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May 29, 2017 3:34 pm

French Jewish Anger Grows Over Savage Antisemitic Murder of Pensioner at Hands of Muslim in Paris Suburb

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Dr. Sarah Halimi was the victim of a savage antisemitic murder in a Paris suburb in April. Photo: CRIF.

As further details emerge of the brutal murder of an Orthodox Jewish woman in a Paris suburb at the hands of a Muslim assailant last month, French Jews are increasingly worried and angered by what one prominent member of the community called an “organized silence” surrounding the case.

Dr. Sarah Halimi — a 66-year-old pensioner living in the Paris suburb of Belleville — was murdered in the early hours of April 4 by Kada Traore, a 27-year-old immigrant from Mali.  After breaking into the neighboring apartment of another Malian family at 4:25 a.m. — whose terrified inhabitants locked themselves away as they heard him recite verses from the Quran — Traore jumped over the balcony and forced his way into Halimi’s apartment. As he beat the elderly lady savagely, her screams prompted neighbors to call the police.

Three officers arrived at 4:45 a.m. But on hearing Traore yelling “Allahu Akhbar!” and “Shaitan!” (Arabic for ‘Satan’), they feared a terrorist attack was taking place, and called for backup. Anti-terror officers did not arrive until 5:00 a.m., by which time Halimi had been thrown by her attacker from the window of her third-floor apartment to the ground below. Traore, reported to be a drug dealer and addict with a criminal record, then returned to the apartment of the Malian family where he resumed his prayers, and was not taken into police custody until almost 6:00 a.m.

Shock over the barbaric nature of the murder has been compounded by the reluctance of both the media and French authorities to recognize it as an antisemitic hate crime — even after a silent march of remembrance on the Sunday after the murder was met by local youths chanting “Death to the Jews” and “We Own Kalashnikovs.”

In an open letter to new French Interior Minister Gerard Collomb, Alexandra Laignel-Lavastine — a French journalist and expert on antisemitism — charged that “in the advanced decadence that reigns today in the country of (antisemitic comedian) Dieudonné, for whom ‘the Jews are dogs’ (and people laugh hysterically), it seems that a run-over dog deserves more attention than a murdered Jewish woman.”

Laignel-Lavastine also quoted William Attal, Halimi’s brother, who stated, “I have waited seven weeks before I said anything. The absolute silence about my sister’s murder has become intolerable.”

Since the murder, official and media accounts of what transpired have played up claims that Traore was suffering from mental illness, while virtually ignoring the antisemitic element of the crime.

A common theory is that the recent French election encouraged — in the phrase of Michel Gurfinkiel, a leading French political analyst and president of the Jean-Jacques Rousseau Institute in Paris — an “organized silence” around the Halimi murder.

“Such a story would benefit the Right and the National Front,” Gurfinkiel said. “Everyone is convinced this is why there has been such an organized silence around the story.”

A few days after the murder, Marine Le Pen — the leader of the far-right, anti-immigrant National Front — tweeted that Halimi’s fate made her want to “speak about Islamist antisemitism.” Le Pen was defeated by centrist candidate Emmanuel Macron in the second round of the presidential election on May 7.

“The Jewish community was very careful not to be suspected of siding with Marine Le Pen,” Gurfinkiel said. He also noted that state provision of security to religious buildings and institutions means that Jewish organizations are “reluctant to raise certain questions.”

But as more time passes in the wake of Halimi’s murder, the calls to recognize its antisemitic nature are growing. Interviewed by the Le Parisien newspaper last week, the lawyers for the Halimi family, Jean-Alex Buchinger and David Kaminsky, said in no uncertain terms that Sarah Halimi had been “targeted, tortured and killed by her assailant because she was Jewish.”

Halimi’s murder robbed the Jewish community in Paris of one of its most loved figures, known for her work as a doctor and as a kindergarten teacher. “She was very well known and respected, a great person,” Gurfinkiel said. “The tragedy is that she was living in that part of Paris where Jews are gradually leaving, since the security doesn’t exist anymore.”

