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Joel Himelfarb is the assistant editor of the editorial page of the Washington Times and a contributing editor to the American Spectator and to the Wall Street Journal's Opinion Journal. He is also the author of Myth and Facts: A Concise Record of the Abrab-Israeli Conflict.

ARTICLES BY: Joel Himelfarb

July 4, 2012 11:45 am

Christians Under Siege from Islamists

Raymond Ibrahim provides another vivid, disturbing monthly report on Islamist persecution of Christians around the world. Perhaps the most dangerous place to be a Christian today is...

June 12, 2012 2:00 pm

Chelsea Clinton’s Got Talent – Flacking for the Islamophobia Industry

Word is that former First Daughter Chelsea Clinton's career as an NBC special correspondent isn't going terribly well. Labeled the "Dork Diva" ...


Richard Gere to Star in Apple Adaptation of Israeli Series ‘Nevelot’

Apple is negotiating for the rights to adapt an Israeli television series that...

Gal Gadot Shows Solidarity With Israeli Women Protesting Domestic Violence in Nationwide Strike

Israeli actress Gal Gadot expressed support for the thousands of women across Israel...

Non-Jewish Kids Reveal They Know Little About Hanukkah on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’

A new segment featured Monday on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" showcased children...


Is Your Bread Still Kosher? Arnold’s Bread Manufacturer Drops the OU

JNS.org - Bimbo Bakeries USA, which owns many of the nationally-distributed bread and...

Why Should We Light the Menorah With Olive Oil?

Below is an excerpt from the book The Light That Unites: A Chanukah Companion (OU Press) by Aaron Goldscheider. There are...

The Dead Sea Scrolls Monument

In 1946 or 1947 -- no one knows for certain -- a Bedouin goatherd nicknamed Muhammad the Wolf led his...


Report: Australia to Recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s Capital

JNS.org - The Australian government is expected to officially recognize Jerusalem or parts of it as Israel’s capital on Tuesday, Australian outlets reported on Tuesday. According to the local TV station SBS,...


Israeli Gas Line to Jordan Lauded as ‘Boost for ‎Peace’

JNS.org - Work on the natural-gas pipeline running from Israel ‎to Jordan is expected to conclude in the coming ‎weeks, allowing for Israeli gas to be pumped into ‎the Hashemite...

Middle East

Iran Claims New Ballistic Missile Test

A senior Revolutionary Guards commander said on Tuesday that Iran had recently carried out a ballistic missile test, but he did not specify what kind of missile had been tested, according to the...