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October 5, 2016 2:14 pm

Oberlin Prof Suspended for Antisemitic Posts Accuses College of Scapegoating Her for Being a ‘Black Woman’

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Oberlin assistant professor Joy Karega. Photo: Facebook.

Oberlin assistant professor Joy Karega. Photo: Facebook.

An academic under investigation for antisemitic social media postings claimed she is being scapegoated due to her color and gender, the student newspaper The Oberlin Review reported late last week.  

Breaking nearly two months of silence, Oberlin assistant professor Joy Karega — who was placed on paid leave in August following an outcry from the Oberlin chapter of Alums for Campus Fairness (ACF) — said at a campus gathering, “I cannot accept being subjected to arbitrary standards and differential treatment. I cannot accept the way that I have been treated as a black woman on Oberlin’s faculty.” 

Karega, a teacher of composition and rhetoric, accused Oberlin ACF of pushing its own agenda and singling her out for scrutiny.

“The review process has stalled because many within and beyond the Oberlin community will not be satisfied with anything less than disciplinary action against me that involves my dismissal,” she told the Review. “I am objecting to the way that I have been treated through the avenues that I have available to me.”

Karega told the Review it is “unfortunate” that she has been subject to investigation for her social media postings. These — which included claims that Israel and Jews were behind the 9/11 terror attacks — were discovered in March and condemned by Oberlin’s Board of Trustees as “antisemitic” and “abhorrent.” 

The college, said Karega, has “made it clear to me that I am not a valued and respected member of Oberlin’s faculty.”

Responding to Karega’s claims, Melissa Landa, president of Oberlin ACF, told the Review that the posts “speak for themselves,” and that any professional repercussions Karega experiences will be due to decisions made by Oberlin, not its alumni.

As reported by The Algemeiner in August, Oberlin ACF — part of a national network engaged in combating antisemitism and anti-Israel bias on campus — sent a letter to the Board of Trustees asking for clarification on Karega’s continued employment and the school’s drawn-out investigation into her behavior.

The alumni group’s move came five months after it was revealed by The Tower in March, and also reported on by The Algemeiner, that Karega’s Facebook page was riddled with years’ worth of posts — all of which have subsequently been deleted — invoking traditional antisemitic tropes and conspiracy theories found in the notorious hoax, The Protocols of the Elder of Zion.

In March 2015, for example, she accused Israelis and Jews of being behind ISIS, the downing of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 — and of controlling the world.

Two days after The Algemeiner’s reporting on the outrage surrounding Karega’s continued employment, Oberlin announced it had placed the assistant professor on paid leave until further notice.

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  • aviva1

    Joy Kartega insults both legitimate Blacks and non Blacks who honestly and tirelessly devote themselves to abolishing racism without spewing hate towards Jews. In addition to then desperately to attempt manipulate the university, and claim they aim at her because she is a female, is ludicrous and transparent. Me. Kartega, own your own views… you alone are responsible for your actions and the consequences. If you lived in another country, you would be prosecuted.

  • poor defence

    Why paid leave for this awful person?

  • Lucy S.

    That’s funny, she wasn’t complaining about the “special treatment’ she got when she was hired on the basis of being a black woman…

  • starr91wr

    This is exactly, why this type of campus racist garbage feels safe to do what she was doing. She always knew, that she has this minority trump card concealed in her sleeve and ready to use, when needed. A racist playing a racist card – definitely not a bright, rather pathetic.

  • SAWolf

    Too bad American blacks emulate arabian behavior. They’d be a lot more successful emulating Jewish behavior, but then they’d have to get off their behinds and take responsibility for their own lives. Won’t ever happen.

  • johnny belfor

    Google Karega the Witch and see that shes been a vicious Jew Hater for years and blames her own miserable life on Jews


      SHE CAN ALWAYS JOIN ISIS! She has the right credentials. She plagiarized Goebels!

