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January 30, 2017 8:18 am

Pseudo-Liberal Jews Are Causing Unspeakable Damage

avatar by Isi Leibler

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A scene from the Women's March protests against Donald Trump. Photo: Wikipedia.

A scene from the Women’s March protests against Donald Trump. Photo: Wikipedia.

Chaos is the order of the day throughout the entire democratic world.

This has been accelerated by the hypocrisy and intolerance of the vindictive Left, aided and abetted by foolish bleeding-heart pseudo-liberals who have become accomplices in the undermining of democracy.

One can understand that many Democrats were incredulous and devastated that Hillary Clinton could be defeated by Donald Trump, whose lack of civility, absence of political experience and coarse language even offended conservatives.

But the outpouring of rage, the histrionic protest marches throughout the world, the establishment of committees to impeach Trump — even prior to the traditional 100-day honeymoon period — is unprecedented. Contrary to all the claptrap about democracy that they sanctimoniously preached while in office, leftists are unwilling to accept the fact that their candidate was defeated by a parvenu.

The same chaos has swept through Europe, many of whose citizens are revolting against the failure of the Brussels-based European Union bureaucrats to address their needs and above all the collapse in the quality of their lives resulting from millions of so-called refugees flooding their countries.

This has led to a rise in global populism, a revival of conservative and right-wing political parties and rejection of the “politically correct” way of life imposed by sanctimonious liberal ideologues.

What impact has this chaos had on Diaspora Jews?

As history has testified, during periods of stress and anxiety, Diaspora Jews face grave threats. Antisemitism, already having reached record levels since the Nazi era, is poised to become even more vicious. That situation has been temporarily muted because the prevailing threat of Islamic fundamentalist terror attacks in many Western nations has directed public anger toward Muslims rather than Jews. This does not apply to Hungary, Greece and Germany.

The Jews, as a minority that has suffered tyranny and persecution, would be expected under current circumstances to concentrate primarily on their own security.

Ethics of the Fathers quotes Hillel the Elder, “If I am not for myself, who will be for me? But if I am only for myself, what am I?”

Liberal-inclined Diaspora Jews — especially those lacking an authentic Jewish education — appear to have reversed this dictum. They consider that the well-being of the world and politically correct standards of social values must be their priority — with disregard to the harm this inflicts on them as a community.

Observing Conservative and Reform Jewish leaders in the US, accompanied by once-mainstream liberal Jewish groups like the Anti-Defamation League and National Council of Jewish Women, at the forefront of hysterical demonstrations accusing Trump of being fascist and encouraging antisemitism, it is if they have been possessed by a dybbuk.

The same bleeding hearts in the US as well as those in Europe were at the forefront of calls to open the gates to Muslim “refugees” steeped in anti-democratic behavior and nourished on diets of undiluted, visceral antisemitism. Setting aside the question of ISIS terrorist sleeper cells, there is little doubt that these elements will strengthen existing antisemitism in the older immigrant Muslim communities that failed to integrate. Yet many Jews are so dismally ignorant and oblivious that they even compare these immigrants to Jews facing annihilation during the Holocaust who were denied haven by other democratic countries.

This behavior is even more disturbing at a time of historic opportunities with the election of President Trump.

Although by no means yet assured, the US, still the only true global superpower, may truly treat Israel as a genuine ally, a move that would be reinforced by an overwhelmingly pro-Israel Congress.

Trump has repeatedly proclaimed his determination to reverse former President Barack Obama’s hostile anti-Israeli policy and create a new alliance between the US and Israel that would be sensitive to the security needs of the Jewish state.

His commitment to recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel would have more than symbolic value. It would have a major impact in reversing the odious definition of the settlement blocs and even the Western Wall and Temple Mount as “occupied territory.” Israel could proceed to build homes and the Jewish neighborhoods over the Green Line would prosper.

Furthermore, the US will hopefully no longer acquiesce to the UN persecution of Israel and will reject calls to return to the indefensible 1949 armistice lines.

