia’s history and anti-Israel, anti-Semitic activities in Northern California (at S.F. State Univ. and UC Berkeley, as well as other venues) are well documented. The fact that this is not a course in the university proper being taught by a professor is technically a horse of a different color, but the fact that it appears under the aegis of the university and the UC system is still a significant fact. I and others I know who are alumni of UC Berkeley, as well as parents of UC graduates, are writing to the chancellor, who, unfortunately, is a lame duck. The Hillel director of UC Berkeley suggests that we don’t make this a national/widespread issue in that it might draw more students to sign up for the class due to its high profile. Good advice? I’m not sure. Let’s do what we can and see what happens.

  • Trevor M

    I am not sure I agree with the author this is a left versus right issue. Political thinking on both sides o that artificial divide should find this unacceptable.

    Sitting and waiting for the collapse of these institutions to happen will achieve nothing.

    Universities rely on corporations and individuals for a large portion of their funding. Pressure on these institutions and individuals to withdraw their funding may have the desired impact.

  • Rafael Gabai

    Thank you for the email.
    Please note:
    I am a graduate of UCB . I remember at that time I was a graduate
    student studying structural engineer. I ultimately was one of structural engineer who designed WALTER REED HOSPITAL.
    Remember they were not supporting Israel then and not supporting today. Instead UCB was supporting BLACK PANTERS WHAT DO YOU EXPECT? tHEY ARE WAY TO THE LEFT AND LIBERAL.

  • I couldn’t agree more. In some perverted way, this is good news. No hiding how they really feel. They want us dead. Simple and straightforward truth. No double talk.
    If you hate Jews, UC Berkely is the place for you.

    But I have a surprise as do most Jews and especially Jewish Israelis:
    We are fighters. So be careful what you wish for. We didn’t survive the Holocaust to go down easily.

  • Max

    Cal is out of their minds to foster this anti-semitism. What these folks do not get is the spiritual implications of a spiritual story started 4000 years ago with Abraham. In the Book of Amos chapter 9 it says:13 “The days are coming,” says the Lord, “when the man who plows will catch up with the man who gathers. The man who crushes the grapes will catch up with the man who plants the seed. The mountains will drip sweet wine, and all the hills will flow with it. 14 And I will return My people Israel to their riches. They will build again the cities that have been destroyed, and live in them. They will plant grape-fields and drink their wine. And they will make gardens and eat their fruit. 15 I will plant My people on their land. And they will never again be pulled up from the land I gave them,” says the Lord your God.

  • Wrong question, this is all illegal, why no enforcement

    • Nov

      This is to show that intelligence of people is not by the number of degrees they have, this article clearly show that idiot are plentiful in one of the highest academic college in the world. I do not know what the class regulations are but Berkeley clearly need to reconsider how it got approved in the first place

    • John

      California … The whole damned state is screwed by idiots, from the Governor on down.

  • Yoseph

    Interesting theory, but it was probably the same theory held by Jews in Europe in the 1930s. The spread of anti-semitism alone is not enough to spark outrage. Seems like people would rather lie to themselves than take action… Until it’s too late.

  • Patrick Weiss

    NO. We need information from muckrakers on where to complain to. And effectively protest to via organizations, petitions etc to express our dislike of Israel and Jew hate. Articles that stir up discontent but do not offer an effective way to combat Israel and Jew hate. Do nobody any good. Accept Algemeiner who makes money off it. We need to learn/ organize ways to shut down Israel and Jew hate. Just like BDS has learned and organized how to shut us down. Otherwise vetching online does nobody any good.

  • Paul Stein

    I am truly ashamed of the University of California system for letting this level of political correctness come to exist. It is unfortunate that my tax dollars are funding this spewer of disinformation.

  • Jackie Williams

    When Christians and Jews stop attending this University, it may hit them where it hurts, financially.

  • Joan

    Is it possible for the university to offer a course presenting the Israeli point of view?

    • Arthur

      No. Someone can plan one and the university would probably ok it to show how fair they are, but there would be protests that will physically prevent it from actually proceeding. Anyone who wasn’t bullied out of the community for signing up or trying to teach it, and then succeeded in muscling their way through the protests that will block access to the building, would still find that noise and disruption would prevent the lectures and discussions from proceeding.