It also brought forth reminders of the 2006 kidnapping and murder of a young French Jew, Ilan Halimi — no relation to Ruth Halimi — whose body was left for dead by a mostly-Muslim gang who seized him out of the belief that Jews were wealthy and willing to pay ransom money.

“The French police were of no help during the whole (Ilan Halimi) episode, rejecting any idea that antisemitism could have played a role in the affair and preferring to believe the absurd notion that this was the result of some war between rival gangs,” Laignel-Lavastine noted in her letter about Ruth Halimi to French Interior Minister Collomb. “Ten years later, we have reached the same point.”

Traore is currently undergoing psychiatric tests and Jewish communal leaders are impatient for more information from authorities. “The more time passes, the more the community feels that there is something you do not want to tell us,” commented Joel Mergui, head of the Consistoire — the governing body of French Jewish communities.

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  • P.H.M.van de Kletersteeg

    The only way that french (jews) can save their own lifes and pre4vent a civil war is the hard way.
    Groups of armed civilians must be formed.
    Revenge must be by attacking muslim leaders, mosques.
    By massive deportations.
    Borders closed for arabs and africans.

    Any other way: civilization will end in France.
    In conflict with the primitive muslim sub-saharians that is the only way.

    Re-install death penality for terrorists and for islam murders.
    Let the hangman be a woman.

  • P.H.M.van de Kletersteeg

    Indeed! Well spoken!

  • bee wein

    So then I suppose France will be a Muslim county and all the French soldiers in the sat will have died in vain. Viva La Islam

  • bee wein

    If I are a French Jew, I wouldn’t run off to Israel, I would however be marching in the streets of France. All day, everyday. Jews don’t run away anymore.

  • Aly Shon

    I would just add that Ilan Halimi was tortured to death for over a month.

  • Jack Thomas

    America embraces all ethnicities, and religions, as long as they assimilate within the American culture. Multiculturalism is also a fallacy in the USA, as leftists, blindly embrace it. European Jews, come to America!

  • Jack Thomas

    Leftists never let fact, reason, logic, nor law interfere with ideology, and so-called multiculturalism, which does not successfully exist anywhere, is one their major gods. That no one recognizes that these leftists are truly insane, is the reason Europe is doomed.

  • Hard Little Machine

    There are two few French Jews to make any political difference. France’s leaders know this and don’t care. They want the Jews out, gone. All that’s different now than before is they’ve outsourced it to the Muslims. French Jews are a persecuted minority just as they were under the Arabs, just as they were under Vichy.

  • walter77777

    There are over 2,100,000 Muslims living in France. It is evil to want to pick on them because a few Muslims have committed violent acts. My understanding of Jewish ethics makes me believe that any sort of collective guilt is contrary to what I have learned.

  • Sifter

    Sadly true.

  • Sifter

    Their opposition to guns is sealing their fate. If the Muslim savages knew that Jewish households would greet their attacks with a bullet barrage, they might think twice. Right now it’s a turkey shoot.

  • Arnishel

    The Dreyfus affair was an embarrassment to the French because anti-Jewish bias was the norm.
    Is it not amazing that the same anti-Jewish bias remains today? Is it not amazing that we Jews who have added so much economically and culturally to France still rate as 3rd class citizens behind the pur-laine French and the Moslems who have done little or nothing but suck at the social fabric teets of France.

  • tiki

    So, stop being so nice and start demanding answers through the courts!

  • rimmshot

    EMET! Jews must leave France!

  • ricardo

    Well, the French don’t have a death sentence, so 20 years from now this animal will be free again so he can murder other innocent people.

  • robert Davis

    I mean in separate quarters from those of the muslim population.

  • robert Davis

    It’s evident antisemitism was encouraged by the fat one hollande and his socialist party. Jews and white people should GROUP in separate quarters whether the govt.likes it or not.