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avatar Abraham Cooper and Manfred Gerstenfeld

ARTICLES BY: Abraham Cooper and Manfred Gerstenfeld

August 31, 2018 3:54 pm

Why Did Nearly 40 Percent of Norwegians Compare Israelis to Nazis?

Not long ago, a poll taken in Norway showed that 38 percent of Norwegians actually believe that Israel treats the Palestinians like the Nazis treated Jews. Around...

January 17, 2018 9:36 am

The Dutch and Their Jews: The Never-Ending Shame of the Netherlands

Last month, a video showing a man waving a Palestinian flag and smashing the windows of a kosher Amsterdam restaurant went viral. Thereafter, two policemen -- who...

October 30, 2015 9:52 am

Immigration, Antisemitism and the Future of European Democracy

At the beginning of the emotional debate sparked by the huge influx of refugees into Europe, leaders of the small vulnerable Jewish communities in Europe...


Palestinian President Abbas Calls on Israel to Resume Negotiations Immediat...

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lapid's call for a two-state solution was a "positive development" but...

Middle East

Iran Regrets Ukraine’s Downgrading of Ties Over Drones

i24 News – Iran regrets Ukraine's decision to downgrade diplomatic ties over the country's alleged supply of drones to Russia, the Iranian foreign ministry spokesperson said on Saturday. Nasser Kanaani said...

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