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avatar Pini Dunner
Rabbi Pini Dunner is the senior spiritual leader of the Beverly Hills Synagogue.

ARTICLES BY: Pini Dunner

March 16, 2018 12:46 pm

Making a Mistake Isn’t the End of the World

The Chinese philosopher Confucius, is purported to have said: “If you make a mistake and do not correct it, this is called a mistake.” I am...

March 9, 2018 1:23 pm

Shabbat and the Curious History of the Seven-Day Week

Without a doubt, the most durable phenomenon in history is the seven-day week. Its origin continues to baffle anthropologists and scholars of ancient history, and numerous...

March 2, 2018 11:28 am

Proximity to the Righteous Is Its Own Blessing

Next week, thousands of Jews from all over the world will travel to the sleepy town of Lezajsk, Poland. They will be pilgrim visitors to...

February 23, 2018 1:42 pm

The True Purpose of Uniforms

Parents of children attending the prestigious Taimei Elementary School in Tokyo were recently shocked to discover that buying a new school uniform for their children...

February 16, 2018 4:43 pm

Where Is the Ark of the Covenant?

Last month, if you were visiting Adis Ababa in Ethiopia, you would have witnessed an astonishing sight. Every January, the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church celebrates a...

February 9, 2018 3:24 pm

Humanism Is Proof of the Divine

Earlier this week, a story floating on the fringes of the news cycle caught my attention. A man from Pakistan who arrived in the UK in...

February 2, 2018 10:05 am

Message and Media in the Age of Trump

Earlier this week, I came across a remarkable article in The New York Times, written by its media correspondent, Michael Grynbaum. Using an interview with former White House...

January 26, 2018 2:33 pm

The Curse of Victimhood

Earlier this month, Mahmoud Abbas called together a meeting of the PLO’s Central Council, and delivered a speech marked more by its rancor than by...

January 19, 2018 11:19 am

Family and Community: The Secrets of Jewish Endurance

The arrest of David and Louise Turpin in Perris, California, earlier this week was immediately followed by details of one of the most disturbing news stories...

January 12, 2018 10:54 am

When Is a Secret Not a Secret?

The infamous bon-vivant, Anthony Haden-Guest, is purported to have once told a friend: “Of course I can keep secrets; it’s the people I tell them...

January 5, 2018 11:08 am

Human Wisdom vs. Divine Wisdom

This coming Monday, I will be delivering a lecture on Moses Maimonides --  surely one of the most fascinating Jewish personalities of the past 1,000 years. The...

December 29, 2017 10:21 am

The Power of an Oath

Over the past few decades, a new area of psychological research has emerged that has changed the way that psychologists understand a very familiar aspect of human...

December 25, 2017 8:52 am

What Really Separates Humans From Animals

Animals communicating with each other -- and with humans -- have always been a feature of literary fiction. Over the last century, this has spilled...

December 15, 2017 1:14 pm

The Story of Joseph, Hanukkah — and Finding the Light

Although ancient Egypt and ancient Greece coexisted for well over a millennium, they were different in almost every respect. Egyptian civilization emerged at the dawn...


It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s ‘Superman’ … at the Kotel - American actor Dean Cain, known for his role as “Superman” in the hit 1990s’...


Jewish Groups Weigh-in on Pompeo for Secretary of State - Many major American Jewish organizations are pleased by the nomination of CIA director Mike Pompeo to succeed Rex Tillerson...

Training for War in Gaza as Hamas Lurks in Tunnels and Towers - Since Hamas came to power in the Gaza Strip more than a decade ago, it has built, trained and...

Israeli Attractions: Givat Sher, the Judean Lowhills - In the town of Modi’in, which is situated between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, lies Givat Sher (“The hill of...


Republican Senator Expects Trump to Pull Out of Iran deal: CBS

Republican US Senator Bob Corker, chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, said he expects President Donald Trump to pull out of the Iran nuclear agreement in May. "The Iran deal...


Israel Ranks 11th in UN ‘World Happiness Report’ - Israel just missed out on a place in the top 10 happiest countries in the world, placing 11th in the latest world happiness index. “The World Happiness Report 2018,” compiled by the United Nations Sustainable...

Middle East

Abbas Meets With Released Prisoner Who Was Accomplice in Murder of Israeli - In the presidential office in Ramallah on March 14, Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas met with Rajaei Haddad, a terrorist from eastern Jerusalem released from prison after serving a...