Sunday, March 7th | 23 Adar 5781


The 40 Worst Colleges


Jewish Students, 2017

Jewish Population on Campus


11. Wesleyan University

Middletown, Connecticut

With active JVP and SJP groups, Wesleyan University can be challenging for many Jewish students. On campus, BDS activists have called for the removal of Sabra Hummus from the dining halls and organize an annual “lsrael Apartheid Week.” And it's not just the usual culprits going after the Jewish state and its supporters — even Wesleyan Students Against the Fossil Fuel Industry is in on the action. In April 2017, the organization accused “the Zionist state project” of “climate colonialism.” While less than 10 antisemitic incidents were recorded on campus in 2017, the number is significant for a school of only around 3,000 students. (Photo credit: Wikipedia.)

Jewish Population on Campus


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