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July 26, 2017 3:18 pm

As Temple Mount Tensions Remain High, Palestinian Authority Leader Abbas Calls for Further Protests

avatar by Barney Breen-Portnoy

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Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas. Photo: via Wikimedia Commons.

Amid the ongoing tensions in the Middle East over new security measures implemented by Israel at the Temple Mount in Jerusalem following the recent terrorist attack there in which two policemen were killed, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas and his Fatah Party are urging protesters to stay on the streets.

“All of the new Israeli steps on the ground from that date [July 14, when the attack took place] until today need to stop, and then the situation in Jerusalem will return to normal,” Abbas said on Tuesday, in remarks translated by Palestinian Media Watch. “Afterwards we will continue our work on everything regarding the relations between us and them.”

“Since Israel tried to change the situation, the residents of Jerusalem have risen as one,” he continued. “You have objected to all of the steps, and we have supported you in what you have done and what you are doing. We are with you in everything that you have done and are still doing, as you are causing us pride, and you are taking care of your Al-Aqsa Mosque, your land, your dignity, your people, your religion and your holy sites. This is the response to everyone who wants to harm our holy sites. Jerusalem is ours. It is our capital and it is [under] our sovereignty, and therefore what you are doing is right.”

Meanwhile, Abbas’ Fatah Party on Tuesday published an image on Facebook of a clenched fist, immersed in fire, accompanied by the words, “At your service, O Jerusalem. At your service, O Al-Aqsa Mosque.”

Both West Bank-based Fatah and and its rival Hamas — which rules the Gaza Strip — are organizing mass demonstrations for this coming Friday. Last Friday, three Palestinians were killed in violent clashes with Israeli security forces.

On Wednesday, according to the Petra news agency, Jordanian King Abdullah II spoke with Abbas by telephone and the two discussed the Temple Mount situation.

Abdullah and Abbas “stressed the importance of continuing coordination to bring the situation back to what it was before the outbreak of the crisis and ensure that the historical and legal status in the Holy Mosque is respected,” Petra reported.

On Tuesday, Israel dismantled metal detectors and cameras it had put in place at the Temple Mount and said it would instead use “advanced technologies” to secure the hilltop holy compound.

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  • Deluding yourself after 70 years of Arab deception of peace is another mistake.
    Mahmmoud Abbas aka Abu Mazen, the terrorist, convicted murderer and financier of the Munich Massacre and the Achille Lauro Cruise Ship hijacking and murder.
    The Arabs received over 13 million sq. km. of territory after WWI with a wealth of oil reserves and the Arab-Palestinians have a state and that is Jordan which has taken about 80% of Jewish allocated land under international law and treaties of post WWI. The Arabs also have homes and over 46,332 square miles – 120,000 sq. km. of land the Arab countries confiscated from the over a million expelled Jewish families which is 6 times the size of Israel and valued in the trillions of dollars. The million expelled Jewish families reside now in Greater Israel
    It is time to take another approach. Peace talks, not until the Arabs can prove they can control their population and live with the Jews in peaceful coexistence for at least 5 years and eliminate the education of its people to commit terror and violence and replace it with education and practice of living in harmony and coexistence. Nothing less will be accepted. It is not negotiable.
    Temple Mount in Jerusalem is Jewish territory and has been since prior to the building of the two Jewish temples (as a matter of fact King David of Israel had paid Aruna the Jebusites money to purchase that property, to avoid conflict). Israel after liberating it in 1967 graciously permitted the Arabs to continue to pray there. Now the time has come to terminate that arrangement. It is the Arabs who are defiling The Jewish holy of holies.
    After years of abuse of this privilege, by committing violence and violently interfering with Jewish worshipers on a consistent basis, Israel has the right, duty and obligation to revoke that privilege.
    Let us take back our sacred ground, once and for all.
    I am sure the Arab-Muslim would not permit anyone in the world to build and control the holy Muslim Site in Mecca.
    Let the Arab-Muslim have Mecca and the Judeo-Christian have Jerusalem and the Temple Mount.
    My mother-in-law was in Auschwitz and was sent to the gas chamber in Auschwitz three times. Somehow she crawled out between the legs of others in the line and survived while losing most of her family in the Nazi extermination camps. I proudly say and practice, NEVER AGAIN. Enough is enough. Ghetto mentality of capitulation is over.
    I will not and cannot cower to Arab terrorism, violence, intimidation, and threats, etc. Furthermore, I am confident no self respecting Israeli is willing to cower to terrorism and violence. To prevent such a scenario, Israel must go on an unrelenting offensive with no restrictions to claim and take back what belongs to Israel and its people. World opinion be damned. The world at large through the ages has always persecuted the Jewish People.
    The time for negotiation and compromise is over, it has accomplished more terror and violence; it is time to reverse those concessions to the Radical Arab Palestinians who promote Terror and Violence. The Arab-Palestinians celebrate terrorist’s actions, finance terrorists and support their families for committing terror. Teach their Arab children hate and to commit terror and violence. Mahmmoud Abbas aka Abu Mazen is the mastermind financier of the Munich Massacre and he promotes terror and violence and invents fictitious Arab history.
    “A Unified Israel is a strong Israel”
    YJ Draiman

    If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem!

  • Epstein

    For arabs the mosqee al aksa is not inportant at all, they are not even interrested to go inside to pray !! For them, praying on the street is the same think, so, close the mosqee !!