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avatar Hillel Frisch
Professor Hillel Frisch is a professor of political studies and Middle East studies at Bar-Ilan University, and a senior research associate at the Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies.

ARTICLES BY: Hillel Frisch

April 13, 2018 12:14 pm

Should the US Really Withdraw From Iraq?

It takes only a quick read of the main articles featured in al-Wifaq, the Arabic-language mouthpiece of the Islamic Republic of Iran, to grasp the complexity...

April 12, 2018 9:54 am

The Test of the March of Return: Violence in the West Bank

Hamas’ March of Return campaign in Gaza will count as a success for its organizers only insofar as it mobilizes mass violence in Jerusalem, Ramallah,...

April 5, 2018 2:25 pm

The Return of Imperialism: The Islamic Republic of Iran

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, Francis Fukuyama, in a widely publicized book, announced the ultimate triumph of liberal democracy and, with it, the...

March 28, 2018 12:49 pm

The Palestinian Way of War: Gaza’s March of Return

Ever since Fatah committed its first act of sabotage against a pipeline of the National Water Carrier on January 1, 1965, the Palestinian national movement...

February 16, 2018 5:06 pm

Jerusalem — Israel’s Capital — Is a Peaceful City

The word “Jerusalem,” which is derived from the word “peace,” tends to evoke images of anything but peace. It suggests, instead, images of massive demonstrations pitting...

January 24, 2018 3:56 pm

In Jenin, Terrorists Get What They Deserve; In Gaza, They Don’t

In 2002, Israel -- after considerable procrastination in the face of unprecedented terrorist attacks -- finally adopted an offensive hard-hitting strategy against the Palestinian Authority (PA) and local terrorist...

January 10, 2018 11:12 am

The US Should Arm Iranian Protesters

Commentators and experts have lauded US President Donald Trump and Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley for their clear rhetorical support for the Iranian protesters...

January 3, 2018 1:26 pm

Demonstrations in Iran Reflect the Strength of US Alliances

Sometimes, relatively minor events reflect facts of global importance. The chants in Mashhad and Tehran, “No to Palestine,” “No to Gaza and Lebanon -- Only Iran...

December 31, 2017 7:52 pm

Assessing the Islamic World’s Ho-Hum Response to Trump’s Jerusalem Declaration

Ominous warnings about Arab fury characterized the reactions of most Arab and Western leaders to President Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of...

December 25, 2017 12:56 pm

Should Israeli Officers Turn the Other Cheek?

On Friday, December 13, an Israeli officer and his NCO, standing near a home in the village of Nabi Salih, were verbally assaulted by a young...

December 18, 2017 12:34 pm

Is the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict the ‘Middle East Conflict’?

“Can Trump Solve the Middle East Conflict?” ran the headlines in Al Jazeera in July 2017. A year earlier, The New York Times ran an article on...


Feeding Body and Soul: Terror Victims Get Servings of Food (and Hope) - Try spending $60,000 for chicken, $31,000 for wine, $15,800 for eggs, and...

Zionism Meets Feminism: Talking Shop Over a Glass of Chardonnay - In a quintessential “only in Israel” moment, nearly 60 women (and a few dozen men) gathered on a breezy...

Brooklyn Man Hopes to Open a New Chapter of Jewish Dating

At many recent Passover seders, sometime after the four questions were asked, a fifth one was posed by a parent...


Nine Teenagers Dead, One Missing in Southern Israel Flash Flood

At least nine teenage seminary students died after they were swept away by a flash flood in the Negev Desert in southern Israel on Thursday, an ambulance service said. Military helicopters and search...

Middle East

Israeli UN Envoy Exposes Iranian Military Base Near Syrian Capital

In an address to the Security Council on Thursday, Israeli UN envoy Danny Danon revealed new information about Iran’s military activities in Syria. Presenting an aerial image of what he called...