      The spirit of the inquisitions has been kept alive over the centuries, from Roman Catholic Europe, to Salem, to McCarthy, to BDS and the rest of the “intersectionality” agenda. (Many other stops along the way omitted.) Think “correctly” — or at least don’t let anything you say give some teenager the suspicion you do not — or get hauled before committees, be shamed by thousands of strangers on social media, and lose certain types of jobs.

  • zadimel

    Is it really difficult to print the remaining 49 comments? Or are you confirming and supporting the ant-Semitic hatred of Bazian,whose course would have been welcomed in Nazi Germany.

    • zadimel

      Oops, the “ant” should have been “anti.”

  • Mike Lorrey

    People should protest by showing up for the class in nazi unifotms

  • Joe Serhan

    This is full of lies and poison, first, nobody say or said that all jews will be pushed into the sea or sent back to Europe or wherever.
    Second, no body say or said that Israel must be destroyed.
    Third, actual Palestinians are descendants of many races, but I am sure mostly Hebrews who converted to Islam or to Christianity with a big part who remained Jews or came back to Palestine and lived there with no problems for centuries.

    • Sarah

      “or came back to Palestine and lived there with no problems for centuries.” I would respectfully suggest you read up on Jewish history in Palestine. There were problems constantly, severe enough to warrant flight, threats to convert or die, pogroms, blood libels, excessive taxation, enforced poverty, degrading humiliating treatment of Jews, violence against Jews.

    • B Gold

      Wrong. If Palestinians were converted jews, they wouldn’t be crying and saying poor me. They’d be winnine Oscars and curing diseases and inventing electric cars.

    • Arthur

      The syllabus says the region must be de-colonialized, and explores how. Sorry if you can’t understand the newspeak, but the article is accurate (if a little shrill).

  • H

    I appreciate your work and the article. I do have one problem with it–is that the author thinks that these ridiculous courses will lead to the downfall of UC Berkeley or at least this movement. I think many of us feel helpless with this issue, but it is real. Many graduate from these Universities and are sympathizers to SJP and BDS, if not supporters. I recently posted an article about SJP/BDS running a law student out of UCLA–and the responses from some Jews were that they –the readers, were victims from the anti-SJP/BDS writings. They are creating a whole generation of people that don’t think Israel has a right to exist!!!

    The bottom line–this is real, our students are being brainwashed by educators–both non-Jews and Jews that don’t believe that Israel has a right to exist. (I went to an event sponsored by a Jewish Center at UCLA–in which both academic professors present their work with the agenda to take down Israel–and without a scientific basis.) Students in their classes look up to their teachers and often their views. And prospective professors, if they don’t share the same values, don’t get promoted in these very competitive positions!!!

    I appreciate the article, how do we create this outrage from within the University setting!! After being in academia for a few years–in another field, I have learned how ‘the truth’ and what is right can so easily be changed. The people that assume that everyone else is outraged, don’t see this are the ones that take their own value/educational foundation for granted.

    This reality is a hard one to swallow–but it isn’t going away so easily. Universities are surrounded by their own culture that will protected…it has to change from within.

    • .
      That is an interesting concept: “academic professors present their work with the agenda to take down Israel–and without a scientific basis.”

