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September 9, 2016 5:42 pm

Glenn Beck: Actor Mel Gibson Accused Jews of ‘Stealing’ His Movie

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Mel Gibson. Photo: Georges Biard / Wikipedia.

Mel Gibson. Photo: Georges Biard / Wikipedia. – Contentious actor and director Mel Gibson allegedly accused Jews of stealing an early copy of his immensely controversial 2004 movie, “The Passion of the Christ,” to use against him before its official release.

Conservative American television and radio personality Glenn Beck claimed this week that Gibson made the remarks in August, while the two men were having a discussion after a screening of Gibson’s latest film, “Hacksaw Ridge.”

According to Beck, Gibson said, “They [the Jews] actually went in and stole the movie.”

Many critics slammed “The Passion of the Christ,” which garnered $612 million in ticket sales, as antisemitic for depicting Jews in an unfavorable light and imposing responsibility on them for the crucifixion of Jesus.

Abraham Foxman, the former executive director of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), disputed the alleged claim of theft, saying a Jewish religious adviser on the movie had sent a version of the screenplay to the ADL, where a team of Jewish and Christian biblical scholars wrote a critique. According to Foxman, when Gibson received the ADL’s comments, he “went berserk and threatened to sue us, so we returned the script.”

Hours after Beck’s story was published last Friday on his website,, it was removed for revealing “details of an off-the-record conversation,” the Daily Beast reported on Thursday.

Gibson has opened himself up to charges of antisemitism on multiple occasions. Two years after the release of “The Passion of the Christ,” he went on an antisemitic verbal tirade when a Jewish police officer pulled him over for driving while intoxicated.

As a result of his anti-Jewish rhetoric, Gibson’s professional reputation has suffered considerably in recent years.


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  • Clif

    It is not like his movie departed so drastically from the already public-domain antisemitic Christian mythology.

  • Leonard D’Amico

    Gibson is a talentless hack. His only claim to fame is his rantings against Jews. How that fool – who seems to always be drunk and beating up women – can remain coherent enough to make a movie is anyone’s guess. I for one, will not waste my time or money to see what that filthy pig produces.

  • I have to believe M<r. Gibson the JDL and AIPAC seem to do what ever they want and get away with it. ie Fire Bombing Canadian home of Ernst Zündel and brag about it. That is a terrorist act! Stealing a movie they would not blink an eye. For some reason it appears to me when it comes to Jews there is no free speech. The movie sucked and I do not agree with Zundel however they still commit crimes.

    • shloime

      you mean ernst zundel, the holocaust-denying, joo-hater, neo-nazi pig, who was convicted in a german court?

      “a man is known by the company he keeps”.

  • Golum….

    …”Gibson’s professional reputation has suffered considerably in recent years.”…

    It didn’t just suffer…it totally disappeared!!!!…
    Don’t F*** with the Chosen People…we don’t like it!!!

  • God moves in mysterious ways. Rome has collapsed and Israel 1/3rd the Size of Florida is becoming a economic powerhouse. Maybe it was all the Jews dressed in Roman Uniforms running around the planet nailing people to Jewish crosses!!!

  • William C. McKee

    Mel Gibson was trying to be relevant by honoring his view of God.

    Glenn Beck was trying to be relevant (again) by offering his view of Mel Gibson playing off his view of a long ago establishment norm.

    Beck felt compelled to do this, since he was a part of an establishment, that a modern figure challenged — and displaced.

    And Jesus? The recurrent Jewish Messianic concept extending back to a serious prophecy of Moses. Who although he split the Red Sea, foresaw someone who spoke more directly for God than he ever did. Did Moses get too much volcanic gas when he went up the mountain? Or did God allow him to see things that even armies of scholars and authorities could never understand? What authority can judge the scope of one who you can only see the big toe of?

  • Jonah

    Glen beck should be charged with anti Semitism along with the state of Utah by promoting the no trump movement. Beck if you do not change your position on Trump you are truly a warshipper of your Mormon angel……Moron….i. You and your church are a 1000’times more dangerous to Israel than Mel Gibson because you and your kind will be respocible for putting Huma and Hilliary in office. If you accomplish this task we need to ban Mormon missionary’s from riding bicycles in any city of the U.S. Your church will be an anathema. And they will be hated by all the Christians in America. We have tolerated you and your Book of Mormon and the book of pearl along with the idiot who found special glasses and claims to have unearthed secret mysterious religious knowledge but if Hilliary gets in office we will call you out for what your religion is…nuts. You know Hillary is going to flood America with Syrians and they will be hunting Mormons. Can you follow that train of thought or has your rage against trump caused you to go mad.

  • joe quellman

    better bernie sanders, jill stein and/ or chomsky- not to disregard many congressional signatories of the iran nuke deal, to be this immutably hard core anti semite’s confidant.