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Benjamin Ryberg is Chief Operating Officer and director of research at The Lawfare Project.

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June 28, 2020 5:15 am

BDS Movement Dealt a Blow at Lawyers Guild - After nearly four years of litigation, the National Lawyers Guild -- a non-profit organization that purports to be a storied network of human-rights...


Iraqi Parliament Passes Legislation Criminalizing Contact With Israel on Pa...

Iraq's parliament has passed legislation that would make contact between Iraqi citizens and Israelis a crime punishable with a lifetime...


Israel Security Forces Foil Drug Smuggling Operation Along Egyptian Border

The Israeli army said Thursday it has thwarted a major drug smuggling attempt along the country’s southern border with Egypt, arresting an operative involved. The IDF confiscated 230 pounds of drugs...

Middle East

New York Times: Israel Killed Top IRGC Commander a Warning to Iran - Israeli officials were taken by surprise on Wednesday by a report in The New York Times alleging that Israel had informed Washington it was behind the assassination of a top Iranian...

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