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September 23, 2016 4:12 pm

Mother of Israeli Teenage Terror Victim: Our Grief Has Only Gotten Stronger With Time, But We Will Continue to Live Here

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A photo of Rena Ariel with her daughter, Hallel, before Hallel was brutally murdered by a Palestinian terrorist. Photo: Courtesy Adam Propp.

A photo of Rena Ariel with her daughter, Hallel, before Hallel was brutally murdered by a Palestinian terrorist. Photo: Courtesy Adam Propp.

The mother of a 13-year-old Israeli girl who was murdered by a Palestinian terrorist earlier this summer told The Algemeiner on Thursday that her grief over her daughter’s death has only grown stronger with time.

Rena Ariel — whose daughter Hallel was stabbed to death in bed at her home in Kiryat Arba on June 30 — spoke with The Algemeiner as she and her husband Amichai, joined by their two daughters, were concluding a week-long US speaking tour.

Rena said the purpose of the tour — which was organized by the Just One Life NGO — was to “tell Hallel’s story so she won’t be forgotten.”

“It’s not hard to make an emotional connection when people hear about Hallel,” she said. “We hope these connections build up into something that will change reality, so these kinds of tragedies won’t happen again.”

Rena said she received great sympathy from American Jews she met during the trip.

“They live in a different world and we wanted to tell them about the challenges we face,” she said.

Rena emphasized that her overriding message was that “we will continue living in Israel and the places where we are. Hallel lived there and died there and her two sisters will continue to live there.”

When asked what she wanted people to remember about Hallel, Rena replied, “That she was a happy girl who had an amazing future ahead of her.”

Rena said the coping process with her grief would last a lifetime. “It isn’t going away,” she said.

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  • Peter Joffe

    Tell me please because I cannot find the answer. What good do ‘Palestinians’ do for each other and their country? They are so obsessed with killing Jews and Infidels that they sacrifice their owe lives to hatred. Islam is a faith of hatred and death now, for the false promise of paradise in the fufute? Only the mentally challenged could believe such rubbish.

  • Larinthian

    Hopefully, this and the countless other personal tragedies that happen to Israelis on a regular basis will begin to get people to understand who is on the side of peace and justice and who is on the side of terrorism, barbarism, and hatred. For far too long, the main stream media, left wing governments and organizations have depicted the Palestinians as the poor, downtrodden, whimpering masses who has been ravaged by the big, bad, Israelis. In reality, it’s the exact opposite. Hamas and Fatah, both terrorist groups have repeatedly infiltrated Israel so they could execute terrorism, riots, destruction, and have a complete disregard for the sanctity of life, especially Israeli life. People must finally begin to understand that when they defend the Palestinians and condemn Israel, they are on the wrong side of history and until this narrative changes, there will never be a genuine chance of achieving a true and everlasting peace. For people like the Europeans and some Americans, who are far removed from the daily mayhem that Israel encounters regularly, ask yourself, if you had a thirteen year old, how would you feel if they were shot to death in their own bedroom, if your twelve year old opened the door to their house, and find their entire family murdered by having their throats slashed, having your child abducted and murdered by Hamas walking home from school, your son or daughter being a member of the military being kidnapped, beaten, starved, and made to live in a snake pit, watching the school bus your child just boarded being blown up, or losing your offspring after a suicide bomber blew themselves up at a pizza place. These are the realities that the people of Israel have been forced to confront for many decades. by the same people others are so eager to defend. May G-D bless the families who have had their lives permanently destroyed, and may G-D bless the state of Israel. .

  • The Consequences of Appeasement & Concessions by Israel to the Arabs

    The decisions made by the government of Israel since The six day war of 1967 leading up to Gaza war with Hamas July 2014, as well as those of the first ten months or so after the turnover of Gaza in 2004 began, have dumbfounded historians ever since.
    The PA leader Abbas makes a speech in front of the UN and announces that the Oslo Accord is no longer applicable and that he is not going to abide by its terms. Thereafter, Arab terror and violence, car ramming, knifing, stone throwing and every conceivable method of disturbance and destabilization is being applied.

    The current Arab terror and violence facing the people of Israel, and the Arab claim to forbid Jews from Temple Mount, is a product of restraint to Arab violence and the concern what world reaction would be, while sacrificing Jewish lives, and diminishing the safety and security of Israel and its people.
    The appeasement of Israel to the Arabs-Palestinians, in particular, has been so often held up as an example of how not to deal with a rising terrorism and violence that it has become a stereotype.
    Had Israel stood its ground and responded to terrorism or any violence with utmost force and zero tolerance. Israel would not be facing today’s crisis.
    As many have said – appeasement, concessions and lack of proper response to terrorism is detrimental to Israel its people and the Jewish people worldwide.
    Israel under International Law has the right to build and live in Judea and Samaria and any other territory formerly within the boundary of the Mandate for Palestine in 1920. As decried by the San Remo agreement, confirmed by the treaty of Sevres and Lausanne; and the 1919 Faisal Weizmann Agreement, of which terms are survived in perpetuity. Any deviation or prohibition is outright discrimination against Israel and the Jewish people. As past history has proven, concessions by Israel have only increased violence and terrorism.
    Israel is an independent democratic sovereign country and it must operate and run the country without being dictated how to run the country and without outside interference, just like the U.S. and other countries.
    It is time for Israel to respond with extreme force to quell terrorism, violence and rioting – no holds barred, zero tolerance.
    Israel should inform all Arab leaders in greater Israel that if terror and violence continues they will hold them responsible and they will bear the consequences.
    What the Arabs could not win in loosing four major wars against Israel, they won in playing the deceptive peace game. The Arabs all the while are building up arsenals that commit terror and educating their children to hate, commit terror and violence and to destroy Israel. While enriching; their own personal pockets with the billions contributed by the world to help the impoverished Arab-Palestinian.
    The G7 and other nations want Arab Oil and for that, they will do anything! The end result ignoring reality will destroy them also. The Muslims are taking over Europe and more.
    What a scheme – and the gullible delusional world is buying it hook line and sinker.
    When will the World at large learn that the Arab-Muslims cannot be trusted; they consider all non-believers as their enemies. I hope the world takes of the blinders, before the Arab-Muslims take over Europe completely and than the United States and Canada, etc.
    I wonder, how come in the nations of the world; No one is questioning the 21 Arab States established after WWI with over 12 million sq. km. – 5 million square miles of territory, including Jordan’s sovereignty, a country that never existed in history before WWI and which was established in violation of international law and treaties, on land originally allocated to the Jewish people in 1920, which included all of Palestine’s 120,000 sq. km. – 75,000 square miles of which 80% was illegally reallocated to the new state of Arab Jordan.
    If you question Israel’s rights and territory you might as well question the sovereignty and territory of the other 21 Arab States set up at the same time by the same Supreme Allied Powers that set up the Jewish State. It is also an injustice ignoring that the Arab countries have terrorized and expelled over a million Jewish families and confiscated all their assets including businesses, homes and over 120,000 sq. km. of Jewish owned land for over 2,200 years. Most of the expelled Jewish families now are resettled in Israel and comprise over half the population.
    YJ Draiman

  • Ken Kelso

    Thank you Rena Ariel for all your strengh. I can only imagine the emotional hell your going through.
    But you must go on as a voice against Palestinian terrorists barbarians which Obama and the EU support.