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September 9, 2016 12:48 pm

Jewish Father Says Antisemitic Bullying No Longer Confined to College Campuses After Daughter Forced to Switch High Schools Over Harassment

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Marco Greenberg. Photo: Thunder 11.

Marco Greenberg. Photo: LinkedIn.

Antisemitic bullying is not confined to college campuses, a Jewish father cautioned in a New York Daily News op-ed on Thursday, after his daughter was forced to switch high schools when she came under vicious attack for connecting radical Islam with extremist behavior.

Marco Greenberg — president of a New York-based public relations firm — revealed his daughter’s experience while she was a student at Manhattan’s Beacon High School, warning of how “politically charged” disputes about Israel and Jews have “seeped down” to lower education institutions.

According to Greenberg, a mere two weeks after last November’s ISIS terrorist attacks in Paris, his daughter became the target of her peers after stating, “Religion in the extreme can cause violence and war. Just look at radical Islam.” 

“You say that in front of people of color,” one student challenged her. Another told Greenberg’s daughter, “I’m going to rearrange your face.” Shortly after that, her phone “exploded with a flurry of texts expressing revulsion [and] demands for apologies and ends to longtime friendships.”

Within 24 hours, Greenberg’s daughter’s Facebook page was flooded with antisemitic and anti-Zionist postings, such as “You white privileged Jewish b***h,” “Zionism is racism,” “We’re not your Arab slaves,” and “I’ve never hated someone in my life as much as you.”

“When she tried to draw on facts and reason, pointing out that most victims of jihadists are peace-loving Muslims — including innocent girls being molested and murdered by the likes of Boko Haram in Nigeria and the Taliban in Afghanistan — it only added fuel to the fire,” Greenberg wrote.

Making matters worse, when his daughter approached the school’s principal, “she admonished our daughter for being ‘very opinionated’ and refused to take any concrete action…meaning free ad hominem attacks or threats of physical assault,” Greenberg wrote.

The experience, Greenberg said, revealed how he was “naive about how much the worldview of many students today is limited to two measures: ethnic and economic, with kids suddenly adopting strident positions based on topics they barely comprehend.”

“While I truly want my daughter to understand and respect perspectives different from her own, when the very first book in the syllabus assigned for incoming freshman at Beacon High was on the Palestinian issue,” he wrote, “is it then any wonder that a Hebrew-speaking Jewish student gets intimidated and even demonized?”

Greenberg concluded his piece by slamming teachers and administrators for their “growing malignancy of complacency, looking the other way and even inciting aggression.” He called on parents to “pay attention” and “speak up.”

“If other such stories are swept under the rug, such incidents will grow, much personal pain and loss will ensue, divisions will increase,” he wrote, “and the main lesson we impart to our children will be indistinguishable from that of dictatorships: conform to groupthink and shut the hell up.”

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  • Crinedel

    But did he sue the principal? The school district? If not, he should!

  • Shmuel

    Jewish parents who surrender their children to the public schools are guilty of child abuse. Greenberg didn’t want to face this fact. So, as always happens with Jews who forget who they are, anti-Semitic goyim reminded him of it.

  • Evan Howard

    Anti-Semites who write things like “hebrew jewish folks” … “Duh-h-h-h!”

    • racy we

      First, get your daughter out of this school. She’s a kid and has to feel safe. These low lives are bullying her and threatening her life. They are low lives, not students if they threaten her with bodily harm. Black Lives Matter have aligned themselves with Palestinian propaganda. Take the principal to task. Hire a lawyer. Go to the ADL for help. Don’t let this go. Go to the Press; all newspapers. You must transfer her out, but this could follow her. Don’t think being silent will help. Get a copy of the books and curriculum N.Y.C. is teaching in the high schools. It’s revisionist history. We are paying for this with tax payer dollars and thousands of people will be behind you. Shutting up is not being politically correct. Your daughter has been threatened and these imbeciles could follow through. Where are the peace loving Muslims? Why aren’t they opening their mouths. Is it because silently they support them?

  • Vittorio

    Start teaching your kids Hebrew, because just like no one expected French Jews to move to Israel, it seems to me the US won’t escape the same (given how the Regressive Left in the US is still in denial and will probably remain there for a while).

    Of course, we can and should fight back, but we should not delude ourselves – just like in times before, haShem is telling us that it is time to start packing. It probably won’t be tomorrow, but we need to prepare and make it an orderly exodus, not a dash for the door.

    • Scott

      Vittorio, I often struggle with this. Part of me is very torn as I love America. It’s all I know and it is a land of opportunity. On the other hand, I’m absolutely astonished by the anti-Semitism couched as anti-Israel/anti-Zionist criticism I see on the Left, and it isn’t so much the marginal Left but the mainstream. I learn Hebrew everyday and my wife and I have a significant savings but having a kid here scares me. I don’t want my child subjected to this but is Israel safer surrounded by knuckle-dragging hordes who simply cannot accept Jews?

  • Aisha

    “Zionism is racism” came straight from Soviet pamphlets.

    It is very clear that antisemitism is on the march. Using Islam and the far-left as its shields.

  • Marion

    This is horrendous. My daughter is now a freshman at Beacon. Over the summer she was required to read a book about Iraq. I wondered about this. thank you for writing this – I will be more aware than ever – especially as her advisory class is led by the principal !


