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Irit Tratt obtained her Masters in International Affairs with a focus on the Middle East from The George Washington University. Upon graduating, she worked as a Legislative Assistant handling foreign affairs for several members of Congress. She currently lives in Westchester County.


June 23, 2022 11:31 am

Why ‘Pro-Israel’ Is No Longer Enough

Speaking to a group at last month's Israeli conservatism conference, former US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman was asked how best to "sell Zionism" in...

June 1, 2022 11:08 am

Is It Time to Rethink the Relationship Between Jews and Elite Universities?

In recent years, antisemitic incidents, including the decision by Ben & Jerry's to boycott Israel, resulted in kosher supermarkets pulling the ice cream brand off...

February 11, 2022 2:25 pm

It’s Time to Give Arab Countries Their Due for Normalizing Relations With Israel

Last month, the US Congress announced the launching of the bipartisan Abraham Accords Caucus, which seeks to build upon the historic agreements, first signed on...

January 26, 2022 11:36 am

Could a Boric-Style Presidential Candidate Succeed In the United States?

On December 19, 35-year old Gabriel Boric won a runoff election against Jose Antonio Kast to become Chile's next President. Throughout his campaign, the far-left...

November 25, 2021 3:16 pm

Should J Street Be Welcome in Westchester?

Twenty years ago, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) and the Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) were considered two of the leading organizations helping shape...

October 19, 2021 12:35 pm

Expanding the Abraham Accords Requires a US-Saudi Reset

On September 23, the kingdom of Saudi Arabia celebrated its 91st National Day, which the UAE commemorated under the banner of "#Together Forever KSA- UAE." While...

August 6, 2021 11:16 am

The Brewing Modern Orthodox Schism

Last month, The Wall Street Journal published a story detailing how efforts to liberalize the Catholic Church may eventually lead to a “schism.” While the...

June 14, 2021 12:18 pm

Is the Biden Administration Enabling Palestinian ‘Pay-For-Slay’?

Earlier this month, former US President Barack Obama sat down for an interview with Ezra Klein for The New York Times to discuss his legacy....

April 9, 2021 11:52 am

Are Mizrahi Voters the Real Kingmakers in Israel?

As the daughter of an Ashkenazi mother and Mizrahi father, I discovered that a Mizrahi-Ashkenazi rift existed when my mother informed me that a portion...

January 31, 2021 3:19 am

Stop the ‘Nazi’ Comparisons on the Left and the Right

“No Soup For You!” If you are a Seinfeld fan, this line will transport you back to 1995, the year that the sitcom’s famous “Soup Nazi”...

January 11, 2021 4:35 am

How to Keep Bipartisan Support for Israel Strong

Over the last year, much of the political rancor involving the US-Israel relationship was focused on the presidential race. Yet historiographical evidence reveals that Congress...

December 22, 2020 8:57 am

Stop Ignoring Antisemitism in Inconvenient Places

An exhibition that is currently running at the Wiener Holocaust Library in London reveals that in every European country that fell under Nazi control, there...

December 3, 2020 4:37 am

Are Universities Producing Anti-Israel Foot Soldiers?

The last three decades have ushered in a hostile discourse surrounding Israel on university campuses. Abraham Lincoln once said, “The Philosophy of the school room in...

November 18, 2020 5:26 am

Amid Changing Demographics, Will Jewish Voters Play a Growing Role in Swing States?

With post-election tensions running high, it appears that the American Jewish community’s overwhelming support for the Democratic Party may be eroding. According to a New...


Jewish Ex-MLB Outfielder Recalls Facing Antisemitism, Fan Giving Nazi Salute

Former professional baseball player Shawn Green revealed in an interview that he faced...

Former MLB All-Star to Coach Team Israel for 2023 World Baseball Classic

Ian Kinsler, a former Major League Baseball player and current advisor for the...

Israel’s Under-19 Men’s Soccer Team Beats France to Reach First European Final - Israel’s under-19 national soccer team reached the final of the UEFA...


Zelensky Cheers Israeli Supreme Court Ruling Lifting Cap on Ukrainian Refug...

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky welcomed a decision Sunday by Israel's Supreme Court that rejected a government policy limiting the number...


Lapid Says Israel Will ‘Continue to Defend Itself’ After Interc...

Prime Minister Yair Lapid pledged to continue defend Israel a day after the country’s air force foiled an unmanned aerial...

Middle East

Israel Reaches Record Trade Increase With Arab States Under Abraham Accords

i24 News – Trade between Israel and the United Arab Emirates reached $201.4 million in May 2022, a 130 percent increase compared to May 2021, Abraham Accords Peace Institute announced. According...

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