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December 26, 2016 1:33 pm

Netanyahu: World Leaders Who Wished Us Happy Hanukkah After Backing ‘Shameful’ UN Resolution Don’t Understand Holiday’s Meaning

avatar by Barney Breen-Portnoy

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Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Photo: YouTube screenshot.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Photo: YouTube screenshot.

World leaders who issued Hanukkah greetings after backing the “shameful” anti-settlement UN Security Council resolution last week do not understand the holiday’s meaning, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared on Sunday.

The point of Hanukkah, Netanyahu said in a message posted on his Facebook page, is to “remember the victory of the Hasmoneans in a revolt against the Greeks, culminating with the miracle of the oil and the rededication of the Temple.”

“The battles that took place as part of the revolt happened right here, on both sides of the ‘Green Line,’ in the hills of Modi’in,” the prime minister noted. “The Hasmoneans purified the Temple and lit the menorah on the Temple Mount, which the same countries that supported the UN decision decided to call ‘occupied Palestinian territory.’”

Netanyahu continued, “How is it possible to offer us best wishes for Hanukkah and at the same time deny our deep connection to the Western Wall in Jerusalem and other places in our land?”

“In spite of the opposition of the UN Security Council, we were here and we will remain here,” he concluded.

As reported by The Algemeiner on Sunday, US Secretary of State John Kerry drew a flurry of ire and scorn in response to a Hanukkah greeting he tweeted on Saturday, less than 24 hours after the US allowed the resolution to pass.

A similar greeting posted by the White House on Twitter on Saturday also attracted a slew of responses critical of the American abstention from the Security Council vote.

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  • kikz2

    the forced ‘assimilation’ of illegals and 3rd world garbage that jews work tirelessly for- through various religious and political organs ‘welcoming the stranger’ into others’ countries. i agree, israel should stand on its own legs.. first things first.. renounce that recent 600million for missile R&D, and the rest of 38BILLION of illegally promised American taxpayer money over the next decade, thank us for all the 100’s of BILLIONS the US taxpayer has spent on israel since ’49, and stop trying to erode/erase Western/European/American identity.

    stop pleasing the West? what pleasing? the only group jews seek to please is other jews, as you said, all nons are enemies….. publicly, israel is a demanding toddler, nothing is ever enough, and no one is ever thanked for their troubles…..tell a toddler no, and a tantrum ensues, which was spread over the entirety of the Christmas holiday this yr…….. so in the spirit of chanukah.. this non-righteous gentile is happy to tell you…….go sit and spin…….on your ‘revenge’ dreidel. you jews are not going to spin my culture into oblivion.

  • Peter

    Since the UN does not condemn and table any resolution against Assad’s regime, nor Russia and all those who have been bombing and killing all the innocent civilians in Iraq and Syria, maybe that is what Israel has to do as well. Go and expel all the Palestinians to be scattered all over the world and take all the land that belongs to Israel from way back. This way Israel will get one more condemnation but resolve the real problem, no more terrorism by the PA or Hamas!!!

  • bertha yellowfinch

    It’s shameful to reign in the criminal behavior of israel towards it’s neighbors?? I don’t think so.

  • solange

    Mr. Netanyahu, Israel, do not give up one more inch of land. You well know that this conflict is not about land but about religion. It is part of the worldwide Islamic jihad, specifically its Jew hatred. Now, it has spread to the rest of the world. In fact, I’d like to see Israel take back Gaza and all the other land that belonged to it in ancient times. That is what is fair and righteous.

  • Bruce Kugler

    Reb Yaakov speak strong words. Health of people, tribe important. Prophets in big book wail, scream of this, to turn from evil ways. Yet even good may be attacked, Festival of Eight Days rededication of temple not because old Hebrews bad. Things not either/or, Reb Yaakov, though write wise words
    Baruch ben schmul abe

  • Elliot

    Let’s not forget our other “friends” who voted for this monstrous resolution. England, France, Japan, China and Spain. It is clear that at best, there is indifference for Israel and/or the Jewish people. More realistically, we are treated as a pariah state. Anti-Semitism has manifested itself in a big way these past few years and the future does not look rosy. For western countries to side with blood thirsty barbarians over a civilized democracy that produces so much for the world is completely irrational. Traditional reasons for anti-semitism like jealousy or fear are simply not enough to explain this phenomenon.

  • The UN Security Council is ignorant about Chanukah and United Nations history. Chanukah is the miraculous preservation of the Jewish people and Israel. And the UN attempted a “two-state solution” with the failed 1947 UN Partition Plan.

  • marbon67

    Time for Jews around the world to learn the Chinese language.

  • brenrod

    BB should stop whining about obama and use this opportunity to make bold sweeping changes in policies regarding settlement,, land for peace and the rights of Jews…. making Israelis and Jews first.

  • Efram Paul

    It is interesting when our antisemite-in-chief threw a Chanukah party. Did he start with a lit menorah and snuff out each candle one-by-one?