  • Art Frank

    Truth is politicos, the media and academia must walk on eggshells when it comes to discussing black misbehavior. This vile racist woman should have been tossed out way before now. But everyone is afraid to do this because she plays the race card. Same with the savages who loot every time a black thug is put down by the police. The media and politcos call them “protesters”, when we all know they are criminals. They await these police shootings to burn and loot. Sad what this country has come to.

    • Manny

      I object, not to your comments about the racist Oberlin prof’ but to your racist comment about black thugs without saying a word about innocent blacks being murdered by police.

      • poor defence

        What about a comment from you on the THOUSANDS of blacks murdered every year by other blacks?

      • Art Frank

        You’re misled. Truth is thousands of blacks murdered by their own people, Maybe 15 blacks (bet all have criminal records killed by police. And most justifiable. What planet you live on?

      • Art Frank

        Check the statistics dummy. Compare the number of blacks (most with criminal records) killed by police, to the number of police murdered by blacks. and while your at it check out the number of blacks murdered by blacks. But you don’t care about that because you’re a black racist. And there are many just like you (black lives matter comes to mind).

  • American at large

    Bet if she had made anti m-slim postings, she would have been FIRED with NO pay faster than one can say: “b-goted, ignorant piece of tr-sh who lied her way to get her position”!

  • Ari Lieberman

    It’s pretty amazing that she still hasn’t been terminated and that she’s basically on paid vacation pending an overdrawn investigation. It’s patently obvious what the college needs to do but unfortunately, they lack the fortitude.

  • starrazer

    How on earth did this nasty racist woman get to be employed as a professor surely there should be certain standards that these professors should abide by……..These are the kind of racist antisemitic professors who infest US Colleges and Universities…This woman has the brain cells of a dead flea….

  • watsa46

    She very likely belongs to the Extreme version of BLM! Perhaps even supported by Soros! Educated into ignorance and bias.

  • It’s pretty nauseating that this comtemptable woman is playing both the race card and the woman card to hide her Jew-hatred.

    • Liatris Spicata

      It is, however, representative of her ilk of race hustlers.

  • John Brown

    Anti-semitic Female Black Professors Matter??

  • graylens

    NO!! she was suspended, with pay, for being a nasty bigot

  • wjre

    She has had preferential treatment at Oberlin. Look at her academic credentials compared to those of her colleagues. She also said that the Rothschilds have 500 trillion dollars which is more than the net worth of the entire world.

  • Ted Crawford

    “I want to be free to mistreat others, but I refuse to accept the consequences.” Am I close?

  • zvi gross

    It’s what what she looks like on the outside, but the hateful racist monster residing inside.

  • bdh829

    does anyone ever take responsibility for themselves. it’s not that she’s an anti-semite it’s that she’s black. BS lady!

  • rosencrentz

    Where did the lady go to school to learn these facts! A deeper investigation is needed! Could she be right and she is being scapegoated as she claims? Maybe she never went to school ? Maybe teaching rhetoric is part of the problem ?

  • Kwitcherbellyakin

    Got to love it when people play the Race Card. Always put the blame on somebody else. It’s the Libtard way.

  • Sid4

    I’m glad there are consequences for this type of bogotry at least at Oberlin. There are plenty of colleges where a freedom of speech defense might prevail. I personally know of cases where a Trump supporter adjunct’s service was terminated with, of course, no legal recourse. I remember when a potential hire at a University was told informally that he was the wrong sex (gender) and the wrong race. The speaker might also have added “the wrong religion.” So much for hiring on the merits and liberal values of non-descrimination. Liberal academics will not hire conservatives.

  • Sootys mum

    You can’t be a racist or anti-Semite if you are black, how dare anyone say that!

    Also ignoring the years that Jews supported the blacks during their civil rights history and were killed alongside them. It is interesting that blacks murdered for standing up for their rights are remembered but the Jews standing side by side with them who were also murdered are forgotten. But then the Jewish women who demonstrated peacefully with the blacks were treated like scum by the blacks. So, no, you can’t be a racist or anti-Semite if you are black!!

  • boldeagle1

    This is what passes for a college professor? How low the bar has fallen.

    • Lucy S.

      You should check out what goes on at Berkeley…