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The 40 Worst Colleges


Jewish Students, 2017

Jewish Population on Campus


29. Ryerson University

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Jewish students have long complained of feeling marginalized at Ryerson University. The school’s student government passed a BDS resolution in 2014, while its SJP and Muslim Student Association torpedoed a motion in support of Holocaust Education Week in 2016, with the secret backing of the student body president. In February 2017, a teaching assistant at Ryerson was found to have called to “purify Al-Aqsa Mosque from the filth of Jews,” and that May, a student at the school announced that she was previously told by a university official — who later apologized — that she could not intern at Jewish organizations because of their supposed "anti-Palestinian lean." These disturbing developments have caused alarm in the Jewish community — but also spurred some much-needed accountability. The teaching assistant who denigrated Jews was fired, while the student government adopted an official definition of antisemitism in March 2017 that includes the denial of Jewish rights to self-determination and applying double-standards to Israel. (Photo credit: Alex Guibord.)

Jewish Population on Campus


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