Trump is also likely to bring an end to the US component of the scandalous $300 million per annum provided to the Palestinian Authority, much of which is doled out to murderers.

Israel will also have a powerful ally that recognizes Iran as a rogue state and would substantially reduce the genocidal threat from the Iranian Muslim fundamentalists.

All this has yet to be delivered, but there is no doubt that there is now a window of opportunity that Israel should exploit to dramatically minimize the security challenges and separate from the Palestinians with defensible borders. This can be achieved if Israel now has the support of a US that can be counted on as a true ally. Over the past eight years under Obama, the US dramatically eroded Israel’s diplomatic standing, treated the Jewish state as a pariah and provided incentives to the Palestinians to stall negotiations and engage in terror. With renewed American support, Israel could at long last stabilize itself.

There is no disputing that many Democratic Party supporters, including large numbers of Jews, were bitterly disappointed at the election result and were further outraged by Trump’s triumphant and, in their view, divisive inaugural address.

But surely it is in the interest of the Jewish community to develop a good relationship with the new administration, especially taking into account the enormous uplift it could provide to the beleaguered Jewish state. Even setting aside his religious Jewish son-in-law, Trump has always been close to Jews and his inner councils incorporate an unprecedented number of passionate religious Zionist Jews. This was highlighted by the honored role of Rabbi Marvin Hier as the first Orthodox rabbi invited to invoke a prayer at the presidential inauguration.

In this context, setting aside individual political beliefs, one must question the legitimacy of those purportedly mainstream Jewish organizational leaders who led the scurrilous accusation of fascism against the new president and the Jewish progressive religious groups calling for mourning and fasting.

One of the main justifying positive elements of progressive Jews was that even if they did not consider themselves obligated to follow Halacha (Jewish law), their activity would ensure that they at least remained within a Jewish framework. What their leaders are doing now is the opposite — encouraging them to take up liberal causes even if it means forsaking Israel, the most fundamental component providing them with a Jewish identity.

They have reversed Hillel’s maxim and act for what they perceive to be the universal needs of humanity, dismissing the interests of their own people. They are undermining themselves as a community and acting as lemmings marching off a cliff to their own destruction.

There is only one example in Jewish history to which such behavior can be compared. The Jewish Bolsheviks also turned against their own people and ultimately the revolution consumed them. Unfortunately, the vociferous anti-Trump Jewish activists represent a far greater proportion of the Left and their bleeding-heart pseudo-liberal allies than the Bolsheviks who represented an insignificant proportion of Russian Jews.

It is clear that in the Diaspora, committed Jews will remain overwhelmingly supportive of Israel while the pseudo-liberal or progressive Jews will become less interested in Israel and ultimately lose their identity. Indeed, Christian evangelicals now play a far greater role in promoting Israel than some of the mainstream Jewish groups.

We live in a world of chaos and upheaval.

Now is the time for all committed Jews to unite, stand together and concentrate primarily on securing their own rights. Diaspora Jews who, from their comfortable armchairs, claim a better understanding than Israelis of what is good for their security, should be treated with contempt. Israel is entitled to expect support from committed Jews over the next few years until it stabilizes its relationship with the world and creates an iron barrier to deter its genocidal enemies.

Once the threats to the Jewish people have been overcome, we can and will become more directly involved in tikkun olam and fulfilling Rabbi Hillel’s wise advice.

This article was originally published by Israel Hayom and the Jerusalem Post. 

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  • Joseph Feld

    A good article as we expect. We have a tradition of praying for the welfare of the head of state and the government. of the country where we live. This is based on the Prophet Jeremiah and also Pirkei Avos. Attacking and insulting a USA President lawfully elected by the Electoral College is deeply contrary to Daas Torah. When will misguided American liberal Jews wake up? Trump’s policy on Syrian refugees is the same policy as Obama’s policy on Iraqi refugees. The seven countries criticized by Trump for refusing to supply enough information on those applying for USA visas were criticized by Obama for the same reason. Let our fellow Jews wake up and stop following the Leftist crowd.