      Everything depends on definitions, of course. The European terrorists who invaded the Levant in the 1930’s and 1940’s had no “scientific basis” for “taking down” the indigenous people of Palestine. Let’s provide some science here.
      Arthur Koestler was a Jewish writer whose first languages were Hungarian and then German. He only wrote in English after 1940 and his English writing is so good that it makes me jealous. Koestler hoped to reduce racism in Europe by pointing out that Ashkenazi Jews are mostly descended from Europeans. DNA testing reveals that, in fact, they are 15 percent Semitic in their origins and 85 percent “other European.” Israeli-born Jewish researcher Dr. Eran Elhaik attempted to validate Koestler’s hypothesis that German Jews originated in Khazaria, which is currently the Ukraine, but as far as I have read his writings, he could neither prove nor disprove this because there are no definitive genetic markers for the Khazar population. Koestler, however, provides so much historical documentation that his ideas are almost impossible to refute.
      Genetic testing of the so-called “Palestinian Arabs” reveals that they are 85 percent Jewish by ancestry and 15 percent Arabic. The Zionist state and its founders have been systematically terrorizing and eradicating them since the mid-1930’s. Curiously, a people who are 15 percent Semitic are genociding a group which is 100 percent Semitic and claiming that people who object to this practice are “anti-Semitic,’ when the opposite seems to be true.
      Other DNA results are available to substantiate other issues but what it comes down to is that if God gave The Promised Land to Abraham and his descendants, the indigenous Palestinians have every right to it and the European organized crime groups like The Stern Gang and Irgun have no right to take it from them.

      • Sarah

        “Arthur Koestler was a Jewish writer” Yes, he was–and his thesis was to prove Jews were “Europeans” so to negate widespread European antisemitism. Historians and geneticists alike have debunked his theories. Jews are more closely related to each other than to Europeans despite separation of time and distance, e.g. Ashkenazi Jews are more closely related to Mizrachi Jews than to Europeans.

      • Bella

        FIY Israel was established in 1948 by a UN resolution. So the Zionist state could not eradicate the “poor” Palestinians who were not even exist in 1930. They were Arabs but not Palestinians. This is a new term. In 1929 it was Arabs who slottered Jews in Hebron and Jerusalem.
        The Arab countries decided not to accept the UN resolution in 1948 and invaded the new ting state of Israel to eradicate Jews from the region! They are trying to do it until today with no successes and they will never do!!!!!!

      • shelley

        Amazing how one can take any piece of research/literature and twist it to back up their anti Israel-anti Jewish rhetoric. The land of Israel will accept any Jewish person who wishes to return to the land. Nearly 2 million people live in the land of Israel who are not Jewish and hold all the rights and responsibilities of full citizens. One criteria-you have to recognize her right to exist and not plan for her annihilation. That prevalent attitude of hatred is what prevents peace, not your inverted lack of logic and not indigenous peoples occupying a small peace of land in the Levant.

      • Richard Sandler

        You really seem to go nowhere with your attempt to conclude that the term anti-Semitism is being used against the Semites, who you say are the Arabs. Well the term “anti-Semite was coined in Germany in the year 1879 by Wilhelm Marr to refer to anti-Jewish manifestations of the period. It has nothing to do with DNA and Race.

    • Ahuva Kapon

      I totally agree. It’s very dangerous to assume that this attitude will comsume itself and the univ. which houses it. People can be easily brainwashed and false, myths without any historical foundation, can easily establjshed as truth – the line of action proceeding might be a direct fall into abyss with ticket back.

  • I think someone should hire a private investigator and find out where his funding comes from and expose him as an agent of the PLO or whoever is paying him off. This is obscene.

    • Devora, You know when American Jews will begin to understand what you are saying ??? When will begin to slaughter them in the name of Allah … like France for example.
      Then they will pack up their bags and run to Israel …
      Until then, they will continue to play her, bleeding-heart liberals …..

    • Without research,from many anti-Israel groups and from a lot of self-hating American Jews
      George Soros, for example ….American Jew billionaire, known for his extreme liberal views…..

  • melonheadjones

    “it would have been helpful for the article to have contained the course title, the credits offered, the dept under which it is offered, and the name of the dept chair.”

    As well as when and where it meets.

    • Josh P.

      It’s in the link at the beginning of the article:

    • Kathy Blakeslee
    • In the article there is a link to that information. It is a “student-run class”, and he is the “faculty sponsor”. It is part of something called “De-Cal” and is probably not for academic credit but it isn’t clear.

  • Bravo for calling a spade a spade.

  • Richard Lavin

    I won’t repost the link to your article not because I disagree with you, but because your journalism is lazy. What is the name of this alleged anti-Israel class? How does faculty sponsor differ from teacher. What exactly is Mr. Bazian’s position at the university?

    • Jason

      If you bothered to follow the hyperlinks in the article you’d get right to the syllabus- who is lazy?

