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October 13, 2020 4:55 am

Chased From Three Platforms, Leila Khaled Still Finds a Way to Call for Terrorism

After three social media platforms pulled the plug on Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) terrorist Leila Khaled's online speech last month at...

September 27, 2017 10:47 am

Al-Arian and the Georgetown Gang Ride Again — Now in Turkey

Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) board member Sami Al-Arian appears to be thriving in his new environment -- after being deported from the United States in 2015. Al-Arian is scheduled to speak...


Sustainability is Space’s Newest Frontier

Ctech - Israeli Space Week, held over the past week, brought together private and public entities who discussed the booming industry at the Ramon Space Conference, sponsored by the Ramon...

Middle East

Israeli Researchers: Iran Nuclear Breakout Could Occur ‘Within a Space of... - Israel faces threats like no other country — among them an Iranian regime developing nuclear weapons and supplying...

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