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April 9, 2017 11:53 pm

‘I’m Gonna Finish What Hitler Started,’ ‘That Jew Better Run’ Among Social Media Comments by Cleveland Students Revealed by Covert Watchdog

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Nance College of Business Administration, Cleveland State University. Photo: Wikipedia.

The latest report issued by a covert campus watchdog group revealed a string of highly offensive social media statements made by students at six Cleveland schools over the past few years.

Tweet by Rahma Bakhshi, a junior at CSU majoring in information science. He previously attended Tri-C. As of 2015, Bakshi was employed as a Sales Consultant with AT&T Wireless, in Parma, Ohio. Photo: Canary Mission.

The dossier, released on Thursday, highlighted dozens of antisemitic, homophobic and racist comments, including, “I’m gonna finish what Hitler started,” and “I’m bringing rocks to school…that Jew better run.”

According to the report, compiled by Canary Mission – which anonymously monitors anti-American, anti-Israel and antisemitic activity on US college campuses — the remarks were made by current and former students affiliated with branches of Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP), the Muslim Students Association (MSA) and the Arab Student Union (ASU) at the Cleveland schools.

Bahaa Falweh, the former president of the Cleveland State University (CSU) ASU, who is currently pursuing an MBA in health administration, tweeted in 2012, “Goodnight everyone, tonight ill be keeping gaza in my thoughts and prayers, inshallah Jews die.”

Earlier that year, he had commented: “If those dirty Jews invade [Gaza] tonight then I will personally hop on a plane, fly there and start killing them my self #realtalk.”

Walaa Mohammad, the current treasurer of the CSU SJP who is also affiliated with the campus MSA branch, tweeted in July 2016, “allah yin3an al yahood [May Allah curse the Jews].” Mashhour Shehadeh, in his last year at CSU, wrote in March 2016: “When life hands you rocks, throw them at yahood [jews].”

Tweet by Kasem Abed, a CSU electrical engineer major who transferred from Tri-C. Photo: Canary Mission.

Some of the comments were directed at David Blatt, the Israeli-American coach of the Cleveland Cavaliers basketball team, with Deanna Silmi — a former student activist with CSU’s SJP and current employee at an Ohio gym — tweeting in June 2015 for Blatt to “go to Hell this win was for Palestine you Zionist.”

Other schools represented in the report include Tri-C and Lorain County Community College. Moe Hamdan — affiliated with Tri-C’s recently organized MSA — wrote in 2012, “Whats the difference between a pizza & a jew? A pizza doesn’t scream in the oven…best joke I’ve heard in a while.” He has also expressed Holocaust denial on a number of occasions.

A report released earlier this week by a second campus watchdog, the AMCHA Initiative, claimed that anti-Israel activities continue to be one of the strongest markers indicating antisemitic incidents on campus.

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  • V900

    This is our own fault.

    Arabs are gonna Arab, no surprise there. The real problem is American Jews, especially the elites that claim to represent them.


    We have a President, who instituted a travel ban specifically to prevent Jihadists and Jihadi sympathizers from entering the country.

    And what do Jews do? Support him and stand up for him, like he did for us?

    No, of course not. Jewish “leaders” and organizations wring their hands and clutch their pearls, because “islamophobia” and G-d forbid a Moslem could ever get his feelings hurt!

  • Mother Nature

    This microcosm is in keeping with macrocosmic celebration of killing Jews that blankets the Palestinianist west. Racism against Jews is the new ‘social justice.’

  • Alex Schlesinger

    ” I’m Gonna Finish What Hitler ” ? ? ? YOU GONNA FINISH LIKE HITLER FINISHED !

  • Mitchell Lubline

    I say let them try the school is near a mostly black and white community of people who hate prejudice people not to mention the rough neighbourhood areas aren’t that far. Bring on the threats it means the castle laws are now heavily enforced they threatened every black and jew which now has a right to use lethal force due to the fact of imminent threat’s on their lives.

  • mullah cimoc

    this type of activity is why so many people hate jews. i hope the jewish community at large will repudiate these scum at canary.

  • Interesting. This site has ZERO problem with publishing what was stated by these disgusting people, but place my comments on hold.

  • This is what the Liberal “ctrl-left” have ushered into every city.

  • This is what brain defective Liberal “ctrl-left” have ushered into every city.

  • mrwma

    Say when……just say when

  • sidney sands

    These anti Semitic students who are full of hate , should look at what is happening in Egypt and Syria, where Christians and Muslims are being murdered on a daily basis , by idiots like them, they haven’t got a clue.