    • Jake

      Richard, look for hyperlinks. It’s in the first paragraph and leads here:

    • Follow the link in the 1st paragraph, it has the full course including everything you need to know.

  • Dani

    Excellent article. The good news is that not all leftists are yet full-time palestinean terror supporters and there is a lot of work to be done on that grown. The bad news is that the same toxic narrative has been spread all over the Word and not only in the US.

  • Gloria dinstman

    Heinous and disgraceful!!! This is what Berkeley teaches…. hate!!

    • F. Silver

      Sadly, not only at Berkeley, but this is happening on many campuses all over the USA!

  • Gloria dinstman

    Heinous and a disgrace!!! This is how we teach, to hate??

  • Heidi Rechteger

    I would encourage many Jewish students to take this course, fill the classroom, educate the other students in the room and shut down the lies of the instructor. If they’re worried about a poor grade, they should audit the class.

    • Caterina Farkash

      Thanks Heidi – you are absolutely right !!!!!

  • Kathy jassem

    This is a disgrace and would not be tolorated if there were similar rhetoric on destroy British made Jordan or any other country! This is not free speech this is Hate and Antisemitis

  • Worthless people

    Let’s make a college class on how all these countries owe the Jews lots of money from all the times they kicked them out of there country and stole all there possessions.and retribution sfor all the murders these country’s have done.

  • How can I meet him ?We can talk but his jaw will be broken

  • This is the reason why Israel should be exist. Exactly because of anti-Semites like these

  • Arthur Weiss

    I strongly disagree with the conclusion of this article.

    There is a difference between the hard sciences and the humanities. The hard sciences require evidence to back up claims that can be unequivocally demonstrated. Humanities depends much more on opinion – and if the balance of opinion slides in a certain way, anybody who opposes that won’t move up in the academic world. So opinion will continue to flourish against historical fact.

    Even in the hard sciences, opinion often beats fact. Russian biological science was held back for a generation by Lysenkoism that only completely ended in 1964 (i.e. after almost 40 years). In the US, the “intelligent design” (ID) movement is actively trying to demonise evolution as a scientific idea – by making ID equal to it. It’s (as far as I’m aware) not yet made headway into the university sector – but it’s trying and has made headway into schools. Then there are the lies put out by Andrew Wakefield that has led to the anti-vaccination movement. Wakefield was seen as a “scientist” and his first articles were published in Lancet. Another example where damage was done in the sciences is on the heritability of IQ – and the “work” of Sir Cyril Burt. This was shown to have been falsified – but still impacts any work on the inheritance of IQ, even today.

    So if false ideas can influence sciences to this extent – damaging a discipline for decades, how much more so in the less empirical subjects such as the humanities.
    Hence this new “course” at UC Berkeley is not something to be dismissed as likely to go away. Each student who attends will become an advocate to the ideas expressed – and when opponents try and explain historical truth (e.g. that the Palestinians have no connections to the Philistines – and in fact, many moved into the area taking advantage of an improved economy in the 20th century), they will be dismissed as racist, spreading false “knowledge” and worse.

    If such courses are allowed to spread, they will further change perceptions and lead to the genocide of all Jews in Israel – and likely elsewhere too – including those born there, who have lived there for generations and who have never had a connection to Europe (as many of these anti-Israel pundits love to claim). Perhaps then, people will recognise the falseness of the ideas but by then it will be too late! It’s not science that will get hurt, but real, living, breathing people!

    • Arthur

      The students at these highly-selective, elite universities will literally be the leaders of the future.

      They will be the legislators, judges, and wealthy business people who influence policy.

      What’s going on in these schools is disgusting beyond words, but the real danger is that the next political class will have been permeated to the core by false histories, an Orwellian “set of vocabularies” (as per the syllabus) that at best is stripped of meaning and at worst forecloses one from having the tools to express opposing views, and a culture where vicious bigotry is acceptable, as long as it is only directed at selected targets.

      And ultimately, this is why the West and its 500 year-old cultural tradition will succumb.

  • Agreed. Totally correct.

