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November 3, 2022 10:57 am

UN Concerned About Number of Palestinians Killed This Year — Doesn’t Say That 95% Were Terrorists

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(From left) “Equiano.Stories” producer Mati Kochavi, Israel’s Ambassador to the United Nations Gilad Erdan and New York City Mayor Eric Adams at an event at the United Nations on March 29, 2022. Photo: Shahar Azran.

On October 29, the AP reported:

The U.N. Mideast envoy said 2022 is on course to be the deadliest year for Palestinians in the West Bank since the U.N. started tracking fatalities in 2005, and he called for immediate action to calm “an explosive situation” and move toward renewing Israeli-Palestinian negotiations.

Tor Wennesland told the U.N. Security Council that “mounting hopelessness, anger and tension have once again erupted into a deadly cycle of violence that is increasingly difficult to contain,” and “too many people, overwhelmingly Palestinian have been killed and injured.”

What Mr. Wennesland, and the media at large, ignores is that the overwhelming majority of those killed were in the midst of violent actions at the time, and most were members of armed terrorist groups.

Adin Haykin has been maintaining a huge Twitter thread of those killed this year, with photos and documentation. The real story isn’t the record number of Palestinians killed — but the number of Palestinian terrorists and attackers.

Nearly all those killed were either in the midst of attacking or were members of known terror groups. Out of 121 killed (one died of a heart attack), I only count six who might have been innocent – killed while the IDF was going after attackers, or one killed when he ignored warning shots and kept approaching the soldiers, for example.

This is a year of attacks unprecedented since the second intifada. And Israel has no need to apologize for killing the terrorists before most of them manage to reach Israeli civilians.

One other data point: before May 2021, the number of attacks using small arms were quite small, only a couple a month. The number of shooting attacks tracked by the Shin Bet have dramatically increased since then; here are the statistics over the past 12 months:

And here’s the trend of Palestinian pipe bombs tracked by the Shin Bet:
This is what the UN and the media are not telling you. 
Here is Adin Haykin’s thread:
1. Bakir Muhammad Musa Hashash
opened fire on IDF troopsImage
2. Falah Musa Shaker Jaradat
attempted a stabbing attackImage
3. ‘Omar Muhammad ‘Abd al-Majid As’ad
reportedly died of a heart attack hours after being released from detentionImage
4. Adham Jamal ‘Abd a-Rahim Mabrukah
5. Ashraf Muhammad ‘Abd al-Fatah Mbaslat
6. Muhammad Raed Hussein Dakhil
A cell of the Islamic Jihad that was eliminated on the way to a terrorist attackImage
7. Muhammad Akram ‘Ali Abu Salah
was a military operative of the al-Aqsa Martyrs BrigadesImage
8. Nihad Amin Yunes Dar al-‘Is (Barghuthi)
9. Muhammad Rizaq Shehadeh Salah
killed after throwing Molotov cocktailsImageImage
10. Ahmad Hikmat Ahmad Seif
Fatah operative, threw Molotov cocktailImage
11. Shadi Khaled ‘Ali Nijm
12. ‘Abdallah Ahmad Diab al-Husari
PIJ operativesImageImage
13. ‘Ammar Shafiq ‘Issa Abu ‘Afifah
reportedly ran away from a soldier’s interrogationImage
14. Yamen Nafez Mahmoud Khanafsah
DFLP, threw Molotov cocktailsImage
15. Karim Jamal Muhammad Isma’il al-Qawasmi
stabbed policemenImageImage
16. ‘Abd a-Rahman Jamal Muhammad Qassem
Hamas stabbed 2 Border PoliceImageImage
17. ‘Alaa Muhammad ‘Abd al-Qader Shahham
18. Nader Haitham Fathi Rayan
PIJ operativeImage
19. Sanad Muhammad Khalil Abu ‘Atiyyah
20. Yazid Nidal Sa’ed a-Din a-S’adi
PIJ operativesImage
21. Ahmad Yunes Sidqi Atrash
Hamas, threw Molotov cocktailsImage
22. Khalil Muhammad Khalil Taleb
23.Seif Hifzi Muhammad Abu Libdah
24.Saaeb Taysir Muhammad ‘Abahrah
PIJ operativesImage
25. Hanan Mahmoud ‘Abd a-Ra’uf Khaddur
Killed in the exchange of fire of the Islamic Jihad that eliminated:
26. Ahmad Naser ‘Abd a-Rahman a-S’adiImage
27. Muhammad Hussein Muhammad ‘Adel Qassem
PIJ operativeImage
28. Ghadah Ibrahim ‘Ali Hassan
She was shot at the legs after she spring towards the IDF soldiers who told her to stopImage
29. Muhammad ‘Ali Ahmad Ghneim
Fatah rioterImage
30. Maha Kazem ‘Awad a-Za’tari
stabbed a Border Police officerImage
31. Qusai Fouad Muhammad Hamamreh
Fatah operativeImage
32. Muhammad Hassan Muhammad ‘Assaf
PLO rioterImageImageImage
33. Shaas Fouad Nayef Kamamji
34. Mustafa Abu al-Rab
35. Shaukat Kamal Abed,
Fatah operative,Image
36. Lutfi Ibrahim Lutfi Labadi
Fatah operativeImage
37. Ahmad Muhammad Fathi Masad
An Islamic Jihad operativeImage
38. Yihya ‘Ali ‘Abd al-Hafez ‘Udwan
39. Mahmoud Sami Khalil ‘Aram
40. Mu’tassem Muhammad Atallah
Hamas attempt stabbingImage
41. Thaer Khalil Muhammad Mislet
42. Shireen Nasri Anton Abu Akleh
A journalist who was killed in an exchange of fire between the IDF and the Islamic JihadImage
43. Dawood Muhammad ‘Abd a-Rahman Zbeidi
Jenin commander of the al-Aqsa Martyrs’ BrigadeImage
44. Amjad Walid Hussein Fayed
PIJ operative.Image
45. Gheith Muhammad Rafiq Ziad Yamin
46. Zeid Muhammad Sa’id Ghneim
Al Aqsa Martyr’s BrigadeImage
47. Bilal Rafiq Tawfiq Qabha
Islamic Jihad operativeImage
48. Ghufran Harun Hamed Warasnah
attempted stabbingImageImage
49. ‘Odeh Muhammad ‘Odeh Sadqah
Fatah threw a Molotov cocktailImage
50. Samih Jamal Muhammad ‘Amarneh
PIJ operativeImage
51. Mahmoud Fayez Mahmoud Karajah
52. Yusef Naser Hassan Salah
53. Baraa Kamal Ahmad Lahlouh
54. Layth Salah Muhammad Is’id (Abu Srur)
Islamic Jihad cellImageImageImage
55. Nabil Ahmad Salim Ghanem
Fatah infiltratorImage
56. Muhammad ‘Abdallah Salah Suliman
57. Muhammad Maher Nafe’a Mar’i
58.Kamel ‘Abdallah Kamel ‘Alawneh
59. Rafiq Riyad Rafiq Ghanam
Al Aqsa Martyr’s Brigades operativeImage
60.’Abd a-Rahman Jamal Suliman Subuh
61. Muhammad Bashar Nimer ‘Azizi
62. Hussein Hassan Ibrahim Qawariq
called on to stop moving toward their location and fired warning shots into the air. When he failed to heed their warnings, he was shot.Image
63. Amjad Abu Alia,
planned riotImage
64. Derar Riad Saleh al-Kafrini
65. Muhammad Ibrahim Kamal al-Shaham
Attempted stabbingImage
66. Ibrahim al-Nablusi
67. Islam Sabouh
68. Hussein Jamal Taha
69. Mu’man Yassin Jabber
70. Salah Tawfiq Sawafta
Injured during a riotImage
71. Wasim Nasser Abu Khalifa
72. Muhammad Arayisha
A Fatah al Aqsa Martyr’s brigade operativeImageImage
74. Fadi Ghattas
Stabbing attackImage
75. Taher Muhammad Zakarna
76. Yazan Afana
77. Samer Khaled
Al Aqsa Martyr’s Brigade operativesImage
78. Muhammad Musa Muhammad Sabaana
79. Haytham Hani Mubarak
used a hammer to attack a soldierImageImage
80. Younes Ghassan Taya
81. Hamad Mustafa Abu Jalda
al-Aqsa Martyrs’ BrigadeImage
82&83. Ahmad and Abdelrahman Abed
84. Odai Trad Hisham Salah
73. Nidal Jum’ah ‘Abdallah Ja’afrah
Stabbed civilians with a screwdriverImage
85. Muhammad Abu Juma’a
stabbing attackImageImage
86. Mohamed Abu Kafia
Fatah, car-ramming attackImageImage
87. Saed al-Koni,
Al Aqsa Martyrs “lions” brigadeImage
88. Abed Hazem
89. Ahmad Alawnah
90. Mohammad al-Wanna
91. Tarek Al-ShaqfaAl Aqsa Martyrs brigadesImageImageImageImage

