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avatar Steven Emerson, John Rossomando and Dave Yonkman

ARTICLES BY: Steven Emerson, John Rossomando and Dave Yonkman

November 4, 2014 12:07 pm

Brookings Scholars Hawk Qatar’s Hamas Talking Points

Since the beginning of Brookings' relationship with Qatar in 2002, its scholars have increasingly advocated that U.S. policymakers open a direct channel to Hamas -...

November 3, 2014 12:00 pm

Brookings Takes Both Sides of the Issue on Islamist Censorship

Brookings'partnership with the Organization for Islamic Cooperation (OIC), in conjunction with its Qatari-backed Project on U.S. Relations with the Islamic World, sends a mixed message for...

October 31, 2014 12:51 pm

Brookings Sells its Soul to Qatar’s Terror Agenda (Part Two)

To read Part 1 in this series, click here. The speaker rosters at the Brookings Institution's annual Doha conferences read like a veritable Who's Who of international...

October 30, 2014 7:34 am

Brookings Sells its Soul to Qatar’s Terror Agenda

The Brookings Institution bills itself as "the most influential, most quoted and most trusted think tank in the world," but should it be? Brookings' long-term relationship...


Three Men Accused of Conspiracy to Murder NY-Based Iranian Dissident

A US federal court unsealed murder-for-hire and money laundering charges against three members of an eastern European criminal organization who allegedly plotted the murder of a US-based Iranian dissident at...


Terror Attack in East Jerusalem Leaves At Least 7 Dead, Assailant...

i24 News - A terror attack on Friday left seven people dead and three wounded in the ultra-Orthodox neighborhood Neve Ya'akov...

Middle East

Lebanese MPs Denounce Top Prosecutor’s Moves Against Judge Probing Po...

Some 40 Lebanese lawmakers on Friday became the latest group to back the judge investigating the catastrophic 2020 Beirut port blast and call for the country's top prosecutor to...

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