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Opinion . THE Tradition . TERROR TRENDING A2. THE ORDER A9. OF THE MORAL AND SPIRITUAL LIFE I ACCUSE THE EICHMANN TRIAL REMEMBERED A11 algemeiner JOURNAL 1.00 PRINTED IN NEW YORK FRIDAY, February 24, 2012 1 Adar 5772 VOL. XXXIX NO. 2049 Exclusive The Real Story of CNNs Firing of Jewish Journalists Embezzlement From God Stones from Western Wall Sold on Ebay BY JOINTMEDIA NEWS SERVICE The Rabbi of the Western Wall and the Holy Sites of Israel is furious with eBay for reportedly allow

A2 FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 24, 2012 Opinion . here and I propose TerrorTrending. Running simultaneously to the Adnan campaign or any similar initiative in the future, those that follow Twitter trends would be immediately informed of what exactly is at stake here, and what the KhaderAdnan campaign represents. On a similar note, at around this time of year, Israel Apartheid Week is observed by antiIsrael activists who set up mock checkpoints and security barriers and also sometimes put on dramatic st World News . A3 Man Who Inspired Defiance Film Praises IDF for its Humanity BY LAKKANA NANAYAKKARA The Bielski brothers were made famous by the 2008 film, Defiance, starring Daniel Craig and Liev Schreiber. Following the Nazi invasion of the Soviet Union during World War II, numerous Jewish communities in Eastern Europe were wiped out and several relatives of the Bielski brothers were murdered by the Nazis. The brothers responded by rescuing hundreds of Jews and waging a g

A4 FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 24, 2012 World News . Diors Natalie Portman Ad Causes Stir in Lebanon BY ALGEMEINER STAFF A 50 foot billboard of Academy Award winning actress Natalie Portman marketing Dior cosmetics has gone up in Lebanons capital city of Beirut, and antiIsrael Lebanese bloggers are not thrilled. Portman, who is a duel American and Israeli citizen, was born in Jerusalem and grew up in New York. Since each contact or with an Israeli occupation in Lebanon is considered a crime, you do no World News U.S News .. A5 Obama, Netanyahu to Meet in Washington in Early March BY ALGEMEINER STAFF President Obama will meet with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Washington, in two weeks time. Mr. Donilon relayed to Prime Minister Netanyahu that the president looks forward to meeting with him at the White House on March 5, read a statement from the office of Tom Donilion, U.S. National Security Advisor, during his trip to Israel over the weekend. Netanyahu wi

A6 FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 24, 2012 Opinion . Now fame, in and of itself, is neutral, just like money and drugs. All can be used for blessed purposes or they can become a curse. It all depends on how it they are handled and to what use they are employed. But the reason that so many celebrities die under fames influence is that fame teaches them they dont have to play by the rules of mere mortals. They are worshipped by the masses. They develop a sense of invincibility. Nothing can hurt them. They a Opinion . A7 Jews and the Charge of Dual Loyalty Rachel Shabi Defends Classic Antisemitic Canard ADAM LEVICK j E RUSA L E M Rachel Shabi is a journalist who writes for Comment is Free and Al Jazeera whose contempt for the Jewish state, and seeming indifference to antisemitism, is consistently demonstrated. Shabi has blamed Zionism for the ethnic cleansing of 900,000 Jews from Arab lands characterizing their plight as being caused either by agitating Zionist emissaries, or

A8 FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 24, 2012 Impressions . Iran would become ever more dangerous to the existence of Israel, and to Europe, and eventually, through delivery systems, the American homeland as well. I have studied with concern the scenarios of devastating terror emanating from off the U.S. coasts. Iranian ambitions may include cyber, space, and asymmetric warfare, and coordinated proxy assaults on American interests and those of our allies around the world. How a Jewish Marine Inspires Freedo A9 Tradition. Legal Notice Notice of formation of TRIPLE JM MANAGEMENT LLC Arts. of Org. filed with Secy. of State of NY SSNY on 122911 office location Bronx County. SSNY designated as agent of LLC upon whom process against it may be served. SSNY shall mail process to LLC co justin miller 1591 east 233rd street suite 211 Bronx NY 10466 . purpose any lawfull activity. AJ217,24 32,9,16,23 Notice of Formation of Limited Liability Company LLC Name PJDJP HOLDINGS LLC Articles of

A10 FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 24, 2012 Tradition . you experience it alone. And yet, as special as the Divine Essence may be, Gd traveled on a journey to find company, to find a home in which He can rest. Divine revelation manifests in the heavens and heavens of heavens the beauty of nature captures the majesty of the Divine Designer. But, Gd is His lonely Essence, rests and feels at home only in the Sanctuary in Earth. Same with us Just like Gd, we are not satisfied with living within, isolated and Social . Rabbi Travels to Rome in Support of Cardinal Dolan BY MIRI BENDOR A11 from left H.E. Ido Aharoni, Consul General of Israel in New York, Abraham H. Foxman, National Director of the AntiDefamation League, a child survivor, Mrs. Tamar Hausner Raveh, daughter of Gideon Hausner , the Chief Prosecutor during the Eichman trial, and Itay Arad, grandson of Isser Harel, leader of the team that captured the Eichmann in Argentina. Photo Maxine Dovere. Tamara Hausner Raveh, d

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