Thursday, August 18th | 21 Av 5782


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March 13, 2022 4:52 am

Pence Through Strength - Five themes defined former US Vice President Mike Pence’s recent whirlwind tour in Israel. 1. Support the State of Israel Former Israeli ambassador to the United...


Ashkenaz Festival Celebrating Jewish Culture Returns In-Person to Canada

The 13th Ashkenaz Festival, one of North America's largest celebrations of Jewish music,...


Mossad Appoints First-Ever Woman as Director of Intelligence Authority - For the first time in history, women are occupying some of the most senior roles in Israel’s Mossad, the intelligence agency announced on Thursday. “A,” who has served in...

Middle East

PA Security Forces Arrest Two Islamic Jihad Recruits in Possession of 17 Ki... - Palestinian Authority security forces last week arrested two Nablus residents who had been recruited by Palestinian Islamic Jihad...

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