    Looks like the JDL is sorely needed. EVERY real Jewish should learn self defense (see: Krav maga) and aquire firearms training.

  • It’s important to recall that in 1921 Winston Churchill
    installed a new regime in Jordan specifically to create
    a Palestinian state

  • Arkadiy

    That’why we should vote for Mr. Trump! Unfortunately with our president, there is no more Respect, Tolerance, Freedom of of Speech (fo majorities), etc.

    And to avoid such problems with my kid, i’ve sent him to a private school. I’m not a millionaire and it was a tough decision for me, but at least he is not going to be exposed to so much liberal Bull S..t.

    • S.L. Rich

      I’m not sure that this is an altogether fair assessment. This student made an observation that stands up to any criticism on its own for reasonable people.
      I don’t see Greenberg as a whiner and we know nothing about his politics.
      In general terms I agree with you that (jewish) ideologues, the willing ignorant on matters of who did what to whom, what is justified and what is not, are punishing Jews and Zionists ferociously. the genocide going on in Syria means nothing in this scenario.
      And so it goes….
      And as for ADL—they should have been highly visible on campuses much earlier than they were. Instead they have become just another civil rights organizations .

  • brenrod

    these universalist disapora fool jews are always the last to wake up and smell the coffee…… the ADL has been fighting islamaphobia while leftists and muslims attack Jews. They will vote for the democrats when all of todays attacks on Jews in the USA originate with leftists and muslim voters of the democratic party. they will vote for those who attack their children because the snobs dont like Trump talk. Later like this parent they will whine about the attacks on their children by leftists, blacks and muslims… duh?????

  • Uyen

    “with kids suddenly adopting strident positions based on topics they barely comprehend.” You do not know us, you do not know how much we comprehend. I can tell you made that JUDGEMENT based off of age discrimination because we are young. It is also quite odd that you did not mention your daughter said the Quran is based off of radicalized ideas and claimed she is not racist because she came “from a multiracial family” (I quote the latter because I have screenshots). And while you have the privilege to write the article about how the school system does not pertain to Hebrew Jewish folk, I will never get the same privilege to spread information as a poor Asian immigrant knowing every school system disdains my country and writes American politically colored perspectives on the history of Vietnam and the Vietnam War (apart of orientalism). I ask of you to consider your privileges.

    • pacman

      You know every school system disdains your country how? And how do you can you tell WHY the author made the comment you object to. Your response indicates you are of Vietnamse extraction and are far too young to have any direct knowledge of Vietnam unless you live there. If you DO live in the US I know the Vietnam of the war era far better than you ever could, so be specific in exactly how US exhibits “politically colored perspectives on the history of Vietnam and the Vietnam War (apart of orientalism).”

    • vildechaye

      Unbelievable nonsense. you have the same “privilege” as anyone else to submit your articles for publication — if you don’t, it’s either because you don’t have enough initiative to do so or because you have enough self-awareness to know you’re a crappy writer (as evidenced from your comment). (An editorial note: something is not “based off of” something, but rather, based on.) Your self-pity will get you nowhere.

    • KK

      You are a brainwashed and clueless child. People do not disdain Vietnam. You show your racist and intolerant ideology with your comments.

    • Evan Howard

      Uyen, the author wrote “… kids suddenly adopting strident positions based on topics they barely comprehend” because that is exactly what happened — and exactly what you are proving. As much as you try to paint the comments of the Jewish girl as somehow racist, it does not merit the disgusting bullying she got in return, bullying you tellingly (and conveniently) fail to address. Are you really that arrogantly oblivious to the fact that “Within 24 hours, Greenberg’s daughter’s Facebook page was flooded with antisemitic and anti-Zionist postings, such as ‘You white privileged Jewish b***h,’ ‘Zionism is racism,’ ‘We’re not your Arab slaves,’ and “I’ve never hated someone in my life as much as you.’? What sort of “comprehension” do those comments reveal? Sorry, but those who truly “comprehend” such nuanced issues as the Palestinian/Israeli conflict can actually DEBATE issues, not stridently and blindly attack those who bring the issues up.

    • ned

      “hebrew jewish folks”….WHAAAAA!

      • Evan Howard

        Ned: “DUH-H-H-H!”

      • Evan II

        Anti-Semites who say things like “hebrew jewish folks” — “Duh-h-h-h!”

  • Laurence Auerbach

    America, get your act together and show zero tolerance for anti-Semitism.

  • By adopting the “Palestinian narrative” US Universities & High schools have adopted their education level as well!

    How America has devaluated since 9/11 by it’s policies of appeasement.

  • a yid

    Very sorry to hear about this. Maybe the parents and other concerned people can begin a campaign to not only publicize the vicious hate at this school, but get funders and alumni to stop giving money. Hit ’em where they can feel it: in their pocketbooks. This kind of hatred cannot be allowed to stand. We need a class action suit here because the girl’s civil and human rights were terribly violated.

  • stevenl

    Isn’t the Teacher Union a hot bed of antisemitism? Rich in liberal Jews by the way!!!

  • Josh P.

    So, it turns out that “safe spaces” don’t include Jews. So much for a rich culture of inclusivity.

  • Jay Lavine

    Once again, we see the force that social media is for spreading hatred in the world.