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September 7, 2016 11:05 am

Iranian Vessels ‘Harassed’ US Navy Ship in Persian Gulf, Defense Department Says

A US Navy coastal patrol ship changed course after a fast-attack craft from Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps came within 100 yards (91 meters) of...

September 7, 2016 11:03 am

Obama Admin Admits Transfer of $1.7 Billion to Iran as American Hostages Released

The Obama administration disclosed to Congress on Tuesday that it transferred a total of $1.7  billion in cash through Swiss banks to Iran around the...

September 7, 2016 5:55 am

New Questions Arise About Clinton, Benghazi Hearings

Washington Examiner - Emails show Hillary Clinton's inner circle knew what the Democratic chair of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee was planning to ask Clinton...

September 6, 2016 9:19 am

Congress Tries to Block Obama Admin From Giving Iran Billions in ‘Ransom’ Payment

Congress is set to consider new legislation that would block the Obama administration from awarding Iran billions of US taxpayer dollars in what many describe as...

September 6, 2016 4:57 am

Clinton: Putin Working on Behalf of Trump

Politico - Hillary Clinton on Monday expressed “a very serious” concern about Russia’s apparent tampering with the USelection, implying that Vladimir Putin and the "adversarial...

September 5, 2016 6:11 am

Trump Pulling Ahead of Clinton, Campaign Says

FOX News - Top Trump campaign officials on Sunday expressed optimism about recent poll numbers amid the fallout from Democratic rival Hillary Clinton’s FBI email...

September 4, 2016 8:36 am

Turkey Bombs ISIS, Kurds in New Syria Offensive

Turkey and its rebel allies opened a new line of attack in northern Syria on Saturday, as Turkish tanks rolled across the border and Syrian...

September 1, 2016 6:09 am

France’s Marine Le Pen Praises Trump, Attacks Clinton

CNN - Marine Le Pen, the leader of the right-wing French political party National Front, praised Donald Trump on Wednesday and said that "for France,...

August 31, 2016 9:36 am

Donald Trump to Meet Mexico’s President Hours Before Speech on Immigration Policy

Donald Trump is traveling to Mexico Wednesday to meet with the country's president just hours before he is set to deliver a speech focused on...

August 31, 2016 1:02 am

Anti-Clinton Russian Hackers Breach US Voter Databases

NBC - Hackers based in Russia were behind two recent attempts to breach state voter registration databases, fueling concerns the Russian government may be trying...

August 30, 2016 9:44 am

IDF Demolishes Home of Palestinian Involved in Deadly Attack Against Israeli Family

Israel's military says its forces demolished the home of a Palestinian involved in the ambush of a family car in the West Bank that killed...

August 30, 2016 6:13 am

Former Governor Rick Perry to Appear on ‘Dancing With the Stars’

The Hill - Former Texas Gov. and presidential candidate Rick Perry (R) will appear on the next season of the reality competition show “Dancing With...

August 29, 2016 10:39 am

Iran to Begin Construction on Two New Nuclear Plants

Iran said Sunday that it will soon start construction on two nuclear plants in the country, as part of a deal with Russia announced two...

August 29, 2016 6:13 am

Trump’s Doctor: Letter Confirming Trump’s Health Written in 5 Minutes

Politico - The famous letter proclaiming that Donald Trump would be the healthiest president ever was written in just five minutes, Trump’s personal doctor said...


Israeli Locust Slayers Train Ethiopians to Save Crops - Some call it a plague. Yoav Motro calls it a war. The enemies are the huge armies of desert...

An Israeli Soldier Gives His All for Lonely Senior Citizens - “Between 11th and 12th grade, after a tough fencing session, I saw a television report about all these...

Why the UAE Wants Israeli Help to Secure Its Food Supplies - Food security is emerging as a key area in which the United Arab Emirates is eager for Israeli...


Ireland Adds US, France, Italy to Tough Hotel Quarantine Regime

Ireland added the United States, Canada, Belgium, France and Italy to its list of countries where arrivals will be subject to mandatory hotel quarantine, tightening some of Europe's toughest travel...


Mayo to Med: Israel Returns Sea Turtles After Tar Cleanup

A handful of endangered sea turtles have been returned to Israel's Mediterranean waters after surviving an oil spill that required they undergo weeks of cleaning, including gastric purges with mayonnaise. The...

Middle East

‘How Can We Not Be Tense?’ Turkey’s Coronavirus Infection...

The red letters scrolling across the front of Fikret Oluk's bus say: "Stay Home Turkey". But the Istanbul driver said...

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