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February 13, 2017 11:34 am

Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Says Trump Was Ready to Announce Embassy Relocation to Jerusalem at ’12:01′ on Inauguration Day

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US Sen. Bob Corker (R-TN). Photo: Alchetron.

US Sen. Bob Corker (R-TN). Photo: Alchetron.

President Donald Trump was prepared to announce the move of the US Embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem a minute after his inauguration last month, junior Tennessee Senator Bob Corker said in an interview this week.

On The Global Politico podcast posted on Monday, Corker, chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, told host Susan B. Glasser that when he was interviewed late November for the position of secretary of state, he got the impression that relocating the embassy was “going to be their first move.”

“They were ready to move the embassy at 12:01 on Jan. 20, maybe 12 and 30 seconds,” Corker said, going on to explain why he thinks that did not happen.

“[M]y question at the time is, how does Israel feel about that? They’ve never had a closer relationship with the Arab world. I mean, the Iran deal… was not the kind of agreement we should have entered into…But the one plus in the Iran deal is it brought the Arab community close to Israel…So when you’ve got a situation like that, do you really want to destroy this alliance that is unprecedented and is real?”

Corker went on to say that he believes Israel is now “ready… for the embassy to move to Jerusalem,” and that it “may be waiting…until after [Ambassador-designate David Friedman] is confirmed to make additional moves.”

However, he said, “I think that they’ve got to communicate to the Arab world that this is not doing away or dampening in any way the two-state solution. And so there’s a lot of communication that’s got to come with this.”

Among the Arab leaders Corker then mentioned was King Abdullah of Jordan, who was in Washington last week.

Calling King Abdullah “sort of the Henry Kissinger of that part of the world,” Corker said that “anything that flies in the face” of the two-state solution for Israel and the Palestinians “could be viewed as a diss…to him.” Which is why, Corker said, the whole embassy issue should be “communicated properly” and prepared in advance.

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  • mbrj

    The only thing that the arabs/moslems understand is a “STRONG HAND”. When Israel shows kindnesses it is received at weakness. Like sharks in the ocean when they smell blood and attack…so do the arabs/moslems react to Jewish kindness….they attack! Rabbi Riskin tells this story…when he went to meet with an arab leader near his community, this leader said that he was resigned to the fact that the Jews were here to stay many years ago…seeing how determined the Jews were and how hard they worked, what sacrifices they were willing to make to build their land. But, then…when he was incarcerated in an Israeli prison during Pesach and he saw a guard eating a sandwich with bread and he questioned the guard, the guard told him to mind his own business and that he’ll eat what he wants to eat…(breaking Pesach). The arab leader said that at that moment he knew that the arabs will win…because Torah was not important to the Jews. So…the arabs look for any weakness in the Jews’ resolve and when we try to compromise with them and “make nice” they see this as weakness in our resolve. As the Torah says and repeats several times…”Ishmael will turn his fists against the other nations and the other nations will turn their fists against Ishmael.” These arabs descend from Ishmael who is a warring animal and we must never let our guard down and always stand our ground!

  • robert Davis

    If that thing abdallah was responsible of a problem in the transfer of the US embassy to Jerusalem he will have to cope with a transfer of arabs to amman.

  • The British Steals The Legal Jewish Territory in Jordan
    TRANSJORDAN THE JUDENREIN – Practicing Apartheid

    No part of this discourages Whitehall from broadcasting the usual paean in 1936 to the beauties of existence in this “peaceful and contented country, blessed with an Arab Emir and Government, and being without a Jewish problem” 9 Calmly shifting gears a few short months later, it acknowledges that “the Emirate of Abdullah is poor, miserably poor, but it does not want the wealth of the Zionists.” 10 This in itself was flatly-contradicted by the British statesman, Herbert Morrison, who on returning from a visit to Palestine and Trans-Jordan in 1936, told the House that Jews were being kept out of Transjordan “by the wish of the British Government. ,, 11

    The fact is that Trans-Jordan is a colony which Great Britain got on the excuse that it was to be part of the Jewish Homeland. The Commander of the Arab Legion is a blue-eyed Englishman named Peake Pasha. The most prominent agent of the all-important British Intelligence Service, Major J. B. Glubb, is stationed there permanently in charge of the desert patrol which keeps the turbulent tribesmen under control. Here in itself is proof of the importance London attaches to ownership of this area. British officials rule as in any other colony, and the word of the British High Commissioner is final. Says the Encyclopedia Britannica: “A considerable increase in the number of British officials and the transfer of the Palestine gendarmerie en bloc to Trans-Jordan resulted in fact in the carrying on of the Administration on Crown Colony lines; and the local Government existing as a façade, exercised little or no independent authority.” 12

    The ‘treaty’ between Great Britain and Abdullah covers all of this nicely. “His Highness the Emir agrees to be guided by the advice of His Britannic Majesty in all matters concerning the granting of concessions, the exploitation of natural resources, the construction and operation of railways, and the operation of loans.” The Emir may not “raise or maintain in Trans-Jordan or allow be raising or maintaining, any military forces without the consent of His Britannic Majesty.” The ‘independent
    Emirate’ agrees “to the employment of British officials.” England may keep a foreign army on its soil, and has its power of attorney in all matters of international relationship. Laws affecting the State budget, currency, land grants, succession to the throne and changes in the ‘Constitution’ are to be referred to the advice of Great Britain. Signed March 20, 1928, this ‘treaty* completed the Strategical moves by which Transjordan was to be purloined from the Jewish National Home and stuffed in the pocket of Great Britain. Today the Emir Abdullah is a dummy who sits on the knee of a ventriloquist known as the British Resident. It is Abdullah’s lips which move, but it is the voice of Downing Street which comes forth.

    Calling a spade a spade, the London Times, in its issue of March 29, 1928, declares: “Transjordan therefore has the status equivalent to a protectorate, the only difference being the status of Great Britain, because whereas a Mandate is provisional, the present relationship is permanent”
    (excerpt from – The Rape of Palestine by William Ziff)

  • RichieM

    What’s this obsession with the totally unworkable, impractical, unfeasible “two-state solution”?

    Muslims don’t want it.
    Reality-based Jews don’t want it.

    Everyone with an ounce of sense knows the never-satisfied Arabs will use their ‘State’ as a rocket launching base against Israel – only now closer than ever.

    This two-state pipe-dream is kept alive by Israeli and US diplomats and officials with their private political agendas – period.
    The Israeli people themselves know it will be suicide.