Wednesday, December 8th | 5 Tevet 5782


avatar Benjamin Weingarten
Ben Weingarten (@bhweingarten) is host and producer of the “Big Ideas with Ben Weingarten” podcast, Senior Fellow at the London Center for Policy Research and a Senior Contributor at The Federalist.

ARTICLES BY: Benjamin Weingarten

August 20, 2018 9:07 am

A Conversation About Tikkun Olam and Its Discontents

The question of why non-Orthodox American Jews tend to be disproportionately progressive politically has occupied the thoughts of intellectuals and pundits, both Jewish and Gentile,...


US Envoy to Return to Vienna Over Weekend for Iran Talks

US Special Envoy for Iran Rob Malley plans to travel to Vienna over the weekend for fresh talks on reviving Iran's 2015 nuclear deal with major powers, US State Department...


Gaza War Fueled Unprecedented Levels of Anti-Israel Activity on College Cam...

American college campuses experienced anti-Israel activity and inflammatory rhetoric at the "highest rate in recent memory" during and after Israel's...

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