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November 3, 2016 1:15 pm

Retired British Colonel: Iran-Backed Hezbollah Cells Preparing to Launch Future Attacks in Europe, US

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Col. Richard Kemp. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

Col. Richard Kemp. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

Iran-backed Hezbollah cells are readying themselves to conduct future terrorist attacks in Europe and the US, a retired British Army officer told The Algemeiner on Thursday.

Colonel Richard Kemp — a former commander of UK forces in Afghanistan — was responding to a report in the Washington Free Beacon, citing an Iranian regime-aligned media outlet, that an Iranian military official claimed the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) was dispatching operatives to infiltrate the West.

Despite last year’s nuclear deal reached between the Islamic Republic and six world powers, Iran’s “hatred for America remains a pillar of the ayatollahs’ foreign policy,” Kemp said. “They use their proxy — the terrorist group Hezbollah — to project power overseas. There are today Hezbollah cells both in Europe and the US. These elements are trained, supported and controlled by the IRGC.”

Furthermore, Kemp explained, while “it is not clear exactly where the division lies between direct IRGC action overseas and action by Hezbollah and other terrorist proxies,” what is certain is that “either directly or indirectly, the IRGC has been preparing and will continue to prepare for terrorist attacks in the US and elsewhere in the West.”

In the past, Iran is believed to have used Hezbollah to strike Israeli and Jewish targets around the globe — including in Burgas, Bulgaria in 2012 and in Argentina in 1992 and 1994.

Also, American officials said the IRGC was behind a thwarted 2011 plot to assassinate the Saudi ambassador to the US at a Washington, DC restaurant.

Iran, Kemp emphasized, “is the number one state supporter of terrorism in the world today. And the US-led nuclear deal has released funds that are being used by Iran in its support for terrorism against the state of Israel and for its imperial aggression in Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Lebanon.”

Moreover, Kemp noted, “The West, and the US in particular, do their best to turn a blind eye to this very real threat, because their leaders are afraid to take action. The reason? It is the same as the reason the US leadership ignores acts of Iranian aggression against their warships in the Gulf. It is because they are terrified that Iran will pull out of the nuclear deal and humiliate President Barack Obama.”

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  • rimmshot

    Col.Kemp should be the man in the oval office!

  • Is it still possible to prevent terror attacks by Islamist groups in Europe and in the USA?

    Or, what I suspect, is the free western, democratic and liberal world, in anticipatory obedience as future Dhimmis, giving in, throwing the sponge?

    The Jewish State Israel is the only free democratic and liberal state, which is actively fighting Islamic terror.

    I hope that the European and USA politicians do listen to Colonel Richard Kemp.
    PS: unfortunately, in Israel some NGOs are supporting the Falastinian cause. They support Falastinian organizations and idolize Falastinian terror against Israel and Jews.

  • Ted Crawford

    If Obama isn’t already humiliated by the Iran deal, he is utterly incapable of being humiliated… by anything!

  • Martyman39

    Things will change if Trump gets elected president.

  • watsa46

    We must thank the Obama-Clinton-Kerry marvelous achievements in their foreign policies. Only the brightest of all Americans end-up at the SD!
    Then the West will beg the Israelis for help while the war of the West against the Jews goes UN-abated for the past 2,000 years!

  • Iran practices deceit as a virtue, and humiliated President Obama by making a nuclear deal too good to be true. The Obama Administration appeased the Iranian’s to a point, where they having nothing but contempt for the U.S. And opportunity knocks for Iran.