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avatar Elliot Chodoff
Maj. (res.) Elliot Chodoff is a strategic analyst and Executive Director of Israel Strategic Solutions. He is a PhD candidate in Political Science at Bar Ilan University.

ARTICLES BY: Elliot Chodoff

September 18, 2020 9:24 am

Hezbollah: Caught in the Horns of a Deterrence Dilemma

As a consequence of recent events and its own ill-advised declarations, Hezbollah finds itself caught on the horns of a strategic deterrence dilemma. The Khomeinist-Shiite...

December 17, 2019 8:21 am

Israeli Civil Defense Failure: Why Tolerating Rockets Is a Huge Mistake

Britain introduced the concept of military civil defense after the German bombings of civilian areas during World War I. The threat of aerial attack on...


South Korea Becomes First Asian Country to Ratify Free Trade Deal With Isra...

The first-ever free trade agreement (FTA) between Israel and an Asian country is set to go into effect on Dec....


The Numbers Are in: What’s in Store for Israel’s Population? - Israel’s Central Bureau of Statistics published its final demographic figures ahead of the Jewish new year. According to the report, Israel currently has 9,593,000 residents, with that number expected...

Middle East

Explosion Kills Policeman in Southern Turkey

i24 News – A police officer was killed late Monday when a bomb exploded near a residence building in Turkey's southern province of Mersin, according to the country’s Interior Minister...

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