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Naftali Ejdelman co-founded Yiddish Farm in upstate New York to create a pluralistic Yiddish-speaking agricultural community. The Farm serves committed Yiddishists who need a Yiddish speaking space to pass on the language, students who need full immersion to become fluent, and non-conformist Hasidim who want to maintain their Jewish identity while having the freedom to explore their heritage.

ARTICLES BY: Naftali Ejdelman

June 22, 2011 4:57 pm

The Work of a Young Jewish Innovator

I recently had the honor of attending the ROI Summit in Jerusalem, a gathering of young Jewish innovators from around the globe funded by the Charles...


Severe Storm Flattens Sukkahs From New Jersey to Boston

A fierce wind and rainstorm wreaked havoc on sukkahs from New Jersey to Boston, leaving a path of destruction that...

Saluting One of the Last Living Heroes of Israel’s Fight for Independence

JNS.org - When Harold “Smoky” Simon grins at you, it’s hard to remember...

Sukkot: A Jewish Thanksgiving

JNS.org - Sukkot is akin to a Jewish Thanksgiving. On Thanksgiving in America, no matter their religion or background, families...


‘The Canary in the Coalmine of Global Hatred’: UN Special Rappo...

The UN’s Special Rapporteur on Freedom of Religion or Belief presented his findings on the rise of antisemitism to the...


Following Netanyahu’s Failure to Form a Government, What Comes Next?

For the first time in a decade, someone other than Benjamin Netanyahu will be asked to form a government in Israel. The 70-year-old prime minister has called two elections this year,...

Middle East

For Syrian Kurds, a Leader’s Killing Deepens Sense of US Betrayal

Kurdish politician Hevrin Khalaf spent the final months of her life building a political party that she hoped would help shape Syria's future, drawing the attention of US officials who...


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