Monday, June 21st | 12 Tammuz 5781

The Top 100 People Positively Influencing Jewish Life, 2018


Avi Dichter/Elazar Stern

Israeli Knesset members

Israeli Knesset members Dichter, from the Likud party, and Stern, from Yesh Atid, pushed through vital legislation on July 3 which mandates the freezing of the transfer of tax revenues to the Palestinian Authority (PA) equal to the amount of money the PA provides to imprisoned terrorists and the families of others who were killed while carrying out attacks. Based on similar legislation passed by the US Congress – the Taylor Force Act – the 120-member Knesset voted 87-15 in favor of the measure, which allows Israel to hold back part of the $130 million in taxes it collects for the PA on a monthly basis. “I certainly believe that the law will weaken the PA mechanism that encourages terrorism and incentivizes it economically,” MK Stern told The Algemeiner after the law passed. “I also believe and very much hope that it will be a step forward towards reconciliation and peace." (Photo: Courtesy.)


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