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October 11, 2016 8:17 am

Students in Amman, Abu Dhabi Launch Campaign Against Israel-Jordan Gas Deal, Claiming It Funds ‘Genocidal’ Zionist Regime

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Anti-Israel student protesters stand outside the dining hall on the NYU Abu Dhabi campus. Photo: Video Screenshot.

Anti-Israel student protesters stand outside the dining hall on the NYU Abu Dhabi campus. Photo: Video Screenshot.

Students in Jordan and the United Arab Emirates have launched an anti-normalization campaign against a recent gas deal signed between Jerusalem and Amman, which they claim supports the “genocidal” Jewish state.

Activists at the University of Jordan (UJ) have formed a group called the Student Coalition for the Cancellation of the Gas Deal (SCCGD), which aims to use debates, conferences, marches and protests to undermine the deal, the Jordan Times reported.

SCCGD spokesman Anas Hussein told the Jordan Times that the gas deal — valued at $10 billion — “will mainly affect students and youth, [most of whom] are not aware of the fact that more than 30% of their electricity bills will fund the Zionist entity.” 

According to the report, over the past week, students at UJ and the Jordan University of Science and Technology conducted protests and marches on their campuses, demanding the immediate cancellation of the gas deal. In addition, members of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement in Jordan shut off all electrical appliances and lights in their homes for one hour.

In solidarity, a group of students at the New York University Abu Dhabi campus on September 30 carried out a “performance” protest in front of the campus dining hall, student newspaper the Gazelle reported, during which they stood with medical masks covering the lower half of their faces for three hours during lunch period — and every 15 minutes chanted, “Blood is thicker than gas.” 

One organizer explained the symbolism of the masks, saying they:

represent the irony in how gas is necessary to generate electricity for warmth, lighting…while simultaneously choking us because the gas itself finances the apartheid and genocidal regime of the Israeli government, which systematically alienates, abuses and kills our own people. To me it represents a rejection of inhaling gas which is produced by an entity that systematically targets my own people.

Israel and Jordan finalized their historic gas agreement in September. The deal — which is part of long-standing energy cooperation between the two countries — will see Israel supply its eastern neighbor with 45 billion cubic meters of natural gas over the next 15 years from its Leviathan reservoir.

Officials from Jordan’s National Electric Power Company have said the deal with Israel will save Jordan some $600 million each year.

Watch a clip of the NYU Abu Dhabi protest below:

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  • To me and to most Traditional Jews, Greater Israel is the Biblical Israel, which included a good part of the territory east of the Jordan River. The original allocation of Palestine to the Jewish people included the territory east of the Jordan River and up-to the Railroad line which is about 120,000 sq. km.. The best defense is offense, no capitulation to Arab or worldwide pressure; we want what is ours no exceptions. See the minutes of the 1919 Paris conference, The 1920 San Remo Conference and the Faisal Weizmann Agreement of January 1919. The Arabs-Muslims received over 12 million sq. km. of which over half of it has no habitation, plus the British in violation of treaties and agreements gave away over 77% of allocated Jewish territory and created the new Arab-Palestinian state of Jordan and prohibiting Jews from living there and confiscating all their assets, and now the Biased U.N. (which has no authority to create countries, it can only recommend) and other nations who are deceived and or misinformed, want Israel to cede Judea and Samaria as a second Arab-Palestinian state (and plant a terrorist state in the heart of Israel), after the disastrous ceding of Gaza and the constant rocket attacks against Jewish communities in Israel). My response to that is it is not going to happen; this is Jewish land with a history going back over 3,800 years; Jews are the remaining indigenous people, with the Jewish holiest city Jerusalem and the Capital of Israel. Moreover Jerusalem is the home to two Jewish temples and the city of Hebron as the 2nd holiest city for the Jews with the Cave of The Jewish Patriarchs (The atrocities and murder committed by the Arabs in Hebron against the Jews goes at least as far back as 1517). The Arabs also terrorized and expelled over a million Jewish families and confiscated all their assets including businesses, homes and about 120,000 sq. km. of Jewish owned land for over 2,200 years; valued in the trillions of dollars. Most of the expelled Jewish families and their children were resettled in Israel, and today comprise over half the population. Any Jew who wants to cede land to the Arabs has no place in Israel, especially in view of past results that such land for peace has brought more terror and violence and less safety and security for Israel and its people.
    No Jew has the right or authority to cede Jewish territory and any such ceding of Jewish territory is not valid.
    “A United Israel is a strong Israel”
    YJ Draiman, President of AFSI in the Greater Los Angeles area

    “Israel’s Disproportionate and Callous Restraint.”
    This policy by Israel’s government endangers the population of Israel and reduces safety and security.
    A response with no holds barred and zero tolerance must be taken – less talk and more action and action speak louder than words – take off the glove and destroy the enemy and the threat once and for all. The British and Americans after rockets hit London in WWII sent bombers on a daily basis and destroyed German infrastructure and leveled cities. Israel must do what is necessary to protect its people with no restraint whatsoever.
    It is your duty and responsibility to protect the people of Israel at all costs. Do your duty. Death to all terrorists must be mandatory.
    YJ Draiman


    ??? This is news??

  • JameKT

    NYU will regret any campus in an Arab country.