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December 27, 2016 12:32 pm

Report: Hamas Drone Engineer Allegedly Assassinated by Mossad for Developing Unmanned Suicide Seacraft to Blow Up Israel’s Off-Shore Gas Rigs

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Gas drilling off the coast of Israel. Photo: www.drillingcontractor.org via Flickr.com.

Gas drilling off the coast of Israel. Photo: www.drillingcontractor.org via Flickr.com.

The assassination of Hamas drone engineer Mohammed Alzoari in Tunisia earlier this month — widely attributed to Mossad agents — was spurred by his work to develop deadly unmanned seacraft with which the terrorist organization planned to blow up Israel’s offshore gas rigs, the Hebrew daily Yediot Aharonot reported on Monday.

According to reports emanating from Tunisia, Yediot said, it was precisely this “doomsday” underwater weapon, capable of carrying large quantities of explosives, which he was developing for Hamas’ next massive attack on the Jewish state that led to his elimination.

Indeed, the report said, if it is true that Israel took out Alzoari, the “clear and present danger” of the gas-rig plan was what made the move necessary.

Tunisian media outlets are reporting, according to Yediot, that for the past two years — particularly in the last six months — Alzoari was focusing his know-how on developing underwater “suicide” drones, which were going to sneak up to the Israeli rigs from beneath the surface of the Mediterranean and wreak massive havoc.

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The Tunisian-born Alzoari was introduced to and joined the ranks of the Palestinian terrorist organization Hamas two decades ago in Damascus, where he had fled to avoid the wrath of his country’s leaders, who considered him a risky oppositionist. Yet he maintained close contact with Hassan al-Laqqis, the head of weapons development for the Lebanon-based, Iran-backed terrorist organization Hezbollah. Al-Laqqis was killed in 2013, in an operation many also believe was carried out by Israel.

Alzoari continued to work with Hamas’ military wing, through its branches in Turkey and Syria. A few years ago, he returned to Tunisia, where he helped set up the drone unit that Hamas hoped would include suicide planes, like those that Iran provides Hezbollah. The reason the group selected Tunisia for this process is that Gaza, which it rules, is too small and densely populated — and is constantly under Israel’s watchful eye.

Recently, Alzoari apparently managed to translate his knowledge of unmanned aircraft to the underwater realm.

Alzoari was shot multiple times on Dec. 15 in front of his house in the town of El Ain, near Sfax on the Tunisian coast. According to the Tunisian Interior Ministry, four rental cars were used in the killing, and two handguns and silencers were seized.

The day before his assassination, Hamas marked its 29th anniversary with a mass rally in Gaza, during which tens of thousands of Palestinians demonstrated on behalf of the Islamist group and against the Jewish state — with billboards in Arabic and Hebrew boasting a vast network of terror tunnels, and the warning: “We are coming from under the ground.”

According to the report in Yediot, Hamas — it turns out — was also plotting to “come from under the sea,” but Alzoari’s death put a wrench in the plan.

The water "drone" Al-Zawari was reportedly developing for Hamas to blow up Israel's offshore gas rigs. Photo: Anonymous/via Yediot Aharonot.

The water “drone” Al-Zawari was reportedly developing for Hamas to blow up Israel’s offshore gas rigs. Photo: Anonymous/via Yediot Aharonot.

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