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July 7, 2017 10:07 am

Former Israeli Security Officials Duel Over Palestinian Authority Terror Payments

JNS.org - An organization comprised of dozens of former Israeli generals and security officials has spurred confusion regarding the Jewish state’s policy on the Palestinian Authority’s...

July 26, 2015 4:22 pm

Baseball Brings Arabs and Jews Together in Israel

JNS.org - While his teammates are at bat, Ido Peled flashes a toothy teenage grin, his cap tilted slightly off-kilter, and affirms that his favorite club...


Princeton University English Department to Host ‘Blatantly’ Ant...

Mohammed el-Kurd, a controversial pro-Palestinian activist whom Jewish groups have accused of "blatant" antisemitism, will speak at Princeton University on...


Israel Bar Association Head Accused of Sexual Misconduct

JNS.org - Israel Bar Association chief Avi Himi is under fire to resign after being accused of inappropriate sexual conduct. Himi fondled himself during a video call with a lawyer seeking...

Middle East

Two Armed Men Cross From Syria Into Israeli Territory, IDF Troops Open Fire

Two armed men were spotted crossing from Syria into Israel on Sunday morning, in the southern Golan Heights, the Israeli military said. Israeli soldiers opened fire after arriving on the scene,...


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