  • Kris Kristian

    Those Muslim savages want all “insults” to Islam to be banned and punishable by whatever means.
    Time for USA. BRITAIN ETC, to introduce a law which makes these threats by those Muslims bastard savages to be a long prison sentence and any student from n Islamic country, to be deported after they have served their prison sentence.
    Look what those Islamic countries are doing to anybody who says anything bad about Islam.
    they could face a death sentence
    Don’t let the Muslims take over the world.
    Send them all back to the deserts.
    The Muslims have been taking over Britain, France, Germany plus plus If Germany does not stop the open door policy, Germany will become a sharia criminal state.

  • ricardo

    Just shoot Kasem Abed to kill. Problem finished. If he wants to kill you, there is no reason not to kill him.

  • LoL

    Pathetic little fools. Full of bombast. C’mon, Cleveland, kick the little swine out and let them go rot elsewhere.

  • Mike Levy

    Why are these guys still breathing, let alone not having been arrested or better still, deported to where they came from? This as an Obama legacy!This kind of people are the same types as those who take firearms to schools and kill other students, regardless of who or what they are. Come on America, do something about it, and do it NOW!!

  • garry pollack

    & U mite wonder why no one bothers to blog on ure site???

  • garry pollack

    Let’s see if I M first will U guys pull ure usual stunt of “pending approval?”

    • Phil Lesh Fan

      You are not alone with the “pending approval” Garry. This site is a strange one, particularly when one calls out the Islamic terrorists and the Democratic Party for the evil groups which they are.

  • Jack Thomas

    I shall never understand how any Jew can associate with leftists, such as those who run the Democratic party, who, as a group, support many anti-semitic groups, including anti-Semitic Muslims, and others, who wish the extinction of Israel. How can a people, who are so intellectually, as well as other ways, blessed remain so blinded, when all is before them to see.

    • yael58

      Because the vast majority of them forget Churchill’s dictum: “An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last.”
      Not just liberal Jews, but liberals overall have forgotten it. Liberals love their smarmy love affair with Islam, yet ignore it is against everything they say they stand for; freedom, equality, women’s rights, gay rights, etc. Liberals also demonize the one country in the Middle East–Israel–where women and gays not only have the most rights, but where they flourish and excel.
      Their cognitive dissonance is amazing to behold.

    • I was raised in my grandfather’s Orthodox household; my grandfather was a Talmudic scholar. We are solid Democrats. I was a kibbutznik for a year. The kibbutzim are pure communism; Ben Gurion and Golda Meir were socialists. In fact, when Meir first went to Palestine, she was a Marxist.

      I vote Democratic because I believe in reproductive freedom, science and universal healthcare. I support PBS and the EPA. I do not want to see the States theocratized. Until the Supreme Court ruled against, Jewish students in public schools were forced to recite the Lord’s Prayer and their parents warned they and their children were going to Hell. Betsy DeVos is an ignoramus, and a Dominionist. I am not a one issue voter.

    • archer52

      A long time ago, I asked this of two friends who were Jewish. Both answered generally the same way to explain what appears to be a suicidal action.

      1. Jews vote Democrat because their forefathers did since FDR. It’s tradition. FDR saved them, brought them here.

      2. Not all Jews like or want Israel. Some even wish it would go away. They may be Jewish by heritage, but are not of faith. Jews were cast out of their homeland by God. They became wanders adhering to whatever culture they found themselves in. Many like it that way.

      Remember, Jesus AND Judas were both Jews.

      Both men started their explanations with “It’s complicated..”

      Best I can offer.

      • laudingtheOne

        1) Democrat in FDR’s time is not the same as Democrat today.
        2) I guess every nationality on earth has it’s traitors.
        3) The difference between Judas and Jesus is:
        * One was a sinner and a traitor.
        * One is our Saviour.

  • Reb_Yaakov

    Social media doesn’t kill; people do.

  • David Abraham

    Had he posted the same message on Facebook the message would (probably) still be there while we, the critics, would get our accounts banned (or blocked as they did with mine for criticizing an Arab who made fun of the Holocaust)..

    • yael58

      I had my former Twitter account suspended for speaking against terrorism, racism, anti Semitism, and speaking up for Israel.
      And yes, I’ve reported many violent page to FB: it’s always the same, that it doesn’t violate their community standards.

  • Jay20

    hence why I support Donald J. Trump’s ban.

    • Yocheved

      That ban is looking better every day, isn’t it?

  • CriticalDragon1177

    “Lovely!” Who says Antisemitism is dead? These hate filled idiots make me sick!