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December 27, 2016 12:32 pm

Report: Hamas Drone Engineer Allegedly Assassinated by Mossad for Developing Unmanned Suicide Seacraft to Blow Up Israel’s Off-Shore Gas Rigs

avatar by Ruthie Blum

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Gas drilling off the coast of Israel. Photo: via

Gas drilling off the coast of Israel. Photo: via

The assassination of Hamas drone engineer Mohammed Alzoari in Tunisia earlier this month — widely attributed to Mossad agents — was spurred by his work to develop deadly unmanned seacraft with which the terrorist organization planned to blow up Israel’s offshore gas rigs, the Hebrew daily Yediot Aharonot reported on Monday.

According to reports emanating from Tunisia, Yediot said, it was precisely this “doomsday” underwater weapon, capable of carrying large quantities of explosives, which he was developing for Hamas’ next massive attack on the Jewish state that led to his elimination.

Indeed, the report said, if it is true that Israel took out Alzoari, the “clear and present danger” of the gas-rig plan was what made the move necessary.

Tunisian media outlets are reporting, according to Yediot, that for the past two years — particularly in the last six months — Alzoari was focusing his know-how on developing underwater “suicide” drones, which were going to sneak up to the Israeli rigs from beneath the surface of the Mediterranean and wreak massive havoc.

The Tunisian-born Alzoari was introduced to and joined the ranks of the Palestinian terrorist organization Hamas two decades ago in Damascus, where he had fled to avoid the wrath of his country’s leaders, who considered him a risky oppositionist. Yet he maintained close contact with Hassan al-Laqqis, the head of weapons development for the Lebanon-based, Iran-backed terrorist organization Hezbollah. Al-Laqqis was killed in 2013, in an operation many also believe was carried out by Israel.

Alzoari continued to work with Hamas’ military wing, through its branches in Turkey and Syria. A few years ago, he returned to Tunisia, where he helped set up the drone unit that Hamas hoped would include suicide planes, like those that Iran provides Hezbollah. The reason the group selected Tunisia for this process is that Gaza, which it rules, is too small and densely populated — and is constantly under Israel’s watchful eye.

Recently, Alzoari apparently managed to translate his knowledge of unmanned aircraft to the underwater realm.

Alzoari was shot multiple times on Dec. 15 in front of his house in the town of El Ain, near Sfax on the Tunisian coast. According to the Tunisian Interior Ministry, four rental cars were used in the killing, and two handguns and silencers were seized.

The day before his assassination, Hamas marked its 29th anniversary with a mass rally in Gaza, during which tens of thousands of Palestinians demonstrated on behalf of the Islamist group and against the Jewish state — with billboards in Arabic and Hebrew boasting a vast network of terror tunnels, and the warning: “We are coming from under the ground.”

According to the report in Yediot, Hamas — it turns out — was also plotting to “come from under the sea,” but Alzoari’s death put a wrench in the plan.

The water "drone" Al-Zawari was reportedly developing for Hamas to blow up Israel's offshore gas rigs. Photo: Anonymous/via Yediot Aharonot.

The water “drone” Al-Zawari was reportedly developing for Hamas to blow up Israel’s offshore gas rigs. Photo: Anonymous/via Yediot Aharonot.

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  • William C. McKee

    Dear Mossad people, you are supposed to be smart as well as potentially deadly. After Kerry’s lengthy and mind numbing speech Israel is best advised to use its smarts as well as its 007-type methods. You are to be congratulated in at least for the moment protecting an oil rig. These things apparently have an average value of about 650 million dollars. An amount of money that even someone like Trump would notice. Dear Mossad it is Trump that you will deal with now. Start thinking at his level, and not merely at Kerry’s level. What was Kerry’s biggest reasoning flaw, and frankly yours as well? Those dealing with land areas of national dispute and those dealing with water and oil rights hold to an economic game theory axiom: that ALL that they do, or that they can seek to do, is based upon a “zero sum game theory model”. Mossad, you concede far too much to your foes to rely on guns and hot cars. As you know your foe has them as well. And worse than your foes, are your friends (such as Kerry) that have left you in a sort of box. From Kerry’s speech, if we reduce its unnecessary bulk. His point was more or less if those in Israel, Palestine and beyond all acted more saintly, God might allow that answers could be found. That has truth in it, but as you know, even from your own example — the supply of saints in the world is somewhat lacking. But Mossad you can do the smart thing first, and then grow gradually into the saintly thing. That means less guns and fast cars, and fewer boring “intellectual” speeches by frustrated politicians.