  • nat cheiman

    Is America getting more stupid or do muslims now control syllabae?

  • Michelle Albagli

    I trust that Jewish alumni, as well as other moral graduates of this illustrious institution, will now be directing their charitable donations elsewhere.

  • Katarina Williams


  • Michelle Albagli

    I presume that Jewish alumni, together with other moral graduates of this illustrious institution, will now be directing their charitable donations elsewhere.

  • Leslie Benjamini

    Brilliant article. I hope Professor Miller is correct, the sooner it happens the better.
    Everyday in every way the world gets more & more insane. I feel more & more like Alice who fell down the Rabbit Hole. It’s very unsettling.

    • Amir

      Hi just wondering if we are family … I’m Amir & same last family

      • Bob

        She has no family!

    • B Gold

      …. brilliant article? How about we make a class supporting the September 11th attacks and why thET are justified.

  • What a tragedy.Eventually those who teach hate become victims of there own ideology.
    Such was the down fall of nazism and other totalitarian regimes in the past and so will become of UC Berkley.

  • richard sherwin

    anyone done any research on post likud peace now israelis intersectionaling with berkleys (and the U of C in general) past israel haters to foster the present anti jewish /zionist/ likud /bibi BDS populist pagan rebellion against fact, let alone truth, let alone ‘deity’. ignore history, there, it’s been revised to be judenrein. liberal, pure of hand heart and mind. come to think of it, who in berkely anyway needs a mind.

  • Joseph

    As an Ivy Leaguer back in the 1960’s we thought UC Berkeley was the a__hole of the universe. It seems nothing much has changed!

  • Liz Crawford

    Ha! From the syllabus: “Electronics Policy. No electronic devices may be used during class. No photographs, videos, or voice recordings are permitted. Violating this rule may result in your removal from the course. Note: those with appropriate DSP accommodations are exempt.”

    I BET. They don’t want the hate to be documented… Astonishing. “Decolonization alternatives.”

    Really? Sounds like Orwellian for “Final Solution”…

  • stevenl

    So Berkeley is offering a course on how to practice
    Hate, ignorance, xenophobia, racism etc.
    And the most remarkable is that the state tolerates this insanity.
    Pr. Trump should consider the possibility of accepting the transfer of Taliban and other Islamic fanatics to the CA University system where they can create as many immigrant camps as they wish. Just like the mayor of Paris who has decided to create camps in the middle of Paris for the immigrants

  • How about changing the paradigm? Let’s stop calling them “leftists” – how about calling them what they really are: neo-fascist, hate mongering, RIGHT wing slugs? That should please them. Because in my book, a “leftist” stands for social justice, peace, equality, intelligent and polite discourse, learning, understanding, respectful criticism, incisive analysis of a situation, and of course concern for the under-privileged which is conveniently and cynically used by these groupings as a false flag. Not ONE of these attributes characterize even one iota of their agenda.

    • Israeli

      Thank you Larry. Here’s one comment I agree with 100%! Let’s call it what it really is! Fascism, Fascism, FASCISM! This is not a ‘leftist’ opinion by any stretch of imagination

  • I remember Bazian from when I attended San Francisco State. He is a slime, was spreading anti-Israel hate while still a student at UCSF, continuing it on the Berkeley campus, and into the classroom. There is no talking to him. He is right and YOU (whoever the You is) is wrong and must be a Big Bad Zionist if you don’t agree that Israel is responsible for every problem at least since the Civil War.

  • helios

    Typical of UC Berkeley. This is the same university that forced students to be subjected to a doddering, senile old fool who claimed that “The Holocaust was a lie created by the Hollywood Jews to promote the Zionist Agenda” to become History majors, who also graded not on the quality of arguments, but on how closely you mirrored his sentiments.

    As an alumni, I am often deeply ashamed by my alma mater.

  • Linda Golden

    The problem with Abraham Millers theories are that he gives American students too much credit for having a brain. The appalling lack of scholarship contributes to the dumbing down of entire graduating classes that believe a lot of the crap they learn from classes by leftist professors like this classic jerk teaching at UC. Contrary to what the author believes, I think just saying nothing makes a class such as this seem credible to the students that take it. I have no answers. I hope there are enough thinking students to be able to examine facts and think for themselves. However, seeing what passes for knowledge today on an American college campus leaves me very disheartened.

