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George N. Tzogopoulos is a Lecturer at the Democritus University of Thrace and Visiting Lecturer at the European Institute of Nice.

ARTICLES BY: George N. Tzogopoulos

December 27, 2023 12:00 pm

Greece Has Supported Israel Amid War with Hamas; But Will It Last?

The October 7 terrorist attack orchestrated by Hamas against Israel generated a wave of solidarity for the Jewish State in Greece. In his tweet immediately after...

May 9, 2023 10:09 am

This Week’s Election Is a Milestone Moment for Turkey

The Turkish presidential and parliamentary election of May 14 is of cardinal significance for the future of the country. President’s Tayyip Erdoğan’s administration has been...

February 13, 2023 11:40 am

What’s Next for Israel and Greece?

The victory of Benjamin Netanyahu in the November 2022 Israeli legislative election brought the architect of the Israeli-Greek friendship back to the head of government....

August 3, 2021 11:24 am

Turkey Goes After Israel and Its Allies in the Eastern Mediterranean

Turkey’s new policy vis-à-vis Cyprus, based on a two-state solution, is being heavily criticized by the international community. In a press statement, US Secretary of...

July 15, 2021 11:25 am

On the Mediterranean: Russia, America — and Israel

The Geneva Summit of Presidents Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin, which took place on June 16, 2021, was paired with a joint statement on strategic...

June 30, 2021 12:08 pm

The Legacy of Israeli Ambassador Arye Mekel

Ambassador Arye Mekel played a vital role as a catalyst for the improvement of Greek-Israeli relations from 2010 until 2014. At a time when the...

February 3, 2021 8:27 am

Biden’s China Policy Is Even More Challenging Than Before

Rising Sino-American antagonism and Washington’s emphasis on restraining Beijing’s influence remind some scholars of the Cold War period. Historian Niall Ferguson, for example, has written...

February 1, 2021 7:13 am

Israel’s Growing Importance to NATO

Ten years after a group of experts chaired by Madeleine K. Albright laid the groundwork for what would be called NATO’s Active Engagement, Modern Defense strategic...

January 13, 2021 7:38 am

Troubling Trends in Science and Politics in the COVID Age

The creation and approval of COVID-19 vaccines generated optimism that the world might return to normal in the second half of 2021. But with that...

December 3, 2020 6:18 am

Greece Can Learn Valuable Lessons From Israel

The last four months have been edifying for the Greek-Israeli partnership. The lack of a military alliance between the two countries (and Cyprus) has been...

November 16, 2020 7:08 am

Will EU-US Ties Improve Under President Biden?

During the Donald Trump administration, disagreements between Washington and Brussels on the Iran nuclear deal (JCPOA), the financial commitments of NATO member states, climate change,...

September 24, 2020 5:58 am

Turkey and the Dangerous Waters of the Mediterranean

In a recent Bloomberg piece, James Stavridis argued that the “most dangerous waters in the world are in the Mediterranean.” While this claim is debatable (tensions...

August 17, 2020 4:36 am

Can Israel, Greece, and Turkey Cooperate?

The father of Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis, former Prime Minister Konstantinos Mitsotakis, made the far-sighted decision in 1990 to recognize the Jewish state de...

July 30, 2020 6:04 am

Amid US Vacuum, Israel and Mediterranean Allies Must Be Wary of Turkey

“Instability in the Eastern Mediterranean” is a commonplace phrase, and with good reason. In parallel with the civil wars in Syria and Libya, the power...


Harvard Alumni File Lawsuit Claiming Campus Antisemitism...

A group of ten Harvard University alumni filed a lawsuit against the institution on Wednesday, accusing it of “devaluing” their...


Israel Not Budging After Eurovision Disapproval of Song Commemorating Octob...

Israeli Culture Minister Miki Zohar sent the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) a letter on Thursday urging them to approve Israel’s...

Middle East

Iraqi Kurdish PM Cancels Meeting With Iran Minister in Protest Over Attack

Iraqi Kurdish Prime Minister Masrour Barzani canceled a meeting with Iran's foreign minister at the World Economic Forum at Davos in Switzerland in protest over Iranian missile strikes on the...

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