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July 18, 2021 5:55 am

Chile: Antisemitism and the Peril of Daniel Jadue

JNS.org - The anti-Zionist activist Roger Waters, who also doubles up as the former bassist of veteran rockers Pink Floyd, gave a ringing endorsement last...

July 4, 2021 12:09 pm

After Latest Legislation on Stolen Jewish Property, It’s Time to Cut Ties With Poland’s Government

JNS.org - Poland is awash in antisemitism, and it is the government in Warsaw that is setting the hateful tone amid the worst breakdown in...

June 20, 2021 12:35 pm

Iran’s Election Farce Raises ‘Regime Change’ Debate Once More

JNS.org - The people of Iran were again subjected last Friday to the farce that befalls them every four years, when the Islamist regime calls...

June 13, 2021 12:53 pm

The Antisemitism of Jean-Luc Mélenchon

JNS.org - In the first round of the French presidential election in 2017, nearly one in five voters marked their ballots for Jean-Luc Mélenchon, the...

May 30, 2021 11:33 am

What Does ‘Justice for Sarah Halimi’ Mean?

JNS.org - There was a particularly nasty incident that was reported in the crime sections of the French press this week. It caught my eye...

May 23, 2021 4:19 am

The Return of the Anti-Jewish Mob

JNS.org - The left-wing French parliamentarian Danièle Obono stormed out of a live debate on May 13 about the latest round of Israeli-Palestinian hostilities hosted...

May 16, 2021 3:00 am

For Palestinians, the Past Remains the Future

JNS.org - Judging by the present pattern, the next conflagration over Gaza — and by extension, the still-unresolved Palestinian question — will occur in 2028...

May 9, 2021 4:55 am

‘They Own the Media’: Coronavirus Antisemitism Remains Lethal

JNS.org - Another one of my musical heroes, sadly, outed himself this week as an antisemite. On this occasion, it was the turn of Van...

April 25, 2021 9:42 am

Is the Truth a Casualty of the Abraham Accords?

JNS.org - There’s an old adage of disputed authorship that has traveled down the centuries: In times of war, truth is the first casualty. As...

April 18, 2021 12:24 pm

In France, Antisemitism Is Systemic

JNS.org - In the series “Letters to a German Friend,” written clandestinely during the Nazi occupation of France, the celebrated French writer and resistance figure...

April 11, 2021 1:55 pm

America Has Made a Serious Mistake on UNRWA

JNS.org - The Biden administration’s regressive decision to include $150 million for the UN Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) as part of its restoration of...

April 5, 2021 2:26 pm

Global Freedom on the Decline

JNS.org - Passover is a celebration of freedom, but its underlying story is a salutary reminder that freedom is a fragile thing and that achieving...

March 30, 2021 1:49 pm

Yet Another Attempt to Sanitize Anti-Zionism

JNS.org - Another week, another solemn definition of what does and doesn’t constitute antisemitism, another quixotic attempt to slow the growing adoption of the International...

March 21, 2021 6:28 am

Antisemitic or Just ‘Strident’?

JNS.org - There is a curious sentence that appears in the definition of antisemitism currently being tested by a group of progressive Jewish Americans. It...


Chinese Dreidels With Mandarin Lettering Designed for Kaifeng Jewish Community

Hundreds of dreidels with lettering in Mandarin Chinese were designed and produced for...

Eilat Miss Universe Contest to Go Forward Despite Omicron, Minister Says

Israel will host the Miss Universe beauty pageant in the Red Sea resort...


University of Toronto Student Union Slammed for Barring Pro-Israel Kosher F...

Canadian Jewish groups demanded "concrete action" from the University of Toronto administration after a student union resolution called for sourcing...


Israeli Officials Light Hanukkah Menorahs at Western Wall as Victim of Pale...

i24 News – In a ceremony at the Western Wall, Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett and Defense Minister Benny Gantz...

Middle East

Lebanese Protesters Block Roads Over Economic Meltdown

Demonstrators, some of them burning tires, blocked roads across parts of Lebanon on Monday in protest at the country's economic meltdown, days after the Lebanese pound sank to new lows. Lebanon's...


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