  • Aliquantillus

    It is perhaps time for Israel to recognize the Greeks of the Maccabean wars in today’s Europe and US who will never end their attempts to wipe out Jewish identity. Time to stop assimilating to Western values and Western criteria of “peace” which are only eroding the strategic position of the Israel. Chanukah is about the dangers of assimilation. Israel should stand on its own legs and stop pleasing the West. And of course, in the long run, make plans to rebuild the Temple.

    • UncleVladdi

      Sure, Israel should rebuke “the West” and embrace “the East” aka ISLAM. Let’s go in for stoning our women, too.

      • Aliquantillus

        Don’t worry. You know quite well that Theocracy will not be restored before the arrival of Messiah. And you know also quite well that Islam cannot be embraced by Judaism. My plea is against all assimilation to non-Jewish principles, whether Western or Islamic. Islam is a historical falsification and Western culture is dead.

    • kikz2

      that’s funny… you certainly don’t seem to mind assimilation for the West. so it’s assimilation for thee, not for me, eh? yeah.

  • Reb_Yaakov

    That’s not the holiday’s meaning. Hanukkah teaches (hinukh) about the dangers of assimilation, about the loss of basic values. It mandates us to rededicate (hanukkah) ourselves to those basic values and to reject the idols of materialism, corruption, status-seeking, deception, and lies, all of which are endemic to Israel. It also teaches us that the destruction of any civilization is generally due to the moral decay from within, not to the enemy from without. In practice, this means improving ourselves and making tikkun for our past misdeeds, not scapegoating others or seeking revenge or retaliation against them.

    • Noel Hershfield

      Oh give us a break Reb Yakov! We are tired of our Rabbies who teach us that everything we have suffered is because we strayed from the Rabbinic teachings that we did not adhere to the impossible rules of our God,who sat by and did nothing while we were slaughtered for four millennia.We are now back where we belong,and we will be there long after those that hate us will disappear on the ashes of history! I

    • Jacob Feller

      You are a Reb? What scapegoating others? Do you mean the Greeks and Romans of today represented by Yovon and EDom, which is Europe and America. Would you have said the same thing then? After all they were fighting the Greek empire along with Hellenists of their day. Were they also scapegoating others? Shame on You that you refuse to learn from history!

  • NadavKatz

    I am not sure of the steps we, at the State of Israel, ought to take in the wake of resolution 2334 of the UN Security Council. I do agree, however, that this resolution has been the straw that broke the camel’s back.
    We have been willing, for the past 68 years, to absorb a lot from the international community. Specifically, the trampling by the international community on international law, UN Charter, signed bilateral and multilateral treaties and the spitting at them, have been upsetting. Furthermore, despite all real efforts that we have made to achieve an accommodation of peaceful coexistence the Arabs rejected them and have done son in words and war – full scale wars as well as the war-of-attrition-through-terror that is yet to cease. Yet, the international community blamed us, as though we have been guilty for being, for existing as Jews, dwelling peacefully in that which international law defines “the national home of the Jewish people”. 
    The past eight years have been the worst: No other than the president of the US, the head of the free world and the country that has been our closest ally, has been calling for and demanding that Jews, only because they are Jewish, must refrain from dwelling at the heart of the Jewish homeland. This RACIST stand has been augmented by him spitting at international law, UN Charter, Anglo-American treaty, and UN Security Council Resolution, 242, 1967, that has been the basis for ALL peace talks and actual treaties. 
    I do hope that the public in the US – including the Jewish public!! – will apply introspection and soul searching. I do hope that the international community will realize that despite the knee jerk drive of yesteryear to expect the Jew in society to bow down to evil tendencies, we, the Jews of the State of Israel, live as free people well into the 21st century, and we expect to be treated with respect. 

    In conclusion, as a people, the Hebrew/Israeli/Jewish people has experience for the past 4,000 years the heavy arms of empires, those who insisted on us bowing down to them and others who set out to wipe us off the face or earth. Those empires have gotten off the stage of world history while we, a tiny people, have been serving and thriving while continuing to radiate moral values upon humanity, despite all odds. We shall overcome this drive to push us about as well. We shall overcome with the help of the Almighty.

    • eastsidetrader

      ” while continuing to radiate moral values upon humanity, despite all odds”


      So if the Israelis are such paragons why then the 14-0 vote in the UN security council?

      Surely not all fourteen ambassadors are biased against Israel?

    • bertha yellowfinch

      “Only because they are Jewish”?? Do what?? Excuse me but enough is enough of israel’s moving in and spreading out. Your rights end with the tip of your nose not with violence, stealing, and plundering your neighbors — AND mooching off the USA on a continual basis. Your behavior is despicable.

    • kikz2

      apparently 38BILLION doesn’t excuse being told no. it was a betrayal! it must be avenged!…… you’ve had over 60yrs to run rion and lock down ever increasing amounts of Pal/Arab land… what? Jerusalem is an afterthought? declare formal borders, stop importing 3rd world unassimilables into the US/UK/EU, take that recent 600million for missile defense, sit/spin and STFU.