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Charley J. Levine is CEO of Lone Star Communications, a leading Israeli media relations consulting firm. A native of San Antonio, Texas, he has lived in Israel since 1978, has served as an IDF Captain (res) in the Spokesman's Corps and occasionally writes as a free-lance journalist, including contributing a monthly feature article to Hadassah Magazine.

ARTICLES BY: Charley Levine

July 2, 2012 2:40 pm

Staying Calm in the Supermarket: If Israelis Can, So Can You

So what was I doing behind six shopping carts at the local Shufersal Deal supermarket in MishorAdumim on a Friday morning? After all, as far...

June 18, 2012 11:56 am

Balkanizing Israel

An invitation to Israel's official Yom Ha'atzmaut celebration in Greece was a welcome relief when I found myself stuck in Athens recently. Expecting some falafel...


New Digital Exhibit Features Photos of Holocaust Survivors Taken by Kate Middleton

An exhibition featuring more than 50 contemporary photographs of Holocaust survivors and their...

Memoir by Auschwitz Survivor, TikTok Sensation #2 on NYT Best Sellers List

A memoir co-authored by Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp survivor Lily Ebert and her great-grandson...


Iraqi Parliament Passes Legislation Criminalizing Contact With Israel on Pa...

Iraq's parliament has passed legislation that would make contact between Iraqi citizens and Israelis a crime punishable with a lifetime...


Israel Security Forces Foil Drug Smuggling Operation Along Egyptian Border

The Israeli army said Thursday it has thwarted a major drug smuggling attempt along the country’s southern border with Egypt, arresting an operative involved. The IDF confiscated 230 pounds of drugs...

Middle East

New York Times: Israel Killed Top IRGC Commander a Warning to Iran - Israeli officials were taken by surprise on Wednesday by a report in The New York Times alleging that Israel had informed Washington it was behind the assassination of a top Iranian...

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