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June 27, 2017 5:15 pm

Algemeiner Editor-in-Chief: Anti-Israel Media Bias Rooted in Preconceived Narratives Imposed Upon Journalistic Community

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Algemeiner Editor-in-Chief Dovid Efune appears on Latest TV. Photo: Screenshot.

Anti-Israel media bias is rooted in a culture in which “a certain narrative is imposed upon the journalistic community and there’s little room for dissent,” the editor-in-chief of The Algemeiner said during a recent appearance in the UK on Latest TV.

“As a product of that,” Dovid Efune noted, “stories are sought to fit into a preconceived narrative, as opposed to being a reflection or reality, truth and the correct context, which is the ultimate calling of journalists.”

“The good news,” Efune went on to say, “is the media climate is changing quite radically, turning on its head, and it’s entering a period that we call the democratization of information, which means that people, individuals, communities are able to engage in the spread of information. And my sense, certainly, is that the majority of people are interested in the truth, they’re interested in justice, they’re interested in accuracy, they don’t have the time and the head space for preconceived narratives. And in this new climate, a great opportunity exists for the truth to see the light of day.”

“The same we’re able to set the politicians straight when they get it wrong — we can vote them out of office — we can set the journalists straight, and say listen, if you’re not going to be fair and accurate and balanced here, we’re not going to spread your content on social media and nobody is going to read it,” Efune concluded.

Watch Efune’s remarks below:

Watch Efune’s full appearance on “The Vote” with Bill Smith below:

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  • dante

    sorry, pal. it’s unlikely that one will see any significant change any time soon. the agenda for the media is set by a few outlets, e.g. the loathsome and reflexively anti-Israel nyt, bbc, npr, etc. the agenda is unassailably biased, i.e. the bias is impenetrable, resistant to any assault by evidence. and, the dispersion of that bias culminates in reinforcement of the dishonest agenda.

  • Mike E

    It’s also clear that a certain type of people are drawn to journalism. It’s often emotional, superficial and irrational people and those are most often left-wing. The left, especially in Europe, hates Israel and Jews. And remember that the German national socialists also were left and founded by socialists.

  • Quacky

    I think Dovid Efune is reacting to false reporting on Israel/ IDF/Jews within British media as though its something quite new and immature. In reality this carefully controlled hatred of Israel and the Jews has a long, spiteful and deliberate anti-Semitic narrative, started by the BBC and dating back to the end of World War 2. The vile message being pumped out ( Channel 4 News and Jon Snow ) these past 20 years, is that of the Revisionist. Its the rewriting of history, my history the Jewish history. Its the deliberate promotion of Arab ‘Palestinian’ fake history. We are talking about journalists and Academics joining forces to dilute recorded Jewish history / geography / literature and attribute it to the Arabs! In the West, we as a People, a race, are being eradicated through the Higher Educational Establishments and portrayed as Murderers, Fanatics, Nazis and Exterminators of the Arabs. This is most prevalent amongst the so-called ‘Liberal-Left Educated, Professional population.’ I have been fighting this since 1979. The only thing that has changed is the level of Hatred aimed at Britain’s Jews. It really is evil and frightening.

  • Malcolm Jackson

    “Anti-Israel media bias is rooted in a culture in which “a certain
    narrative is imposed upon the journalistic community and there’s little
    room for dissent,”…. I am an ordinary working class Englishman. I understand that Dovid Efune is saying that the BBC and MSM are biased against Israel. I got the impression that Dovid is speaking to other intellectuals and not the British public. I don’t think many of my pals, if any, would bother reading beyond the first paragraph of Dovid’s article, which is a great pity, because the MSM in the UK is aiding the Islamisation and Islamic conquest of Europe and the UK.

  • Efram Paul

    Dovid, I hope that when you meet with the president, you stress the need to ban the granddaddy of all terrorist organizations, the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas’ parent group.

  • Graham

    I recently cancelled our satellite TV package in the UK as I no longer wanted to receive any of the fake news from the BBC! Just get reliable news now from the internet. Would highly recommend others to do the same. Have not regretted it.