  • Hilltop Watchman

    Bazian knows EXACTLY what he is doing. He is cast in the same mould a Goebbels. I’d like to think that this blatantly fascist course will cause outrage, observations of reality say otherwise.

    This bike scumbag will have dozens, maybe hundreds of gullible, easily subverted, snowflakes pass through his lectures. They are no different from the common clay that formed a willing Hitler Youth and the SD.

    • Uri Ofri

      Totally agree.nothing is new under the sun.

  • Paul Larudee

    Dr. Miller is recognized as one of the world’s top practitioners of prevarication and improvisational mythology. We thank him for displaying his talent in this publication and wish him well in struggle to overcome obsessive genocidal disorder.

  • Lia

    Agreed, Dante! Does this uni receive federal support? Does the State support it financially? Do alumni donate to it? Do parents pay tuition fees for their children? These are all explorable ways to defund the place.

    • Nate Salant

      It is called the University of California at Berkeley for a reason: it is most definitely state-supported, and complaints about this course and the hatred it seeds should be sent to the Governor, state legislators, the state board that oversees higher education and every major advertiser with a billboard on the campus.

  • Aaron

    Try the link near the top of the article.

  • I wish there would be such an outrage, but unfortunately the zeal with which the American Left embraces the fiction pumped out by the propaganda machine of the Poor Persecuted Palestinian, while automatically eschewing any evidence to the contrary. I am embarrassed, yet not surprised.

  • Akiva kent

    Is there a letter writing or campaign

  • Yaakov

    Leftists and Marxists are always a convenient fall guy.

  • South Florida

    BHO. He alone has given a green light to the world’s haters to push, shove, shake up, and torment the Jewish people and their only homeland, Israel. BHO. What a curse he has been to so many peoples around the globe.

  • Elizabeth Hurwitz

    Thank you for posting this story.

  • Pam Self

    Thank you for exposing this monstrosity of a university posing as a legitimate education system! Parents should refuse to pay for Universites that undermine deliberately our constitution and promote Marxism. Tenure blasphemous lay given to these so called teachers should be retracted and they should be tossed in the dustbin of history!

  • excellent take-down of the reptile who blithely displays his appalling ignorance and hatred. one wonders if bazian knew more he could sustain his savage hatred. perhaps, he is not as ignorant and stupid as he appears; perhaps, he’s just an incorrigibly vile and hateful reptile. the better bet is that he is as ignorant and stupid as he appears.

    it would have been helpful for the article to have contained the course title, the credits offered, the dept under which it is offered, and the name of the dept chair.

    • Julie

      Would love to know where on fb we can make comments on this brain dead “intellectuals” philosophy. I would love to send him “love” comments.

    • David Rice

      Sorry, I don’t agree with you as I have watched the Progressive and Liberal colleagues of mine destroy Conservatives at the University. The youth of America are being brainwashed and the Establishment is behind this non-critical thinking. I think you are naive to believe that the system will cave in on itself, as history has shown how far this country has fallen in its ideals, philosophy, patriotism and standing in the world since the early 1990s. Even the progressive Jews are now behind the destruction of Israel, though their words differ from their actions.

      • Ashutosh Dube

        So destruction of a country is a progressive idea shared by all progressives people including progressive Jews? This is how leftists and fascists come on the same page. Hitler blamed Jew for every problem thinking in terms of sweeping generalization. Progressive of the day are on the same page with killers. Only that the leftists have succeeded in killing more people in history than the fascists and Nazis could kill in history.

    • cba

      Click the first link (the one with the text “is offering an anti-Israel course”) and you will go directly to the detailed course description. That contains all the information you requested and more.

    • Zvia Dover
    • Ronald A. West

      Nothing is done by universties, corporations, unions, nations,… it is done by individuals. Somebody does it. Somebody, by name does it, whether good or bad. Name them.

    • Atilla

      I wonder why the Mossad allows these anti-semitic filth to keep breathing .