    Since about the year 1900 and onward the oil found in Iran has both blessed and cursed the world. Mossad please wise up, that that is the enemy. Scientists that apply model airplane skills to undersea “drones” are but merely the side effect. You will never actually beat your true foe with just guns and hot cars. It might make the basis for entertaining Hollywood films and spy vs spy novels. But it rather makes humanity look little more than evolved fungi. We are on this sort of Petri dish with seemingly limited resources, and an [assumed] governing philosophy of “zero sum game theory”. By many we seem fated to use up the Petri dish resources, and to become so frustrated that we kick over the game table and with anger toward the God that made us, and call upon the ultimate solution of Gog and Magog to have a final confrontation. The prophet had God’s beautiful temple at the end. But it was unclear if people maintained it, or ghosts and angels maintained it. And Mossad it is that which is upon your plate.

    We are not in a Petri dish, but rather on a ball. A very large ball, able to maintain billions of us. Should we wish it, the ball is in an infinite universe, that Einstein and Heim after him, had some vision of our expanding into. Should we want to. The closed form proof that there is conservation of Relativistic Momentum with regard to neutrino families (and the universe that they are embedded within) lights a fire under the conjecture of Heim. Not that tough to do. Though inspiration comes from, (well) above. Right?

    Israel is a “nuclear power”. You suppress speaking of it, so as to not encourage an arms race — presumably. Yet you have conflicting neighbors — Iran and Saudi Arabia, that seem (even if they wish otherwise) to be on the same path that you took. Mossad the challenge here is if they might go a different path if you went a different path. Supposedly Israel is to be a blessing to the world. A temple empty of anyone save ghosts and angels is not all that much of an observable blessing. More perhaps I might suggest of a let down. Mossad greater than the protection of a 650 million dollar oil rig — is God’s trust in your nation’s example. Right?

    The US Navy developed a very simple method to extract gasoline from the baking soda content of seawater and hydrolysis of water itself. This by means of a light-water nuclear reactor. The 6 cents/kWh electrical energy of that reactor seemingly yields up gasoline costing from 3 to 6 dollars per gallon. There is another nuclear reactor (with some serious history and moral conflict attached), the Molten Salt Thorium Reactor. It is expected that it can generate electrical energy at about 1 cent/kWh. Without straining a thought in the brain, without actually generating a new technological thought at all, is it not obvious:

    (3 $/gallon gasoline)*(1 cent/kWh)/(6 cents/kWh) = 50 cents/gallon gasoline.

    Mossad without any 007-type methods involving guns and hot cars, Israel could kick over the “zero sum game table”, and replace it with the above. Methods have been developed to use a sort of adhesive chemical applied to a rope to leach Uranium from seawater. An analog chemical (that your country could develop) could do the same with the element Thorium — with a minimum of effort. Surely far less than even the cost of a single oil rig. In the sea at least Th-232 is about 44 times as abundant as U-235, and requires very little fuel processing. And as where Iran is concerned — very little to maybe zero risk of nuclear weapons.

    Such technology dear Mossad, would immediately remove some of the worst aspects of your neighbors using an otherwise limited resource as a source of bragging rights and motivation to bully even large parts of the earth, such as Gog out of Magog to the north. Trump wanted to remove the oil fields of ISIS. He correctly observed that they maximized their use for evil deeds. Well if Israel shows the example of making oil substitutes that make pumping it out of the ground pointless — that would obtain Trump’s objective, without the bother of any kind of military conflict. Just merely let everyone on the planet learn by Israel’s example. [Then] with oil completely off the table, fulfillment of the latter parts of Jeremiah 49 (which involves a special blessing for Elam, or Iran) could take place. Would there not be joy in your heart that a metaphysical foe for thousands of years is converted into a completely trusted ally? An ally in what?

    For reasons not even Mossad knows of, Ice-nucleating bacteria will be largely removed from the earth. Rain will be removed from the earth. Of course we all did something stupid to cause it. The prophets warned that such a day would come, but who took them seriously. The thinking, if it no longer rains locally, “let us just move to where it does rain”. The prophets said “no this is global in its scale”. You will have to do a little something to make it rain, and where you don’t “the rain will be shut off”. If that last part was from God himself, it might be a good idea to pay attention. Israel and Iran are fated to tag team the solution. And to save the whole Middle East, the Sahara will have to return from its 12,000 year long drought into once again being Eden. With super builder Donald Trump to help you, the seemingly impossible is just in fact not so impossible. Your time would be much better spent with this than with guns and hot cars. And a good movie or two might come from restoring Eden to humanity. One as good or better even than the Red Sea parting. Are you up for it?