Tuesday, January 18th | 16 Shevat 5782


avatar Gil Troy
Recently designated one of Algemeiner’s J-100, one of the top 100 people ‘positively influencing Jewish life,’ Gil Troy is a Distinguished Scholar of North American History at McGill University, and the author of nine books on American History and three books on Zionism. His book Never Alone: Prison, Politics and My People, co-authored with Natan Sharansky, was just published by PublicAffairs of Hachette.


July 2, 2021 11:13 am

Fighting Public School Teachers Who Attack Jews and Israel

In our topsy-turvy world, teachers are now bullying students — if they're Jewish or like Israel. The Seattle Education Association (SEA) recently passed a resolution endorsing...

April 7, 2021 12:14 pm

Just Decades After the Holocaust, the Woke Mob Targets Jews and America

Commemorating Yom HaShoah -- Holocaust Remembrance Day -- in New York always felt vaguely foreign, even un-American, to me. Heavily-accented, emotionally-scarred Europeans would describe the...

November 18, 2019 2:39 pm

How You Can Help Israel Fight the Rockets

I’m tired of making the same arguments. I’m tired of asking what country would endure 160 rockets in one day, let alone hundreds in a...


Portugal Opens Inquiry Into Roman Abramovich’s Citizenship

The Portuguese authority responsible for nationality matters has opened an internal inquiry into the granting of citizenship to billionaire Chelsea...


University of Arizona, Florida State University End MESA Ties Amid Israel B...

An academic center at the University of Arizona has joined Florida State University in declining to renew membership in the...


Israeli Police Under Fire Over Reported Use of Pegasus to Hack Israelis

Israel's parliament will seek an explanation from police over the force's reported use of a controversial hacking tool against citizens of the country, a senior legislator said on Tuesday. Without citing...

Middle East

US Imposes Sanctions on Hezbollah-Linked Businessmen in Lebanon

The United States on Tuesday imposed sanctions on three businessmen with ties to Hezbollah, saying their activity as financial facilitators for the Iran-backed group was exploiting Lebanon's economic resources at...


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