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avatar Ira Stoll
Ira Stoll is the author of JFK, Conservative, published on October 15 by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. He was managing editor of the Forward and North American editor of the Jerusalem Post.


December 12, 2017 2:23 pm

Hanukkah Gift Guide Of Jewish Books The New York Times Ignored

Just in time for Hanukkah, here is our first annual gift guide to books that The New York Times has entirely ignored. The Times does cover...

December 11, 2017 3:35 pm

New York Times Movie Review Praises ‘Devastating Indictment’ of Israel

Sometimes the worst anti-Israel venom from The New York Times shows up not in the news or editorial columns, but in the movie reviews. The latest...

December 10, 2017 6:55 pm

New York Times Finally Shows Some Improvement in Anti-Israel Bias

The New York Times is gradually improving. That’s the happiest face to put on the slight improvement in how the newspaper’s editorial and op-ed page greeted...

December 6, 2017 6:51 pm

Four Ways The New York Times Botches Coverage of Jerusalem

The run-up to President Trump’s speech about Jerusalem provided the New York Times with an opportunity to put some of its worst journalism on display. Here...

December 1, 2017 4:32 pm

New York Times Columnist Explains Her ‘Oy Vey’ in Harvey Weinstein Article

A New York Times columnist has responded to a question from the Algemeiner about her use of “Oy vey” as an introduction to her article...

November 30, 2017 7:54 pm

New York Times Uses Jewish Innuendo in Story on Oscars and Weinstein Scandal

The New York Times, which thankfully refrained, at least until now, from linking the recent series of sex scandals to the Jewish backgrounds of many...

November 28, 2017 5:12 pm

Ultra-Liberal New York Times Obsesses About Israel’s ‘Ultra-Orthodox’

One of the clearest warning signs of bias in the press is a double standard — a similar story that’s treated one way if it...

November 26, 2017 7:11 pm

New York Times Editor Offers ‘Regret’ for Readers Offended by Profile of Nazi Sympathizer

The New York Times is issuing a non-apology apology after being criticized by a major Jewish organization for an article that critics said was too...

November 21, 2017 4:06 pm

New York Times Columnist Collected Cash From Zionist Group He Now Calls ‘Disgrace’

When The New York Times hired Bret Stephens earlier this year as an op-ed columnist, I wrote, “His voice will be a welcome addition and...

November 19, 2017 6:41 pm

Who Is Really ‘Insular’ — Hasidim? Or New York Times Editors?

The New York Times likes using the word “insular” to describe Hasidic Jews. It likes it so much that it uses the term twice in...

November 14, 2017 4:22 pm

New York Times Adds ‘Editor’s Note’ to Travel Story That Glorified Terrorist

The New York Times has added an “editor’s note” and revised a travel section article about a California bakery with a mural depicting a Jew-killing...

November 14, 2017 11:20 am

New York Times Hurls an Adjective at a Palestinian Leader

The New York Times’ practice of hurling adjectives at Israeli politicians and pro-Israel Americans has been criticized here. But sometimes the Times journalism is just bad...

November 13, 2017 1:00 pm

New York Times Writes the Jews Out of the Fashion Industry

The New York Times is writing the Jews out of the fashion industry. That’s how I read a New York Times article in the Thursday Styles...

November 12, 2017 5:30 pm

New York Times Travel Section Celebrates Convicted Terrorist

Of all the restaurants in the world possibly to deserve a feature article in the New York Times Sunday travel section, the newspaper has somehow...


Arab Street Outraged by Jerusalem Decision, but Governments Have Other Concerns - President Donald Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital was overwhelmingly rejected...

Iran Looks to Seize Opportunity as Rivals Fall

As it approaches victory in Syria with the help of Russia, Iran and its terrorist axis members are turning their...

Trial Starts in the US Case of Nazi-Jihadist

Former DC Metro Transit Police officer Nicholas Young had unusual political views, a federal prosecutor told jurors in Young's terrorist trial --...


New Jersey Imam Who Called for Killing of Jews Will Be Sent for ‘Retr...

A New Jersey imam who delivered two violently antisemitic sermons over the last month is to be sent for "retraining,"...


Family of Mumbai Terror Victims Granted State-Owned Home in Israel - Rabbi Nachman and Freida Holtzberg, who lost their son and daughter-in-law in the 2008 terror attack on the Indian city of Mumbai’s Chabad House, have been granted a government-owned...

Middle East

Interfaith Delegation From Bahrain Visits Israel, Draws Criticism in Arab W... - An interfaith delegation from Bahrain is visiting Israel during Hanukkah in an unprecedented trip. On Tuesday night, the group attended...