92.Basel Qassem Basbous
93. Khaled al-Anbar
Fatah, ramming attackImage
94. Muhammad Hashem Abu Naaseh
95. Fayiz Khaled Damdum
Threw Molotov cocktail and IEDImage
96.Mahmoud Al-Sous
97.Ahmed Dagharmeh
PIJ operativesImageImage
98. Alaa Zaghal
Al Qassam “lion” brigadeImage
99. Mahmoud Samudi,
PIJ rioter, was hit along with 88,89,90,91Image
100. Osama Adawi,
Hamas rioterImageImage
101. Mehdi Ladado
DFLP rioterImage
102. Salama Rafat Sharayah,Fatah rioterImage
103. Adel Ibrahim Adel Daud
Hamas rioterImage
104. Majahed Ahmed Muhammad Daud
Fatah activistImage
105. Mateen Chabaya
PIJ operativeImageImage

106. “The doctor” Abdullah Ahmed Abu teen

Al Aqsa Martyr’s Brigade operativeImage

107. Kis Emad Ahjala
Hamas operativeImage
108. Udai Tamimi
Committed multiple shooting attacks.…Image
109. Tamer al-Kilani
“Lion’s Den” commanderImage
110.Ali Antar
111. Ham Uday Qayam
112 Wadi al-Huh
113. Ham Uday Sharaf
114. Mashal Baghdadi
“Lion’s Den” and Fatah operativesImageImageImage
115. Salah al-Rahim Briki
PIJ operativeImage
116. Mahmoud al-Tamimi
Threw IEDImage
117. Rabi Arfa Rabi
Hamas infiltratorImage
118. Muhammad F Uday Nouri
Fatah rioterImage
119. Imad Abu Rsheid
120. Ramzi Sami Zabara
“Lion’s Den” and PA security force opretivesImage

121. Mohammed Kamel Jabari

Committed a shooting attack in Kiryat Arba which killed one IsraeliImageImage

122. Barakat Mousa Odeh
Car ramming attack…Image

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