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Opinion . Tradition . FALSE ADVERTISING ISING THE DAILY BEAST AND OPEN ZION A2. THE JEWISH A9. THANKSGIVING AN EVENING WITH IDAN RAICHEL A11 algemeiner THE JOURNAL FRIDAY, March 30, 2012 7 Nissan 5772 VOL. XXXIX NO. 2054 1.00 PRINTED IN NEW YORK Federal Courts Will Decide on Jerusalem, Israel Passport Issue Report North Korea April Rocket Launch is Coverup for Iran Missile Test BY ZACHARY LICHAA In midApril, North Korea intends to launch its long range Unha3 rocket into space while

A2 FRIDAY, MARCH 23, 2012 Opinion . that ideology with the Rights iteration of it..... this is what the Left means by Zionism and why it equates the term with racism. The problem however with the Zionism that Michaelson iterates is that it has subjective definitions, and that is because it is not guided by a defined purpose. What does he mean when he refers to a national home And what are the parameters of the historic homeland he speaks of What does the cause of Zionism represent today if J World News . A3 Israel Will Not Allow UN Steven Spielberg Joins Queen of England for Mission to Enter West Private Film Screening Bank BY ALGEMEINER STAFF Israel is taking its decision to break ties with the UN Human Rights Council a step further. A UN team working on behalf of the council will be barred from entering Israel and the West Bank, according to Israeli Ministry spokesman Yigal Palmor. It means that were not going to work with them. Were not going to let them ca

A4 FRIDAY, MARCH 23, 2012 World News . Bezeqs New Customer Service Israeli Women are First to Join Center Provides Jobs for Bedouin Firefighter Commander Course Women BY JOINTMEDIA NEWS BY JOINTMEDIA NEWS Bezeq, Israels oldest and most dominant telecommunications provider, on Sunday opened its newest customer service center inside a mosque. The unique facility, located in the Bedouin village of Hura near Beersheba, will provide customer service to the companys Internet subscribers. The proj World News U.S News .. A5 University Cancels Observance of Jewish, Christian Holidays to Make Muslim Students Equally Recognized BY JOINTMEDIA NEWS Officials at New Yorks Stony Brook University chose to cancel observance of major Christian and Jewish holidays, calling it unfair that the school has never recognized Muslim and Buddhist holidays. As a statefunded university our priority must be to maximize instructional opportunities for our students...Now all segments of our

A6 FRIDAY, MARCH 23, 2012 Opinion . America Needs a National Year of Youth Service SHMULEY BOTEACH N E W YO R K Theres a reason why the Mormons fielded two top candidates in a single Presidential election cycle and theres a reason why the comparatively small Church is surging to prominence worldwide. Primarily, its the fact that they inculcate within their teenagers the idea of mandatory service. From age nineteen to twentyone, young Mormon men are encouraged to serve on a mission which th

A8 FRIDAY, MARCH 23, 2012 Impressions . result is that local and regional instability is perpetuated, not eradicated. This flawed line of reasoning, despite some good intentions, is the real driving force behind the many diversified attacks on Israel since the dawn of Oslo. Moreover, it makes no difference whether the attacks are against Israels legitimacy, such as the international BDS campaign or annual Apartheid Week, or against Israels very existence, such as the countless terrorist atta A9 Tradition. Legal Notice sun was shining, the beach glorious and the sea inviting. There was just one problem. I could not swim. But as I looked at the sea, I noticed that near to the shore it was very shallow indeed. There were people several hundred yards from the beach, yet the water only came up to their knees. What could be safer, I thought, than simply to walk out into the sea and stop long before I was out of my depth. I did. I walked out several hundred yards and,

A10 FRIDAY, MARCH 23, 2012 Tradition . this Shabbat throughout the millennia, sermons upon sermons were delivered, educating, inspiring, motivating, cajoling the people to honor these miracles, improve their lives and heighten their consciousness. On the other hand, the Jewish people, though free at last, are never allowed to gloat and succumb to pride and selfimportance. To remind us of that fact, we dont really know when and where the Great Shabbat got its name. Furthermore, in an almost t Social . The Hunger Games Online Adventure Made in Israel BY LAKKANA NANAYAKKARA A11 Idan Raichel. Photo. Deby Medrez Pier An Evening with 5 Grammy Time Award Winner, Idan Raichel BY DEBY MEDREZ PIER Last week, the Schneider Childrens Medical Center of Israel celebrated their 20th anniversary with an exclusive presentation by The Idan Raichel Project at The Town Hall in Times Square. It was a foggy night and the auditorium was replete with young radiant faces eagerly awai

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