  • Roy L.

    The ‘Trump’ problem is that he is incapable (so far) of giving a good explanation for his actions. Others (including Isi Leibler) must do so for him, and then there is no consistency between their explanations. (How many varieties of explanations of ‘More people watched the inauguration than ever’ were there?) And that lack of a consistent, cogent explanation makes us concerned, and actually afraid.

    Trump cannot (or has not) cogently explained why he wants to pursue ‘voter fraud’ (there is 0 proof of his allegations of such) or ‘the wall’ (we are NOT being invaded by hordes of Mexican terrorists hell-bent on killing us). And he cannot (or at least hasn’t) explain the travel ban in not histrionic terms that a reasonably well-read listener will accept. (We are NOT being invaded by mid-Easterners who are hell-bent on killing us that normal vetting wouldn’t catch.)

    Add the above to the stupid things he said during the campaign, and the fear that Trump doesn’t really know what he is doing, becomes horror. He just hasn’t earned being entitled to the benefit of the doubt.

    If I were Trump, I would have said “Look, there is a big event — the Super Bowl, which could be a prime target of terrorists, and we are trying our best to prevent a tragedy.’ That would even explain the surprise nature of the ban. But he didn’t say that, and his ‘spokesmen’ didn’t say that, and what they did say shows they are not reading from the same script (because there is no script) The best they can say, “Look, ‘this was a campaign promise, so you shouldn’t be surprised.”

    Obama was good at explaining his actions, and you got the sense that his actions followed at least a short period of thoughtful and contemplative attention. Trump, not at all. It’s knee-jerk, and fed by his narcissistic tendencies. Maybe his knee-jerks are actually the best for the country, but I sure don’t know why,.

  • Mark_NYC

    I’m generally in agreement with Mr. Leibler’s views, but find he is too overwrought on this one. He is looking at the world from the narrow perspective of an Israeli citizen, which is understandable. But he also needs to understand that we in the America are U.S. citizens, and while Israel is a prime concern for us, it is not our exclusive concern. Thus, while Mr. Leibler seems to be enraged that an opportunity to utilize and perhaps exploit Trump to help Israel is being wasted, those of us living here are also concerned about issues. For example, whether we may lose some of our basic freedoms, see the termination of women’s rights that have been slowly and painfully acquired, and have our country led by an individual who is perhaps sufficiently unstable to get us into a major war. These are not trivial concerns. And while such concerns may get in the way of Leibler’s hoped for manipulation of the Trump administration to serve his political purposes, ignoring the legitimate concerns of Americans in regard to their new leadership is pretty xenophobic. And furthers the image of Israelis as being more than a little self centered about the issues facing their brethren in the diaspora when these have a potentially negative impact on Israeli concerns. Yes, Israeli issues are existential, and at some level, these trump (so to speak) all else. But I think Netanyahu is being very wise in the cautious way he is approaching the new American administration, while Leibler’s spleen venting against a major segment of American Jewry is unwise and counterproductive. Let’s just hope that our thin skinned and narcissistic new President doesn’t get offended at some perceived slight from Israelis or Jews and then turns his full wrath in their direction.

    • Spongwoggler

      Talk about being overwrought. This is a very long winded defence of the indefensible. Mr. Liebler is correct when he tells us that the liberal psuedoJews are causing untold damage. He is not only talking about Jews in America, he is talking about world Jewery. He states that very cleary and calmly. It is you who takes a very narrow view.

    • robert Davis

      PS By the way COWARDICE IS NOT WISE otherwise it would not always turn sour if not fatal.

    • Scorpio

      Mark: You are right and you are wrong. While American Jews are also concerned with other problems of ordinary life, concern for the survival of Israel – and thus of Jews in the world – has always been and should continue to be a [primary concern in all Jewish hearts. To work with political forces that undermine that hope is not for people who still possess in their souls a “pintele Yid.”